Swollen Feet After C Section Remedies

Postpartum swelling is common during pregnancy but it can be a source of inconvenience as well as it leads to discomfort. The combination of extra blood, as well as hormone changes, also leads to swelling post pregnancy which is otherwise called pitting edema.

Most of the women experience a lot of problems due to postpartum; hormone change is one of the common causes of swelling. Even there are many aspects that lead to swelling on your feet so you must consider controlling it to get great relaxation.

In general, relieving swollen feet after a c-section is a common issue, and it is the biggest concern in every mama’s mind. Of course, swollen feet are not a simple thing and seriously no fun, when you had a c-section. Now there are different remedies available to overcome this problem, if you are the new mom you must consider the following aspects,

Hydrate yourself

Drinking enough water is important to avoid swelling on your feet, this helps to balance water level in your body, so staying hydrated, drink your fluids. Even you should use the restroom properly. More hydrated you stay, you will get quick relaxation from welling feet. It is one of the most helpful tips to avoid complications in the future. Most importantly, this allows you to feel refreshing. Drinking a fresh bottle of water also makes you look energetic.

Move around

If you experience swelling, you need to get moving, but you should consider keeping some safety precautions in mind. Most importantly, this can highly help to circulate the blood in your legs by the way it can really help the swelling to go down. So try to move a couple of minutes every hour. If you are sitting long periods of time, then you must move around to give some workouts to your legs.

Apply cold packs

Applying cold packs on your feet help to reduce swelling faster, overall, it is also considered as a great remedy for swollen feet, and it is the recommended choice after C section. So try to use cold packs to control swelling. In general, applying ice packs is a great way to control swelling immediately as well as this helps you to feel good. However, this gives a nice cold feeling; therefore try to apply ice packs every 15 minutes.

Avoid salt

First of all, you should say goodbye to salt, and it is not very good for your health. Overeating salt leads many health issues; it can actually make your swollen feet, so it is better to control salt usage.

Herbal tea

Drinking herbal tea also essential to control swelling after C section; overall, it is the right choice which can help in preventing fluids from retention. Stay as fresh as possible this allows you to get relaxation from swelling. If you are a new mom, you must ensure proper airflow in your room. It is one of the most essential aspects.

Try to limit your standing time

To reduce swelling on your feet after a c-section, it is essential to restrict your standing time. Most importantly, standing upright is not considered as the right option because this will lead to more swelling on your feet. Alternatively, you must try to walk this will help to improve blood circulation.

Healthy diet

A healthy diet is one of the essential factors to get free from swelling after the C section. When you eat correctly, you no need to worry about any factors. Mainly this will improve energy levels of you and your baby. Always try to eat foods rich in potassium; this will alleviate the swelling. On the other hand, you must stay away from processed foods because these items have bloat causing sodium.

Tips To control swelling

 If you are the new mom, you must follow the below-mentioned tips:

  • Try to take a relaxing bath; it is one of the most popular ways to control swelling.
  • Lie down towards side because this will improve blood circulation at the same time reduces swelling.
  • Wear supportive socks

Avoid wearing tight-fitting clothes or also avoid any tight accessories. These are important to improve airflow.

  • Wear proper shoes

Try to wear comfortable shoes, at the same time C section you must avoid using high heels. Always prefer loose clothes; even choose non-toxic materials for more blood circulation.

  • Moderate exercise

Perform moderate exercises help you to balance your body without any complications. Mainly this will improve circulation at the same time remove excess fluids through sweat.  Having a proper meal plan and exercise is also essential to take care of your newborn. Exercise highly helps for heat pumps, but before going to do an exercise you must consider getting doctor’s approval.

  • Massage

Foot and leg massage also essential to avoid swelling. Of course, it is another excellent way to overcome swelling. It is an excellent option to cut off excess build-up.

  • Soak your feet

Soak your feet in oil or water, and this also improves blood flow. This will reduce swelling as well as help to prevent varicose veins. To experience health benefits, you must consider using cypress oil or preferring lavender oil because this will mitigates discomfort.

 These are some of the effective remedies that can highly help to overcome complications and swelling created after the C section. If you are the new mom, you must consider taking online reviews and also getting proper advice from the experts to eliminate health issues.

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