Smart Baby: 7 Things to do in Pregnancy to Have an Intelligent Baby

All parents want the best for their baby and if you want your upcoming bundle of joy to stand out, there are 7 things to do in pregnancy to have an intelligent baby.

Luckily, there are certain things to do during pregnancy to have a smart baby that can help improve the brain development of your baby in the womb. If you envisioned yourself listening to some classical music, studies have revealed that it only makes a slight difference in the baby’s IQ.

A close look at the 7 things to do in pregnancy to have an intelligent baby

If you want to have a smart baby, let us now take a close look at the 7 things to do in pregnancy to have an intelligent baby. Based on studies, these are known to boost the brain development of your child while in the womb.

Staying active

Regular exercises and staying physically active is vital for the overall health of your body, but studies show that it can also boost the brain function. You can go for a 30-minute walk a few times in a week is enough.

Always see your doctor first before including a new exercise regimen, especially during pregnancy.

Add eggs and fish to your diet

There are certain foods to eat during pregnancy to make baby smart. It is important to note that egg yolks are packed with choline which is an essential vitamin for pregnant women. It can boost learning and memory among infants when consumed during pregnancy. In studies, it was discovered that choline alters the brain cell structure, allowing them to be more supportive of cognitive development.

DHA which is an omega-3 fatty acid has been linked with improved brain development. It is usually present in various prenatal supplements but you can get it from fish such as sardines and salmon in your diet.

Use a prenatal supplement

As one of the 7 things to do in pregnancy to have an intelligent baby, using a prenatal supplement is a must. Aside from the addition of vitamin-rich foods in your diet, a prenatal supplement with folate or folic acid must be included as well.

Folic acid aids with the formation of healthy brain cells. With the adequate amount of folate or folic acid, it can reduce the chances for the baby to be diagnosed with autism.

Avoid potential dangers

Several factors can be detrimental to the developing brain. One is lead that is found in old paint and plumbing. Families who reside in older houses must have water and air tested.

Steer clear from nicotine and alcohol

In one study, it is vital to eliminate nicotine and alcohol during pregnancy. If there is prenatal exposure to alcohol, it increases the risk of birth defects as well as neurodevelopmental and intellectual disabilities among children.

Women who smoke or exposed to secondhand smoke during pregnancy are likely to give birth prematurely along with other potential negative effects such as low fetal breathing and learning issues.

Talk and read to your baby

Although listening to classical music during pregnancy only has a slight effect on boosting the brain of your baby, talking can work wonders.

One of the ways on how to have a smart child is to talk or read to your baby. It is important to note that language learning starts in utero. Studies have discovered that parents who converse and/or read to their baby help promote early word identification after being born.

Adequate sleep

The majority of pregnant women suffer from insomnia. This is due to certain difficulties while sleeping where you cannot sleep in the same positions before the pregnancy, back discomfort as well as dealing with the urge to urinate throughout the night.

As one of the 7 things to do in pregnancy to have an intelligent baby, getting enough sleep is vital since it provides a boost to your overall mood and fuels your immune system. With the right amount of sleep, the brain of your baby will properly grow within the womb and there is a low risk for post-birth developmental issues.

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