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When Does Lightening Occur in Pregnancy?

 When a woman is pregnant, it is important to take note of when does lightening occurs in pregnancy. Baby lightening normally happens when pregnancy labor takes place. At the end of the third trimester, pregnant women will know what does it feel like when the baby drops, when the baby settles, and it is easier to know how to tell if a baby is engaged in the pelvis. These are the important things that every pregnant woman should be aware of. Especially if they are afraid about the horror inside the labor room. 

For pregnant women, when the time comes that you are near the end of your pregnancy journey and you are close to meeting your baby. You feel very excited and at the same time anxious about the labor. To get some information about when does lightening occur in pregnancy and to know what does lightening feels like, this article will help you. Also, learn more about baby dropping at 35 weeks or even early baby dropping at 33 weeks when it is almost time of your child’s born day. 

What is lightening? 

Lightening is another term for baby dropping. Lightening is a sign that pregnant woman nearly gives birth to her baby and it will normally show a baby dropping symptoms like contractions and the like. Before and after baby drops will take place, the baby rotates and then the baby will drop down into the pelvis. How to tell if the baby is engaged in the pelvis? When the baby has stable down in the pelvis, that is what we call as engagement and that is the queue that the baby is ready for birth. 

Sometimes, some pregnant women experience baby dropped at 32 weeks in third pregnancy, which then makes as signs for early labor. But for most first-time moms, they experience baby dropping at 34 weeks or on its final week. 

When does lightening occur? 

Every pregnant woman is different when it comes to the time of the lightening. There is a specific day or week that women should expect to experience lightening. A pregnant woman can experience lightening as early as a few weeks, they experience baby dropping at 32 weeks. Some women also tried lightening or baby dropping just as the labor begins or a few hours before. The thing here actually is, it matters to the woman’s body condition and as to how many times the woman gets pregnant. It is a big factor. 

Baby dropping might transpire close or near to labor when a woman has babies before or experienced giving birth before. This is because:

  • Their bodies have been through labor before
  • The pelvis only needs less time to adjust to the process of giving birth
  • Their body is not a newbie to giving birth

However, for first-time moms, they experience lightening on days or weeks before the labor. The reason is because their pelvic muscles need to adjust to giving birth position before the labor can begin. 

Why do pregnant women experience lightening?

When you here a person telling you about a baby drop and you are pregnant, you will feel frightened. Babies drops into the pelvis to be in a proper position in the mother’s uterus to pass easily through the birth canal. This helps stretch the woman’s pelvic muscles to be ahead of labor. 

What does lightening feel like?

To answer the question about “What does lightening feel like?”, also depends on a woman’s pain tolerance and body. Every woman’s experience of baby dropping is not the same. Some women feel the lightening as a sudden and obvious movement. Because according to them, they notice it and it is obvious that it is happening. 

Other pregnant women were asked as well about what does it feel like when the baby drops said that they notice their abdomen to feel lighter and it might be because the baby is already placed in the lower pelvis. The feeling of space in the abdomen is because of the lightening or baby dropping. 

If you feel any pain, lightening pain most of the time, isn’t that serious because it normally happens to pregnant women.

Why lightening does not happen on other women?

Sometimes you get to wonder why pregnant women do not have the same time of lightening. Take a look at these possible reasons why the timing of the drop varies from every woman.

First-time mothers

When you are a first-time mom, your baby tends to drop earlier than they should. Want to know why? Because both the mother and the baby need their time in preparation for the labor. When the body of a woman has never tried giving birth, the pelvis’s softening and ligaments that allow the baby to drop into the pelvis will take time to loosen up.

Moms with Experience

When a woman has tried giving birth before, the lightening in the next pregnancy usually happens in the latter part, when it is close to labor. The mother’s body has already been blazed by her first or previous babies and her abdominal muscles are more relaxed. 

Signs of lightening

It is always important to have knowledge about signs of lightening because there isn’t always an accurate way to predict that your baby drops. Be aware of these signs, especially when you are in your 8th to 9th months in pregnancy. 

1. Belly is Lower

The woman’s baby bump may look like a bowling ball between their legs.

2. Pain in the Pelvic

How to tell if the baby is engaged in the pelvis? It is when the pressure in the pelvic area may increase. The woman may feel like she is swaying when she walks. This happens because there is pressure on the baby’s head. Pregnant women may notice this when they move around. And this is due to the baby’s adjustments to its new position. 

3. Breathing is Easier

There is an easier breathing once the baby has dropped. The breathing would then be easier. The mother may feel a lesser weight mainly because the baby goes down into the pelvis. 

4. More Discharge

Once the baby has dropped, there is an increase in pressure on the cervix when the baby dropping happens. The cervix widens, to begin with, labor. This will cause lose the mucus plug. The mucus plug would then be discharged in the vagina like a slimy thing or yolk-like discharge.

5. Keeps on Urinating

Since the baby sits lower in the pelvis, his or her head may cause a lot of pressure on the bladder. The baby’s growing pounds can also be the cause of why pregnant women to urinate more often.

6. Pain in the back

Lightening or baby dropping can put additional pressure on the mother’s muscles most especially in the mother’s lower back. This is because the baby gets heavier every day. The baby keeps on sliding down the mother’s abdomen to place itself into the pelvis. This happening will result in frequent back pains of the mother. 

7. Feels Hungry all the Time

When a pregnant woman experiences, baby drop, it may lessen the pressure in the stomach. Hence, this may increase heartburn and they may feel hungrier. Hungrier than their usual cravings. 

8. The feeling of Too Much Pressure

Once the baby drops, the pregnant woman feels a lot of pressure, especially into her pelvis. 

9. Changes in Baby Bump

When the baby positions its head into the pelvis, it makes the mother’s baby bump to look like it is hanging over. Mothers will notice this because they are always noticing their baby’s position in their stomachs. When they happen to sit, they will be able to feel the baby anymore, 

What to do when the baby drops?

If a woman’s due date about to happen and her baby is yet to drop, she can try safe activities to encourage her baby to drop. Take a look at these activities because these may help you when the time comes that you’d be laboring.

  • Walking

Walking is just a very useful simple exercise. It is important to walk even just nearby your house or just in the backyard. Walking can help a pregnant woman have just a little exercise for her labor. Some said that it helps in dilating the woman’s cervix, for faster and easier delivery. Take note that moving around does not only ease the pain, but it can also help the labor progress.

  •  Swimming

Sometimes, if you feel pains or lightening pains in your pregnancy, there’s really nothing you can do about it. The baby’s head and your cervix may really be stuck together. Swimming is one way to help ease the pain. It takes the feeling of pain and pressure out of the way. 

  • Squatting

Yes, squatting may be hard especially if you are carrying a weight in your stomach. Doctors also recommend this practice especially for those women who are in labor. Just do it properly because this is a hard thing to do especially if a person is pregnant. Just ask your doctor if you are allowed to do such. 

  • Pregnancy massage

Light massage can help the pregnant woman calm down. Massage helps ease the sour muscles that were happening on the nerves of every pregnant woman. It relaxes the body so that the mother’s body will be ready for the delivery and it helps reduce the pain. 

  • Have sex

Making love with your partner may also help widens the mother’s cervix. It may sound awkward but sometimes doctors suggest this method to help in giving birth. 

  • Always sit properly

If lightening occurs, mothers should always mind how they sit. Do not sit on a crossed-legged position for it pushes the baby up. Sit with your knees open and always lean forward so that the baby will move down. If your jobs involve sitting on a chair for a long time, always take a break or try to just at least stand up every thirty minutes. Do stretching your legs a bit to encourage the baby to drop. 

These activities will encourage the baby to drop down into the pelvis as these activities help to open the hips and stretch the pelvic muscles. If your baby has dropped, visit your doctor right away because he might adjust your due date accordingly. Your doctor will also give you a tentative labor time and when it is likely to start. 

When to see a doctor

Pelvic pain is a normal experience for mothers after the lightening. But if you think it hurts you like you can’t handle it anymore; you better see a doctor. Instances like bleeding, too much fever or loss of fluids. These are the big no-no’s in pregnancy. It badly needs proper medication and monitoring. You don’t want to risk your baby’s life, right? If you notice these things during your pregnancy, do not ever hesitate to consult your doctor. 

Wrapping up

As pregnant women, you should always keep in mind the possible time or moment about when does lightening occurs in pregnancy. Lightening or baby dropping typically happens when it is near the pregnancy. It may feel like a sudden, noticeable movement. It may also feel painful at times that is why every pregnant woman should take note of these. These are some of the important things that should be put in mind so that when the moment comes, you will not panic and you will know exactly what to do. 

It is safer to understand the possible reasons why lightening occurs in pregnancy. Be prepared always for whatever things that you may experience. You can talk to experienced women about their journey so that you will know what could be the possible experiences you can have. Knowing is essential. It prepares you and it makes you strong when the big day comes. Lastly, do not forget to visit your doctors. Pregnant women should have regular checkups along the way. It is the safest thing they can do in order to be safe and to keep the baby safe. 

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