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What to do When Your Child Needs You to Tuck Them in During the Night?

What to do When Your Child Needs You to Tuck Them in During the Night?

“Mom, can you read a story please?”

“Dad, can you scratch my back please?”

“Mom, there’s this kid in school who told me about his trip to Disneyland last weekend. Do you think we can go there, too?”

Bedtime is an important time not only for the kids but also for the parents. When your child needs you to tuck them in during the night, what do you do? Do you let them sleep on their own? Or do you put them to bed and tuck them in?

You may have to let them sleep on their own at some point, but when they need you during bedtime, spend a few minutes to tuck them in.

Why do you need to tuck your children in?

While your children are still young, take the opportunity to tuck them in. Sometimes they won’t share anything with you once they arrive home from school or during dinner, but they usually talk about their day during bedtime. Tucking them in gives you the chance to talk to them just before they go to sleep. It is during this time when they can start telling you about what’s going on in their lives.

Usually, kids ask their parents to read a bedtime story, or they ask questions about anything. Sometimes they talk about their dreams and wishes, or their problems and frustrations. Even if you and your spouse are both busy, make sure to spend some time with your children even if it’s only during bedtime. This short but significant period of time becomes a bonding moment that both of you will treasure in the years to come.

Questions to ask you children during bedtime:

If you are looking for things to ask your child, here are some questions that you can use while tucking them in: How’s your day?

  • What did you do at school today?
  • Who did you play with?
  • Did you encounter any problems today?
  • What do you want to talk about tonight?
  • What did you learn today?
  • What’s your plan for tomorrow?

These questions are good conversation starters to get your child to share with you some details about their day.

Ways to tuck your children in during bedtime:

  • Read a bedtime story. Even if you have already read the same story over and over, continue doing so. If they want, you can introduce a new story such as a fairy tale with a twist or an adventure story.
  • If they ask you to lie down with them for a few minutes, then grant their request. They may want to snuggle and it will be a perfect chance for you and your children to bond.

You can expect your kid to let you into their own world during this time. Expect stories about their school, their classmates, something that they find fascinating, or something that they are curious about. This face-to-face interaction is important to strengthen your bond.

  • Younger kids may also want you to sing a song for them. Ask them what song they want. You don’t have to be a great singer to sing, but your kids will find their mother’s voice soothing and comforting.
  • If they have a favorite pillow or stuffed animal, give it to them and let them hug it.
  • Stop what you’re doing and focus on your child as you tuck him or her in. Don’t forget to give them a goodnight kiss.

No matter how busy you may be, the few moments that your kids ask from you when they need you to tuck them in are so important and can make a lasting impact on their lives. When you show them that you’re willing to make and spend time with them, they’ll know that you care and that you love them. Tucking them in at night may sound like a simple gesture, but for your children, it may be much more meaningful.

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