Week 8 of Twin Pregnancy

Week 8 of Twin Pregnancy

Isn’t it too early to celebrate?

You might be going through a lot during this pregnancy period but still, it is a great time to celebrate now that you’re eight weeks pregnant with twins! 

Double the joy and happiness all at once, however, since during the 8th week of pregnancy you can experience a rapid transformation of your body and the twins growing inside you is rapidly evolving from a tiny embryo to a fetus, it is fully expected that during this week there could be major happenings to the growth and development of the baby.

Keep reading this article to know more about the future outcomes and the happenings inside the womb during this week to make sure that the baby is growing healthily and secured.

Major happenings in your body

Because your body’s demand for nutrients from the food you incorporate daily is getting higher, considering that there are 3 bodies for you to nourish, except that you will instantly feel the need to eat more than the usual calories you eat before.

This is also the week where you might experience a significant increase in your weight, you might see your weight go heavier in the scale or except the usual clothes you wear to be more fit than usual, it’s normal as your body is preparing for the changes.

During this week, it is highly expected to feel your breasts visibly larger in size, they become tender and you might feel timeline sensations.

You might also become more irritable at this moment as your hormonal levels are fluctuating at a rapid rate, your system is working hard to ensure that your body is at equilibrium at the same time it makes sure that the babies inside you are growing.

Twin pregnancy may cause a surge of symptoms at a faster pace compared to a singleton pregnancy, that it is why you may feel that all of the symptoms such as gaining weight are more prominent and detected.

In addition, all uncomfortable and unpleasant feelings and sensations at this point are experienced by mothers erecting twins like you even if this week is too early to be assumed critical.

During week 8 of pregnancy, you may experience unwanted and  unpleasant symptoms such as:

  • Weight gain which is more noticeable and prominent among twin mothers
  • Nausea that can last during the day or can occur in the morning
  • Headaches
  • Difficulty in falling asleep
  • Heartburn

This is like your preliminary hell week as all of these symptoms will likely be experienced and will continue to increase in intensity as you go by week 10, although these symptoms will usually subside after 4 to 5 weeks of pregnancy, all of the symptoms are a normal part of pregnancy so there is nothing to worry about.

Minimizing the symptoms of week 8 pregnancy

Although there is nothing you can really do to prevent the symptoms due to the fact that they are a normal part of pregnancy, there are several ways to alleviate and minimize the symptoms:

  • Have a meal plan time through the day, Eat small and frequent meals, studies have shown that slow and frequent meals can help regulate blood sugar levels of the body which can calm down nausea and headaches
  • Be free from stress, lie down, as much as possible, relax, read a book, take a warm bath, enjoy your time, be sure you are on your maternal leave to get the best possible time with yourself and the baby, minimizing stress could minimize the stress hormones which could disrupt other hormonal fluctuations inside your body.
  • Consult the doctor if you cannot alleviate the symptoms or if you feel that you experience too much of it, be sure to ask the doctor for some pregnancy advice that can help you through this period.
  • Take your prescribed prenatal vitamins to make sure you aren’t depleted with any essential vitamins and minerals especially Folate or Folic acid, if you don’t have any prenatal vitamins, consult the doctor and ask them to get the one that suits your needs.

Always remember that those symptoms are there for a purpose and losing those symptoms might mean something bad has happened in your pregnancy, losing those symptoms could mean the baby has abnormalities or complications or maybe you just experienced a miscarriage

That said, if you feel like the symptoms have taken off or have worrying concerns to your body, get an appointment with your doctor.miscarriage can be critical at this moment, signs of miscarriage baby loss could include vaginal bleeding to the loss of symptoms from your week 8 of pregnancy.

Major milestones of the twins

The twins growing inside your body have officially become a fetus! The twins are already as half an inch long in size and have developed their tiny arms, and legs alongside other external organs and the tiny organs inside them, they are already little tiny kids that will continue in the following weeks to go.

Their tiny arms and legs can also bend, stretch and move already, so it is expected for mothers like you to feel a little movement inside your womb, sometimes bloating or weird sensations inside your womb, even if those movements are considered little and to exemplary to notice, the twins inside have been constantly moving and stretching, as if it feels like it is their home.

The twins also have developed and already working nerve cells that are starting to connect with one another, their hearts have been also working and have been beating for quite a while now. 

8 Weeks have gone, 32 weeks more to go!

All of the major breakdowns on the possible symptoms you could experience during week 8 along with the major transformation of the twins’ body is summed up.

Although you should be thankful that you survived the 8 weeks of bearing twins, keep in mind to take care of yourself very well as miscarriages can happen at any time during the first weeks of the pregnancy.

Also, keep in note that there are still 32 weeks to not just survive, but thrive, those 32 weeks may be harder than the eight weeks period. But it will pass by and instead of being worried about the next weeks to come.

Always remember how special these weeks are in your life and be grateful to the joys of it, besides, you are expecting twins, that can be just one of the most exciting experiences you could have in your entire life!

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