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What Can i Take to Sleep While Pregnant?

Having a hard time falling asleep while pregnant? It’s even unfair, you can’t get it when you need it the most thinking that it is the last time to have the opportunity of having a good sleep until your baby comes out. It keeps frustrating you right? Well, you are not the only one, as difficulty sleeping affects more than 75% of expecting women and hits hard in the third trimester. Now, you are looking for something to combat this struggle, particularly what to take to help you sleep while pregnant. What you need to do is to just read this post to know the reasons why you can’t sleep, how to prevent it, and most especially what can you take to sleep while pregnant. Read everything below.

Why can’t i sleep while pregnant?

A lot of factors cause difficulty in sleeping while you are pregnant, these include the following.

  • Fluctuating hormonal changes.
  • Heartburn while pregnant.
  • A demanding bladder.
  • Frequent leg cramps.
  • Hopped-up metabolism that causes an increase of heat even when it is off.
  • Anxiety for pre-birth.
  • Difficulty getting comfy due to growing baby bump.

When does it commonly start?

It is common to have difficulty in sleeping at any period in the whole course of your pregnancy. However, many expecting women experience it more frequently at the beginning of the second and third trimesters. As other pregnancy symptoms kicked in, and a bulging belly continually grows, getting comfortable in bed makes it harder.

Is difficulty in sleeping harmful while pregnant?

Difficulty in sleeping while pregnant will not hurt you and your baby. Therefore, just do your best to brush off this worry. You know, letting it go is what it takes to help you get a good sleep in the first place. 

What can i do about it?

You might be experiencing more shut-eye than you think, but between any apprehensions, you probably think about the birth of the baby, the truth that you keep on tossing and turning around the bed, and the truth that your sleep is interrupted. Those being said, it is no wonder you feel as if you are not sleeping at all. Below are the tips if you are having difficulty sleeping.

Stop counting the hours.

As most people find glory in sleeping for 8 hours, some are okay with less, and some might be needing more. So what you need to do is ask yourself what do you feel about the hours you are sleeping while pregnant instead of aiming for a particular number of sleeping hours. If you are not exhausted, then you are getting enough rest.

Getting up.

If you still not fallen asleep after 20 to 30 minutes of trying to doze off, do a simple and easy task that needs to be done (don’t ever think of scrubbing the toilet) and try to get to sleep again. You might be just worn off enough to get the sleep that you need.

How to combat difficulty in sleeping while pregnant?

Try these tips below to prevent having difficulty sleeping while pregnant.

  • Keep away from caffeine and chocolate. Don’t devour on those pleasures, particularly in the latter part of the afternoon or night time since they can keep you stay awake.
  • Clear those bags of emotion. If staying awake at night is caused by persistent worries, better talk about it with your partner during day time.
  • Have an early dinner. Try to eat your dinner earlier in the evening because being full can keep you from falling and staying on a deep slumber. Also, take your time munching your food to avoid heartburn which can make you toss and turn around.
  • Slow the flow. Makeup with your everyday requirement of fluids in the early evening to reduce bathroom runs after you finally hit a deep slumber.
  • Light work out. Do some daily light pregnancy workouts to get asleep easier at night. But, avoid doing it near bedtime since post-workout buzz can keep you stay up.
  • Create a bedtime practice. Going to bed and getting up at the same time every day is a great way. You can also include listening to relaxing music, light reading, simple yoga exercises, prenatal massage, warm bath, and sex.
  • Stay away from the screen. Browsing through your phone, tablet, laptop, or even watching from the TV and other electronic devices while you’re at your bed can be a big mess to your z’s. The light from those screens changes sleepiness to alertness. Also, it puts down melatonin, a hormone that regulates the internal clock that plays a vital role in the sleep cycle. 
  • Get comfortable. Grab the right mattress, pillows, comforters and other bed essentials. Use them to support you where you properly need it and can help you cozy up. If you get through the first trimester and can’t just get comfy in bed while laying side or other position when sleeping while pregnant, try dozing off in a recliner which will help you comfortably stay on your back while not laying flat.

What can i take to sleep while pregnant?

Always consider taking safe meds while you are pregnant. Good news, some sleep aids are often safe to take during pregnancy. These include Sominex, Tylenol PM, Unisom, Lunesta, Ambien, and Nytol. However, before taking any of these sleep aids, you should always seek the advice of your doctor first. If he gave you a green signal then go for it.

There are also times where doctors suggest taking a magnesium supplement to get rid of leg cramps or constipation. If you are one of those experiencing this, it is ideal to take it before going to bed since magnesium has been proven for its natural muscle-relaxing prowess which will make you have a good night’s sleep.

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