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Tips on How to Cope with Emetophobia During Pregnancy

The happiness you feel when becoming a mother will surely get you motivated and hyped. But in some cases, it can be quickly replaced by anxieties. During pregnancy, sometimes women can’t avoid getting sick and have anxiety issues. The prevalent one would be morning sickness. No women wouldn’t feel that they feel like vomiting; What separates a person with emetophobia is the fear of closely related to vomiting. In some cases, the levels of fear that is associated with emetophobia can rapidly be a case of full-blown anxiety or panic attack.

What is Emetophobia?

Emetophobia is intricate anxiety that can involve the fear of feeling sick, fear of vomiting, and also the fear of coming into interaction with vomit. Some symptoms are often chest tightening, hyperventilation, and rapid heartbeat. The exact causes of emetophobia are not fully discovered. It is prevalent among women with emetophobia to fear pregnancy because of the high likelihood of morning sickness and the succeeding issues that it can cause. Morning sickness with emetophobia is often associated.

How to Cope 

Here’s a comprehensive and detailed list of ways to cope up with Emetophobia and other alternative emetophobia treatment.

Grasp why you are suffering morning sickness

One study confirms that having morning sickness during pregnancy is one good indication that your pregnancy going well. It is often linked to lower chances of having a miscarriage. And women should be educated that morning sickness isn’t always associated with vomiting. For emetophobic women, being nauseous is a terrifying feeling to have, and having an understanding that 50% of women don’t even vomit when having morning sickness. Being educated helps in coping with Emetophobia.

Eating healthy foods

Dodging food for the anxiety of getting sick is not the way to go when you are pregnant. Eating the right foods ahead before you get hungry. Keeping yourself well-hydrated, like drinking tea or sipping ginger tea helps when getting nauseous. It is wise to avoid drinking liquids during meals. One way to also reduce morning sickness is to bite to eat before you move out of the bed.

Pre-pregnancy nutrition

Some vitamins such as Iron, when taken before sleep, could facilitate nausea. Taking supplements is great when taken before sleep as this allows you to sleep while those vitamins are getting disgusted. B6 is often prescribed to help manage morning sickness.

Lots of rest

Get your body lots of rest and avoid doing household-related chores to avoid getting all stressed out. Get plenty of rest for you and your baby. Being tired is often attributed to emetophobia. Get yourself some stress-relieving activities such as light walk and watering your plants. These are simple and uncomplicated ways to alleviate stress.

Don’t hide your emetophobia

It is always nice to have those helping hands. Remember that having a good support system will help you in any way possible. The constant fear of having to deal with this daily will put your kids’ health at risk. Living in a constant state of anxiety will only get your pregnancy journey a stressful one. Talk to your trusted Doctor, or have yourself counseled. 


Having emetophobia and having a baby, are one of the most stressful combinations a woman could have during pregnancy. We’ve listed helpful things on how to cope with emetophobia during pregnancy. Pregnancy should be smooth, always ask for advice from your trusted friend or a doctor to alleviate stress. Besides, it’s up to you if you want your baby to be a healthy one, so find the most helpful things for you and your child. Find things that can help you with your sickness, and once your baby welcomes the world, it will get better in time!

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