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Safety Measures of Anal Sex During Pregnancy

Just because you are pregnant, doesn’t mean you can’t make love to your partner anymore. Your body needs what it needs and it needs sex and so does your partner. Sex during pregnancy is a personal decision of both couples. It may feel a little bit liberating as well as more exciting because pregnant women undergo amazing changes in her body. According to research, almost 10 percent of pregnant women engage in anal sex. Yes, it is a normal sexual activity for couples yet it remains an unthinkable issue.

Having sex during pregnancy is normal and safe unless the doctor or midwife prohibits it. As a woman’s belly grows bigger, she would most likely long for lovemaking as she discovers comfortable positions. Just like the anal stimulation, some pregnant women enjoy it, while others are not comfortable with it. It’s all a matter of choice. In this article, you can learn and examine certain issues, tips and common risks in having sex during pregnancy. Here’s what you need to know as a pregnant woman to have fun and stay safe.

Is it Safe to Have Anal Sex to Pregnant Women?

Yes, it is safe during pregnancy. In most cases, anal sex in pregnancy is considered safe as long as the pregnant woman is feeling well and comfortable, and doesn’t have any complications in pregnancy. Pregnant women can remain to have sex right up until the water breaks or nearly go to labor.

No need to worry about the baby inside of your tummy as he or she is protected by your uterus and layers of muscles. Your baby is also securely suppressed by the nearby amniotic acid. Also, the mucus plug inside the pregnant woman’s cervix serves as the guard against infection.

Others would also believe that lovemaking or orgasms might damage the baby inside the tummy. Some would also say that there’s a big chance of risks of miscarriage or induce labor. However, if you are in a healthy pregnancy and without any complications, none of these will happen.

As a reminder, if you and your partner perform anal sex, don’t just switch from anal sex to vaginal sex right away. It is safe to have your partner wash his genitals or change condoms for there is a chance you and your baby may be at risk of bacterial vaginosis. This may result in miscarriage in the end.

How to Have Safe Anal Sex While Pregnant

Everything will go well if there are proper planning and preparation in performing anal sex while pregnant. It can be a safe and pleasurable experience for the couple if they do it correctly and without complications. These are the following guidelines to follow for you to have safe anal sex.

  • Couples Must be Open With Each Other – If you admittedly wanted to have anal sex, start an honest conversation with your partner. Raising your concerns could be a good thing. It is normal to be doubtful about this but sex should never make both couples feel uncomfortable or embarrassed.
  • Use and Enema – If you consider anal sex, expect it to be very messy. Enema is one of the options available for maintaining good hygiene. It will rinse out the rectum and will help you and your partner to feel at ease and enjoy more of the moment.
  • Wear a Condom – Condoms can protect you from STDs during anal sex. It is best to consider using condoms for this activity. Condoms are used to safeguard your health just like what it did during vaginal intercourse.
  • Use a Lubricant – To lower the chances of injuring your sensitive spots during anal, using lubricant could be the best way. But only use lubricants that are safe and water-based. You can talk to your doctor about the recommended lubricant. However, condoms have lubricant too. Those were enough already.

Cases When Anal Sex is Not Allowed 

Anal sex is considered as one of the riskiest forms of lovemaking in most cases. It requires extensive planning, preparation and open communication with your partner. These are the cases when anal sex is prohibited and most couples must be aware of these:

  • If a pregnant woman has piles or hemorrhoids, then she better avoid performing anal sex when she is pregnant. Pregnant woman’s piles can bleed heavily when anal sex is being performed. When you bleed, it means that you lost a lot of blood and this is a dangerous indication for you and your baby.
  • If you have a history of the low lying placenta and you perform anal sex, then it might damage the placenta which covers part of the cervix. There is a big chance that the partner’s penis may push hard against the placenta and this may result in vaginal bleeding.
  • When the pregnant woman has little cuts in the anus. Constipation is common during pregnancy and hurting to poop may result in fissures forming. Again, this may also lead to bleeding.
  • If you and your partner were diagnosed with Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD). Anal sex can increase the chances of passing STD than vaginal sex.

Wrapping Up

In most cases, sex during pregnancy doesn’t have any risks to the mother and the baby. Healthy sex life can be achieved when you are speaking and being open to your partners. You just need to do it safely and take certain measures and limitations to make it more safe and comfortable. Also, a doctor’s advice is always important after all. It might be weird to talk to your healthcare provider about this, but this is the only way. Just be open about it so that you’d know if you have complications.

One thing is for sure, safe anal sex can be a fun and exploratory way to enjoy your pregnancy. It is important to be aware and communicate comfort levels with your partner. If you think it is not right and you feel uncomfortable doing it, do not force everything.

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