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What are the Best 15 Things to do for a New Mom?

What are the Best 15 Things to do for a New Mom?

Being a mother is not a simple task and if you want to lighten her load, you should be familiar with the best 15 things to do for a new mom.

Many new mothers out there quickly discover this and most end up overwhelmed, exhausted and lonely, especially during the newborn stage.

A guide on the best 15 things to do for a new mom

The ideal way to move through the early days is to depend on family and friends who are eager to help out. If you want to get started, let us take a close look at the best 15 things to do for a new mom.

Setting up a meal train

You can count this as one of the best 15 things to do for a new mom. Take note that a meal train is a new mother’s best friend. When setting one up, family and friends must be included so they can pitch in to ensure that the new parents are fed during the tumultuous phase. Provide the new parents a healthy mix of snacks, meals and a few treats as well.

Drop off food

Most new parents do not have the energy to prepare or even think about what to eat. One way to help out is by dropping off a meal. This should be something that they can store in the refrigerator and microwave later.

Bring diapers and wipes

As an alternative to food, you can bring something useful such as diapers or wipes. This is always a safe gift to bring and counted as a necessity. Do not forget to ask first what size to buy.

Clean something

In case the parents are tight on finances or the new mother does not need anything, you can help by cleaning around the house. Although the new mom might decline the offer, she will be truly grateful that you did.

Watch over her children

A new mother might be eager to take a quick shower, nap or bath. Try to offer to come over and watch her children, in case she has more than one. Allow her to take the time to do all the things she needs.

Assist with her to-do-list

Most new mothers have a lot of tasks to do such as picking up medications at the pharmacy or buying more diapers. She needs some help. Whatever is on her to-do-list, you can help her by working on some of the tasks.

Do not immediately ask to hold the baby

After the delivery, many are eager to see and meet the newest member. There is nothing wrong with this but some mothers do not want to hand over their child to others immediately. It is a great opportunity to be a good friend and be present for the mother. Ask her how she is doing and show her that you are there to support her.

Always wash hands before holding the child

Many new parents are quite conscious when it comes to germs, so you must wash your hands before holding the child.

Stay calm when the baby cries

Take note that babies cry which is how they communicate. Do not panic if the child starts to whimper in your arms and you quickly return the child to the mother. One of the best 15 things to do for a new mom is to pacify the baby yourself.

Provide suggestions on new baby products

For most new mothers, it can be overwhelming to discover the wide selection of baby products in the market. You can ask the new mom if she needs help with these new products.

Pampering the new mother

Most new mothers out there would love to get gift certificates to a massage, manicure or a haircut. With all the things she has been through, allowing her a chance to be pampered is what she needs.

Take some photos

You can offer to drop by with your camera to take some photos of the new mother and her child. If the entire family is complete, the better. It is time to take photos of the new family together.

Offer a helping hand during the night

As a family member or a close friend, you can offer to help at night. Just make sure that the family members are comfortable with this first. Being there to help with her baby such as with the feeding and watching over while the new parents are taking a break will be greatly appreciated.

Do not stay long when visiting

Remember that new mothers have been up all night and day with the newborn. In case you are there to watch over the baby while she gets some rest, you can stay as long as she needs you. If you are visiting to catch up with her, try to keep it short.

Get a postpartum doula

One of the best 15 things to do for a new mom is to hire a postpartum doula to help her during the first months. This is a much-needed help for new moms at home. Once the newborn phase is over, continue to help out with other tasks.

Final thoughts

For new mothers out there, show that you care with the best 15 things to do for a new mom. These will be greatly appreciated and when the time comes when you become a mom yourself, rest assured that others will help you out.

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