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Wife’s Pregnancy Cravings

Wife's Pregnancy Cravings

 Are you excited to have your baby girl or baby boy? Are you ready for the cravings that you might experience during your pregnancy? For all the husband out there, are you prepared to handle your wife’s pregnancy cravings? If not, here are the ways on how to manage your wife’s food cravings in early pregnancy. 

The start of food cravings during pregnancy

When do pregnancy cravings start? For new moms out there, keep in mind that your first trimester is the usual start of your pregnancy food cravings. Your peak craving is said to be in the second trimester while the declining stage is in the third trimester. But there are also craving that continues after the delivery, so you need not worry about eating strange foods every day. 

What food will I crave during the early pregnancy cravings? 

The usual wife’s pregnancy cravings during the early stage are the following: 

  • Sweet treats (chocolates and ice cream) 
  • Dairy products 
  • Bread and pasta 
  • French fries 
  • Different kind of fruits 
  • Different flavors of pizza 
  • Different variety of vegetables  

How to handle your wife’s pregnancy cravings? 

As her husband, you need to be flexible 

Is your wife craving for pickles or having weird food cravings? If your wife is experiencing this kind of situation, you need to be flexible for her. This is the best thing that you can do. If she asked you to buy a milkshake or a pizza on your way home from work, be flexible. Satisfy her cravings. This can make her feel special. Don’t be an inconsiderate husband during pregnancy. 

Understand her situation

If your wife is having weird food cravings during pregnancy, try to understand her. This is not easy for her too. Remember that she had more sacrifices when she agreed on being a mother. When you are feeling tired, remember that both of you are doing this for the sake of your baby. After all the hardships, having your new baby will be worth it. 

Booster confidence 

Are pregnancy cravings real? Yes, they are. So when your wife is experiencing common pregnancy cravings, you need to boost her confidence. Tell her how beautiful she is and how much you love her. You can notice that during her pregnancy, her body begins to change, and transformation takes place. You need to reassure your girl that no matter what changes in her body she might have, you will still love her and she is the most beautiful in your eyes. If you need to do it every day, then do it. 

Is it okay if pregnant women don’t have any food cravings? 

If your wife doesn’t experience any weird pregnancy cravings or common food cravings during pregnancy, it is perfectly fine. It doesn’t mean that something is wrong with her. You can consider your wife blessed if she doesn’t experience cravings because it simply means that she has no deficiency in vitamin and minerals during her pregnancy. 

What if my wife is craving for an unhealthy pregnancy cravings list? 

If your wife’s pregnancy cravings are unhealthy, you should think of the ways on how she can avoid it. Maybe you can try these two ways to keep her and your baby healthy: 

Try to substitute it with a more nutritious food 

What men need to understand about pregnancy? Well, they need to understand and be knowledgeable about their wives’ cravings. If their wife is asking for candy, you can give her something sweet like the dried fruits and raisins. If they are looking for ice cream, you can provide her with yogurt. 

Try to give her some distractions 

When you notice that your wife is asking you to buy her unhealthy snacks or having too spicy cravings in her pregnancy, you can convince her that this is not healthy for the baby. Try to make some distractions like asking her to go out for a walk, read her favorite book or asking her out for a lunch date. Keep in mind that if her mind is occupied with other things, rest assured that he will forget her cravings. You can also convince her to drink water to satisfy her urge to eat.  

Is seeing a doctor necessary when my wife is having pregnancy cravings? 

Seeing a doctor depends upon your wife’s situation. When she is having dangerous cravings, then that is the best time that she should see one. Keep in mind that if her needs are the desire to eat poisonous chemicals, alcohol, dirty things, drugs or even soap, then she might be suffering to a risky condition. These cravings are dangerous not only to your wife but to your baby as well. Talk to her doctor on how to avoid this to keep your wife and your baby safe. 

What are unusual cravings? 

Craving for nonfood items is the usual definition of unusual cravings. The nonfood items include those items which are toxic and dangerous for the mother and the baby. Some mothers are craving for cornstarch and even flours which may seem harmless when taking in small amounts. But keep in mind that if the mother has taken the flour and cornstarch in large quantities, gastrointestinal pain will be present in the long run. Eating raw fish as well as raw eggs are considered unusual cravings which can also be risky in pregnancy. 

Craving Tips for soon to be a mother 

  • Control your unhealthy food cravings 
  • Exercise daily to cut down unhealthy cravings 
  • Eat a small amount of food every few hours. This is essential to keep your blood sugar in stable condition to avoid too many cravings. 
  • Do not indulge yourself with nonfood items because it is not healthy for you and the baby
  • Distract yourself when craving for unhealthy foods

What are the best things to do to beat cravings? 

  • You need to choose those high fiber kinds of foods
  • You need to prepare healthy foods in advance 
  • Drink enough amount of water 
  • You need to have enough sleep 
  • Eating regular meals throughout the day 

Pregnancy is considered as one of the treasured moments a mother can have. During this stage, a lot of changes are going to happen. Cravings will be present during this time. A husband should understand his wife’s pregnancy cravings. At the end of the day, a mother is making all the sacrifices for the baby. So as a husband, you should support him to boost her confidence to keep her going. 

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