Well, no one likes to go around with fishy or stinky body odor and for the same reason, we choose different kinds of deodorants, antiperspirants and even perfumes to subdue the body odor. You may not care about before but when your baby is in danger your mind may be bubbling with all potential issues about using such products. And so, what’s the truth about this? Is it safe to use deodorant while breastfeeding or is it a big NO? let’s know more about natural deodorant safe for breastfeeding.  

Why Are Deodorants Harmful to Nursing Mom?

You may not know but your underarm skin is amongst the most sensitive parts of the body and the skin in this area is very thin. The deodorants that are sold in the market may have various unpleasant ingredients in them and aluminum is one of the main ingredients. When you use deodorants with harmful elements it can be easily absorbed the underarm skin and quickly reach your bloodstream as well. 

Breastfeeding moms may have it in their breast milk too, which may be unintentionally given to their babies. Another thing that concerns is that deodorants are packed in spray bottles, and that means it can inevitably spread to other areas of the body such as in breasts and arms while applying and your baby may come immediately come in contact with it. So, any nursing moms need to be extra careful of her beauty care and make sure that all elements her body may be mistakenly consuming. 

Why Choose Safe Deodorant While Breastfeeding?

Without a doubt that you love to always smell good but not at the cost of producing harm to the baby. The best thing that you can do is use safer and organic deodorant options. Continue reading to know why you should choose that.

For Your Baby

Your baby will be the most affected person of using deodorants since she or he may be consuming the harmful ingredients in some way. So, for your baby’s health and safety, stop using chemical deodorants.

Natural Deodorant is Great

With the world raving about all-natural, organic and earth mama deodorant, then why would you still choose something that’s all chemicals? Stop using your chemical deodorants and change to natural deodorant safe for breastfeeding.

Eliminate Toxins

When you spray deodorant, you’re blocking the chemicals in your body. This is because the pores of your skin and the sweat glands get clogged with the deodorant, which makes the toxins difficult to get out.

Minor Threat of Breast Cancer

The toxic chemicals that are all present in chemical-based deodorants may put you at risk of having breast cancer. Care for yourself and change to natural and aluminum-free deodorant products.

Happy Skin

You may not know but unforgiving chemicals may damage your sensitive skin, making it look lifeless, dull and even darker. By using natural deodorant safe for breastfeeding, your skin may feel fresh and healthy. 

Smaller Possibility of Alzheimer

It has been found that constant contact with aluminum can trigger the development of Alzheimer’s. Thus, save yourself from the harm and only use organic deodorant. 

Injures Your Hormones

In some cases, these chemical-based deodorants contain parabens which are estrogenic. When this gets inside the body, it manipulates hormones triggering hormonal imbalance.

Lesser Toxins in your Body

You may not know what various damaging toxins may be penetrating in your body and deodorants may be one of those. Removing it from your everyday routine may lessen the contaminants in your body.

Do Deodorants Contain Other Damaging Chemicals?

These million-dollar companies may not be putting all the chemicals on the package. The scent that you love so much may have other damaging chemicals that you may not be aware of.

You may stop smoking and change your lifestyle for the health of your baby, but you may rarely consider not using deodorant while breastfeeding. Still, at times, you may be needed to make such little attention too for the safety of your baby.

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