As a kid learn to crawl, they become prone to injuries. Children are natural explorers, they want to go everywhere, climb and roll, insert themselves in tiny spaces. Not to mention, they also love touching and tasting anything. Pulling any dangling objects that they may see. Pushing this and that, opening doors and drawers. For them, a home is a big world to explore. Because of this, it is important for parents to child-proof their homes to make them safe for curious children.

The statistics

In a study made by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) Consumer Product Safety Commission, common injuries at home affect a staggering number of kids each year. Suffocation is the leading cause of unintentional injury and death among infants and toddlers. Fall is the leading cause of serious injuries in children ages one to five while striking a hard object comes next in the rank. Coming at the third spot of the most common household injuries are burns.

On the other hand, 125,000 thousand kids are hospitalized due to toy-related injuries. Seven hundred forty-four young infants were killed in driveway accidents. Fifty percent of non-fatal hospital visits to kids of five years and below is fall from higher places. There are 25,000 kids under five years hospitalized because of poisoning. Tip-over incidents cause one kid being hospitalized every 24 minutes.

These statistics may be worrisome to some parents. With these, they will be more aware of these dangers and encourage them to child-proof the home for the growing kids. Here are some products to make your home safe for your little ones.

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Make electrical outlets child-resistant

Electrical outlets stir a child’s curiosity. They tend to insert their fingers on the socket or pierce it with long, slender objects. Good thing is that there are products available to solve this issue.

Outlet plugs and covers, also called caps, are plastic pieces that are placed into the electrical outlet. These are covers that are designed to fit over any plug while it is in use to keep those tiny little fingers safe. There outlet plates that serve the same purpose that of an outlet plugs and covers and can be installed on wall plates. It also comes in different colors to match a home’s interior. Others have separate swinging covers for each outlet so unused socket remained covered while others are being used.

Power strip covers guard the plugs against children’s exploring little fingers.  It helps to prevent cords from being pulled out and is adjustable to accommodate even larger plugs. It can be mounted on walls or the floor of any room.

Furniture guards

One of the common injuries at home is caused by large furniture such as bumps and bruises or furniture tips and falls.

To solve the issue, several safety products are available in the market. First, edge and corner guards can be used to protect kids’ heads or eyes from sharp corners or edges of tables, drawers or cabinets. Cushions can also be placed on chairs and shelves as an additional safety measure.

Televisions, dressers, shelves, and other furniture are prone to tips on curious children when they try to climb or reach for it. Mounting anchors like anti-tip straps, braces or brackets will not only protect your kids from serious injuries but can also save your furniture too.

Protect the kids from fall

As a home look like a big world they can explore, kids are curious to go up in the stairs, in the windows or decorated walls. Sad to say, fall is one of the leading causes of injuries, or worst, death among kids. Child-proofing gates can save your little ones and denied them access to restricted places.

Gates can be pressure-mounted, which is not attached to the walls which are applicable only to doorways and hallways. The sturdier one is the hardware-mounted gates. It is fastened in the frame of the house or the staircase.

On the other hand, bedrails can protect a child from falling and getting out of bed. Walls are not advisable as an obstruction since they can get a child stuck between the wall and the mattress. These are adjustable and available in different designs to match the finish and the size of a bed.

Window guards can also be installed to prevent falls and to keep a child from tumbling out.  As sturdy as it is, it needs to be open easily in case of fire and other emergencies. There are also window stops that keep the window from opening too wide so the child will not fit through it.

Door safety

Little fingers are prone to be pinned by slamming doors. You can use door locks to keep kids away from the door of a restricted room or closet. It can also be used to keep kids inside a particular room and lessen the risk of doors slamming on little fingers. Doorknob covers can also help. It is difficult for a child to grip but adults got no problem in using it.

Make the bathroom harmless

Several accidents can happen in the bathroom like bumps, falls, scalding, and worse, poisoning and drowning. Child-proof the room for a kid’s safety.

There are cases of toddlers drowning on toilet bowls. Not to mention, it is full of dirt and bacteria. Restrict a child’s access to the toilet bowl using toilet safety locks that are easy to install. 

Also, latches or locks are available for bathroom cabinets and drawers. This can keep harmful cleaning supplies and toiletries out of a kid’s reach.

Use faucet covers to protect a child from bumps, bruises, and cuts. These are available in different colors and designs that children will also love.

Too hot bath water is another hazard in the bathroom. Be sure to check the water temperature or buy anti-scald detectors to warn if the water is too hot to prevent scalding.

Kitchen safety

One inviting place for a kid in the kitchen. It offers a wide display of food, drinks, colors, and shape.  As a parent spends her time in the kitchen, a kid will follow too. Good thing is that there are items to keep a kitchen safe. Stove knob cover prevents a child from turning on the oven or stovetop. Stove guards then prevents a child from touching the hot stove. Locks and latches can deny kids’ access to pantry cabinets, shelves, drawers, and even freezers and refrigerators.

For more kitchen safety tips for kids, read it here.

Avoid suffocation

One study reveals that suffocation-related incidents are the leading cause of death among infants. Loose bed covers and blankets, curtain, curtain cords can cause suffocation and strangling.  Cord shorteners are available in the market and can be used to tidied up loose cords to prevent related accidents.

How simple items can be dangerous to kids

A child’s safety risks rise as he grows up. The child becomes more curious and unstoppable in exploring everything that he may see around him. So it is better to child-proof your home. A home should be a safe haven for kids. This is an ideal place for them to learn, grow and explore minus the hazards. It is vital to keep your home safe from any dangers.  Invest in these safety items and you’ll never regret it.

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