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What are Educational Games For Kids?

There is no question that kids love to play educational games. Whether it be physical games or electronics games, children are no doubt up for it. However, games can mold children’s minds and attitude whether directly or indirectly. That’s why parents should also monitor and select the kind of games that their kids play. Games that are harmless for their kids’ minds, health and body should be top priorities. And most of all, games that are educational in nature, those that do not only entertain but impart knowledge to the kids are the best kind of games.

However, many kids nowadays find playing with monitors or gadgets more appealing and entertaining. Some parents are having a hard time controlling their kids in using gadgets. As a result, kids are indulging in electronic games and no educational value is added to their minds. It also contributes to their bad behavior and attitude. For instance, kids who play electronic games tend to be more impatient and impulsive. That’s because they are used to the gadgets and the internet’s fast pace. They want to do things with just a click, in an instant. They didn’t learn the value of patience. Also, some games promote violence and immoral actions. Many games now involve guns, killing, hitting, and stealing. Though some would reason that they will not do it in real life, what do you think is the outcome when kids are always being fed up with these things? It is more likely that they will imitate it when the time comes. That’s why selecting games is not a trivial matter for parents. They should select what kind of games their children can play. Something harmless and educational is the key.

Now when you talk about educational games, nothing beats board games. Board games encourage soft skills for kids. Soft skills involve communication, problem solving and collaboration. These skills are crucial in real life. Board games introduce subjects in school that seems boring, like Math, English, and Science. In these games, the subjects become fun. And last but definitely not least, they are not on the screen. Parents who are having a hard time limiting screen time for kids can make way for board games.

Here are some recommended educational games for kids that parents can look up and try to play to their kids:

 1. Buzzword junior

This is a simple but very fun game to play. Each round, the buzzword is announced. This word will be used for 10 clues in that round. Each team has 45 seconds to guess using the clues.

This game enhances vocabulary, idioms, and figures of speech for kids.

2. Jumbo bananagrams

Your kids can find matching letters, sort letters by composition and spell her name. Enhances the child’s vocabulary and spelling.

3. Boggle junior

For solo play or in a group, this game is just perfect. Your child will match the letters according to the given picture. He will learn letter identification, common short words, and matching the letter to its sound. 

4. Cootie

In this game, you will roll a dice, and build your customized cootie bug. Your kids will learn how to count, read a chart and identify the numbers.

5. I Never forget the face

This is a twist to the classic memory game. Your child will be matching the child’s face on which country he belongs. Another level is that you will now find each country on the map. Your kids will develop keen observation, good memory, and cultural awareness.

6. Scrabble junior

This game lets your kids create their own words. This enhances basic reading, spelling and letter matching.

7. Zingo!

This is a twist from the classic Bingo game and more fun! You will slide the tile dispenser to reveal the word. Then you’ll race to find it on your card and cover it. This game enhances sight word recognition, matching words and vocabulary. 

8. Uno

This is one of the most fun games to play as a group. Players will match the color or number. Then each of you will race as to who will be the first one to get rid of all their cards. This can develop the kids’ color and number matching, strategy, and addition.

9. Spot it! basic english

This game is amazing! You can bring it anywhere because it’s just small and it is fun to play especially during the waiting time. You just need to look for that one item that is identical between two cards. This enhances sight word recognition, matching the words to images and speed of reading.

10. Sequence numbers

You will use one of your cards, solve the given math problem and find the answer on the board. When you spot the answer, you can cover it with a chip. The first to get a row of 5 chips on the board will be the winner. This kind of game is fun and develops your kids’ skills in subtraction, addition, and strategy.

These are just a few of the hundreds of fun and educational games for your kids. You can ask about it to other parents, search for more, or even make your own game. This is learning while having fun. And that is important for children. The more they enjoy, the more they want to do it and the more they will learn. It doesn’t mean though that kids will now neglect proper education and indulge in playing these kinds of games, they still have their studies as priorities. However, learnings are not only available in the four corners of the classroom, but it is also available everywhere especially at home. And kids as we know, spend so much of their time playing. That’s why introducing educational games for kids, especially those which are not on the screen increases their brain development and skills. These games are also designed in a way that kids can play with their parents. Parents, on the other hand, can use this time as their bonding and quality time as well. These games are fun, educational and bond-oriented. Truly recommended for kids and parents.

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