As kids grow up, parents want to teach them simple tasks that they should do on their own. Parents are trying to teach their kids how to brush their own teeth, take a bath, and even to teach kids to tie shoelaces. Parents find it challenging to teach them sometimes but with patience and perseverance, kids are learning and making their way to do things on their own.

Do you find that your kids are struggling in tying their shoelaces? Well, they are not alone. When children don’t know how to tie their own shoes, getting them to finish and head out may take a long time. Parents may end up using velcro shoes to make it easier for them, but they should not forget to teach the basic things like how to teach kids to tie shoes themselves. The truth is, tying your own shoelaces require a level of mastery that many kids don’t have, so expect that they will learn for a while between 5 to 7 years old. Don’t expect that they will learn and master it immediately. 

How parents teach kids to tie shoes? 

Parents may find it hard to teach kids for the first time especially when they are not yet fully accustomed to their motor functions. They may just want to give up and let them wear velcro shoes all the time. But that should not be the case. At some point in their lives, they will have to use shoes that have shoelaces and it would be embarrassing on their parts if they cannot do it on their own especially when they are already growing up. 

That’s why parents should start teaching their kids how to tie shoelaces for beginners. Though they may not learn it immediately, they can sure learn it one step at a time. Parents can start teaching their kids to tie their own shoes by practicing soft laces shoes. Color half of the lace to help the kids determine the two lace. You can teach your child shoe-tying hack by being on exactly the same perspective with them while they are doing it. You can help your child by making him mimic your every action in tying the shoelaces. 

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to teach kids to tie shoes:

  1. First, hold the untied shoe between your upper legs. The shoe should be in a normal position that is facing away from you. That is the exact position when you will tie the shoes you are wearing. Bent to reach the shoelace and then try to tie it. 
  2. Teach your kid to hold one end of the shoelace in each of his two hands. While telling them how to tie your shoes for kids, you should also show them how to do it simultaneously. 
  3. To form an “X”, cross the shoelaces. Wrap the bottom string of the X over and through the top string of the X form. Pull it tightly. This is the base.

After doing that, you have two basic choices on how to teach kids to tie shoes:

The easy bunny ears method 

  1. After the lace is Fold each end of the lace into a single “bunny ear.” 
  2. Hold the ears between your thumb and finger. 
  3. Form an “X” in the air by crossing the ears over each other.
  4. Loop the bottom bunny ear over the top bunny ear. This is your second knot. 
  5. Then pull the bunny ears out to the side away from the shoes itself. This method does not easily loosen or become undone because it has two secure knots.

More complicated but secured method of shoe tying hack

  1. Hold one lace in each hand and cross them over to make an “X”.
  2. Pull the two laces away from each other tightly. 
  3. Make a loop out of each string.
  4. Make bunny ears and cross them over each other.
  5. Run the bunny ears over each other
  6. Then pull the loops very tight.
  7. To make it extra secure, double the knot by making another knot with the loops.

When you teach a child to tie shoes in 5 minutes and even more, he will later on master it. Practice it over and over again until your child can do it himself. You can start by using a home-made practice board. Then when he is improving and completely does it well, have him practice shoe-tying methods while wearing the shoes. In no time, you don’t have to rely on making him wear Velcro shoes all the time because your child will have mastery over fine motor skills like how to tie shoes. This skill will actually also help him with other areas of learning motor skills. They may even make some shoe tying styles themselves.

Congratulations to you if you succeed in teaching your kids shoe-tying methods. When they complete and achieved simple motor skills, they are bound to learn and master other bigger skills that they have to do on their own as they grow up. Simple skills like these should not be taken for granted because they are initial steps in learning more in the future. It also teaches kids about independence and not to always rely on their parents or other people. 

Succeeding on how to teach kids to tie shoelaces can also help in disciplining them in their things and time. They can master to tie their shoelaces within minutes or seconds and watch over it throughout the day when it loosens up. With effort and patience, kids will definitely learn this simple task. And parents will have more basic things to teach to their kids since they have learned a few skills already. When kids are taught and they learn, it is easier for them to adjust to challenges in school and other activities because they are willing to learn. Simple skills like tying shoes can be a good achievement for your young ones!

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