Wonderful Autumn Baby Shower Ideas

If you are planning an upcoming baby shower, it is time to consider some autumn baby shower ideas which fit right for the season.

It is time to prepare your hot cocoa, pumpkin, candy corn and apple cider since it is time for a fall baby shower for your bundle of joy. The autumn aesthetic is truly inviting and you will surely think of some festive ideas for lighting, decoration, fun, and food.

Recommendedautumn baby shower ideas

The changing leaves in the scenery and anything with pumpkin spice will serve as the right inspiration for you to come up with fun ideas for the ideal baby shower. For those who find it hard to think of ideas, let us take a close look at some of these autumn baby shower ideas that will surely make the event a memorable one for the season.

Decorating with pumpkins and twinkle lights

As one of the autumn baby shower ideas, your event is not complete unless you include pumpkins in the decorations for the baby shower. Pumpkins are not only the mainstay of every fall season; they also serve as the ideal décor theme for a baby shower.

You have the option to dip real or faux pumpkins in pink or blue paint to show off the gender of the upcoming bundle of joy to your guests. Remember to allow your creative juices to freely flow when decorating with pumpkins. In case you have already chosen a name for your upcoming child, you can decorate a large-sized pumpkin with the initial for the name in glitters.

Although the twinkle lights can fit in with just about any season, they can add a nice glow during a fall baby shower. The warm, subtle glow of the lights looks ideal amidst a setting of rustic décor accents such as fallen leaves or raw wood. It can provide a rustic fall baby shower the right ambiance. It is recommended to use twinkle lights that run on battery power so you can easily place them in any spot without worrying about having an available outlet.

Leafy invitations

When it comes to autumn baby shower ideas, it is recommended to use leaf-inspired invitations. Fall themed baby shower invitations will surely go well with the event. If you cannot find invitations that feature pumpkins, acorns or leaves, you can make them yourself.

If you will drop by at any craft or hobby store, you can find paper, fabric or silk leaves that you can use as accents on blank card stock invitations. Write the information about the baby shower in a creative manner that you prefer.

Seasonal food

When thinking about fall, some great dishes will surely come into mind. When hosting a fall baby shower, try to skip the generic dishes for all seasons and serve fall food items during the event.

Some of the dishes that you can serve include cucumber sandwiches, roasted green beans, crusty bread, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin soup served in pumpkin-shaped bowls.

Do not forget to include apple pie or pumpkin pie on the menu as the dessert. For a unique touch, prepare them in small sizes, making them into mini pies instead. Your guests can mingle around while eating this flavorful treat.

Outdoor setting

If this is possible, it is recommended to set up the baby shower outside. It is the best way to get in touch with nature, especially the bright and vivid scenery of fall.

Another option is to hold at least a portion of the baby shower outside. It can be a fun activity outside to enjoy the rustic nature.

Fall-themed activities and games

Do not forget about the fall-themed activities and games for the baby shower. Try to include activities that are inspired by the season.

A good example is an activity where guests draw fall items or Halloween costumes on white aprons as a group gift for the parents. You can also host a game where a lucky guest will win a prize. Try to go for a “how many pumpkins are in this jar” game with candy pumpkins.

Final thoughts

With the help of these autumn baby shower ideas, you can come up with the ideal fall-theme baby shower for your upcoming bundle of joy. These ideas will surely spark your creativity to come up with a truly special and memorable baby shower.

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