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Transgender Child: This Is How I Found My Child Gender

[ transgender child ] At first, I thought it was a girl. Then I was wondering if I gave birth to a tomboy. But now I believe I actually have a son. We put our arms around his shoulders on the bed, his body warm and soft. “Good evening, Buttercup” to a four-year-old son. As usual, I slipped through spider-man’s blanket.

What Happens When You Die?

There was anxiety, nervousness, a sense of anxiety. I’m not ready at all.

Now it’s useless, so take a deep breath and see how you use this medicine? “Okay, honey…Long pause.”


However, at last, no one really knows. – Some people believe it isn’t an issue. Others think that you will go to heaven and meet your loved one.

I needed an unsolvable question: how does heaven work (how does reincarnation work?


You’re scared, aren’t you? “I believe in the resurrection of the soul into a new body,” my 4-year-old daughter said confidently.

“And when I come back, I’ll be a child, and my name will be Shane.”


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My Transgender Child

Until that moment, I have seen my tough girl as a tomboy who simply loved playing in the mud, who adored superheroes and zombies.

Brave and pure, she was 35 pounds of lovable human molecules.


I Gave Her a Hug. I Rolled Out Of Her Bed And Went Into Mine To Sleep


A long time ago, when the doctor said “It’s a girl”, I was excited in a different way, I had a rare opportunity I hated her and spent money to buy a girl.

Most of what society thinks of women were completely against who I am, but when I was 2 years old, Isabelle was convinced he had a tail and a beautiful dress.


I made some heat on the wheels and a star wars figurine.- I ran bare-chested, played baseball and football, and since then my brothers stayed there…”She has nothing to worry about. This is only one stage, and it will pass.

A few months later he told me that we had bought winter clothes and his plans for the next life. I was in the girls ‘ section looking for a weird brown or black suit.


Mom!  He was crying. – Come on!


-She was in the children’s section.

“No, honey,” I said, leading her back to the girls’ section. Isabel says, “No! Here! Here!

She was loud, moody, nervous. I felt that there were no tears, no cries, It was visible for strangers.

No! Here!

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She Ran To The Rack Of Boys’ Jeans.

I looked around nervously. Shopping is bad as lying. But we went for jeans, a transformed shirt, a hat, and three pairs of trousers.

Over the years, I’ve found it all, I’ve admired it. As soon as you accept the idea of a woman. How much do I spend on myself?

I knew immediately that this was one of his most admirable qualities.

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