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When Does Babies Start to Recognize his Mother?

Research shows that newborn babies can immediately recognize their mothers after birth. Babies who are being breastfed can be quickly familiar with their mother’s scent. The visual recognition of babies can occur after a few weeks. Some studies show that babies can recognize their parents a few days after birth while others recognize them after one or two months. 

But when do babies start to recognize their mothers? Babies recognize their mom by their sound and smell quickly after birth. Smell plays a major role in the babies’ recognition of their own mother. Study shows that the breast area’s odors have an effect on babies and thus help them locate the nipple for feeding. Sweat and breast area odors are something they recognize and remember. 

The fetus in the womb also recognizes the sound of the mother’s voice. Study shows that the fetal heart rate increases when their mother speaks and decreases when a stranger talks. They also respond to the touch of their mother in the stomach at around third semester. The fetus usually reaches out to the uterine wall more when it is their own mother whos is touching the belly. 

When it comes to visual recognition when they are born, newborns can usually already see faces after birth. Specific facial recognition happens a few days after birth. The study also shows that they generally respond to faces at 3 months and increased eventually. When mothers are hands-on in taking care of their child, the attachment becomes stronger immediately. If babies fail to recognize you after a few weeks or months, it is best to consult their pediatrician to know the reason. 

Developmental delays can happen and it can occur in children with autism and down syndrome babies. It is best to consult your child’s pediatrician if there are any major concerns. They are more likely to be familiar with the child’s medical history and can detect problems skillfully because of their experience. 

Because babies can eventually become familiar with their mother’s voice and smell, they will become comfortable. In the usual set up, mothers spend most of the time with their babies so they recognize their mothers first. At three months, babies start to recognize faces and can become anxious around new and unfamiliar faces. 

There is no specific study in which it is being determined when babies start to recognize their fathers but they can recognize their father’s voice inside the womb. That’s why it is recommended that fathers should talk to their babies even when they are still in the womb. It would take weeks after birth for babies to recognize their parents. It is the things that babies will recognize first. It would take quite long for babies to recognize other members of the family. The babies usually can recognize people who they regularly see or those who visit them often. 

Babies are born to have a natural desire to bond with people. Babies are more likely to recognize faces than places. As being said earlier in this article, if your baby doesn’t recognize faces after 4 months, you may need to consult your pediatrician about it. It is important to have a timely medical intervention. 

It is the best feeling in the world for parents especially moms when their babies start to recognize them. After all, it was you who are always with them so it is just right that they recognize you first. Your scent, voice, and face are the ones that they recognize and get familiar with first and that is just amazing. They can even take note of it when they are still in the womb. The bond and attachment between moms and babies are just amazingly unbreakable.

We hope that this article has helped parents especially moms to know when their baby starts to recognize them. We hope that your babies grow to recognize, get familiar, and love you. May they grow healthy and smart just like how moms work on for them to become one.

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