Adoptive parents will, sooner or later, have to sit down for a moment of truth. It is the child’s right to know the detail of his life he’s living. So, your duty is to decide when and where to tell your kid about the truth. Our specialists are going to give you some suggestions.

Many adoption workers recommend to parents to introduce the word “adoption” as soon as possible so that it becomes a comfortable word in your kid’s vocabulary and to tell a kid; between the ages of 2 and 4 that he is, in fact, adopted child.

Children adopted in the age of 2 years.

Some parents are obliged to adopt at the age of two and wait until they earn little compassion and love with the child and strengthen their relationship. eventually, they can speak the truth to their child when he/she reach the age of four or five.

Before this day they may hear these words, but they will not understand the concept.


Stephen Nickman, Ph.D., recommends that the ideal time to talk to children about Adoption is between six and eight years.

So children at the age of six feel pretty comfortable in their families, so the Adoption does not threaten them.

Dr. Nickman insured Minors, the loss of parents and their concern for their love at this time is very dangerous.

I also wonder if children under the age of six can understand the meaning of Adoption and at the same time work through the losses that arise when they know that he was born in another family.


Even though it is obvious to adults, young kids mostly believe that they are either adopted as a child or a newborn.

When you talk about Adoption; It is important to understand that you were born first and whether you were adopted or not, that all children are thought and born alike. The birth was first, followed by Adoption.

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Choosing to wait until the teenage years to reveal a child’s adoption to him or her is not a good idea.

“Disclosure at that chosen time could be devastating to kids’ self-esteem,” says Dr. Nickman, “and to their faith in their parents.”


An adopted child over 2 years old.

Children adopted at the age of 2 years or older or children of a different race from the adoptive parents must be informed of Adoption earlier than other children.

If the adoptive parents belong to a different race or have physical characteristics that are very different from those of their family; they must be aware of the fact that they can recognize the difference.

Your kid might have seen it, or someone else might have made a comment on it.


The right way to tell the truth.

Even really caring parents that conform to the actual go-to standard advice from people; And if you have the intention to help them out to connect to their heritage or roots through DNA or another identifying technique.

That’s the old fashioned way of thinking when it comes to adoption.

Researchers discovered now that, in fact; open adoption and knowledge that were given from the beginning of life do actually provide a better understanding and processing of the adoption realm.

There are various approaches to discuss adoption with children. Some parents actually prefer to wait until their kids are older; thinking that their understanding will be mature enough.

While others believe that a child must never remember a time when they didn’t know about their adoption story.

Regardless of the route that your family chooses on when and how it is important to remember that a child should not be told just once about their adoption; thus you should talk about within every stage of childhood development.


The major key here is to offer a comfortable and accepting atmosphere in which your child can communicate freely and; ask the questions they are thinking about and simply get the answers they are searching for and feel comfortable about it.

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