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What is the Use of Chewing Gum to Pregnancy

What is the Use of Chewing Gum to Pregnancy

There are a couple of reasons why pregnant women love to chew gum; some people already developed habit into it while some people tend to kill time by doing it. It is important to be cautious with all kinds of food variety that you can see around you especially during your pregnancy to ensure that you are not taking your baby’s life at risk. In this article, we’ll give you information about the pros and cons of chewing gum during pregnancy and what are the gums that are beneficial and harmful for consumption.

Is chewing gum safe for pregnancy?

When you are pregnant, it is always advisable to check all the ingredients that you are consuming just to make sure that none of the ingredients will cause harm to your baby inside. These include the use of gum with different kinds and type that are in different compositions. Like any other food intake, you must ensure that you will not incur any health conditions that will arise after consuming it that is why it is still the best to consult it with your doctor if they will give you a go signal or sometimes will doctor will give you the brands or types of gum that is safe for pregnancy. 

As long as the gum that you will be using has safe ingredients for pregnancy, you can definitely consume it. Chewing gums are good for you as a pregnant because it will not only freshen your breath but it can help you overcome your cravings and there is a theory that chewing stimulates the brain to improve memory. 

Benefits of chewing gums for pregnant women

  • Pregnant women are prone to weight gain that is why some are being advised to control what they eat. By the simple act of chewing gum, the food cravings are somehow suppressed. 
  • It helps avoid morning sickness. There are certain types of gums that have components that are linked with the ingredient, stevia. Stevia is known to reduce the feelings of not feeling well and aside from that, the chewing manner will help you get back on track by not salivating too much which is one of the indications of nausea. 
  • It helps pregnant women to avoid the feelings of heartburn or indigestion by assisting the stomach produce more acid through chewing for proper digestion.
  • Chewing gum not only freshens your breath but it can also be helpful in clearing out your throat to avoid itchiness and irritations. 

Harmful effects on pregnancy

  • Gums that are not sugar-free may cause dental issues that can cause irritations during pregnancy especially that you cannot just take any pain relievers during pregnancy. 
  • You need to take caution if you have gestational diabetes because gums that contain sucralose can make the condition even more severe.
  • Constant chewing may lead to the weakening of the jaw mostly at the cartilage muscles, if this happens, it may lead to constant pain.
  • Sorbitol, which is commonly used as a sweetener for gum causes inflation of the gut that may interfere with the development of the fetus.

When to avoid chewing gums?

  • Gestational Diabetes

This is a condition that can only be seen in pregnant women. This occurs when there is a sudden increase in blood sugar during pregnancy. This condition must be attended to immediately because it may cause serious mental and physical retardation of your fetus’s development.

  • Insulin Resistance

This is a condition that puts you at high risk for a heart condition because your body becomes resistant to insulin. Insulin resistance would usually lead to type 2 diabetes if not properly attended to.

  • Diabetes Mellitus

 This is already considered as a lifelong disease. It has the ability to affect how your body absorbs nutrients that will be beneficial for you and your baby during pregnancy.

 Gums that are safe for pregnancy

  • Gums with xylitol

This is a fermented alcohol form different kinds of fruits and vegetables. It serves as a natural sugar for your gum that acts as a property to remove plaque-producing bacteria whenever you chew your gum.

  • Gums with aspartame

There is also another kind of artificial sweetener that may not contain essential health benefits but it does not contain any adverse reaction whenever you chew your gum while pregnant.

  • Gums with sucralose

This is a sweetener that does not contain any calorie content but it won’t affect the natural sugar level of your body specifically in the blood.

  • Gum containing nicotine

Smoking cigarettes is not totally allowed to pregnant women because it may cause negatively to your baby. There is a new invention wherein nicotine gum is an effective way for you to deal with your cravings for your cigarette. Experts suggest using this kind of gum minimal.

Gums that are not safe for pregnancy

  • Gums with saccharine

When this ingredient is combined with other compounds in the body, it may reach the placenta that may disrupt the growth and development of the fetus. This ingredient is still commonly used in different food and beverages even though there are a lot of controversies link with it.

  • Gums with sorbitol

This ingredient tends to have laxative properties. When used in gums, it may cause intestinal issues or diarrhea. It is also known to absorb different kinds of nutrients that are intended for the fetus leading to malnutrition. 

Tips in chewing gum while pregnant

  • Even if you are using a sugar-free gum, it is still advisable to floss in between teeth so that the other ingredients found on the gum will not cause any damage to your teeth.
  • It is no longer advisable to chew gum 1 month before your due date.
  • Swallowing the gum is a risk, so make sure no to do it at all at any cost.
  • It is always advisable to opt for gums that are sugar-free so that it will not cause any effects on your blood sugar level.
  • Before trying out chewing gum during pregnancy, you may need to consult with your doctors first.

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