We all know that baby health and wellness is the most important thing for every parent. Most of the times babies get sick and we cannot control what kind of sickness will trap them. Especially these past few months and days a lot of illness has been discovered that is possible to drop into your baby’s body. It is quite scary because those kinds of illnesses are getting worse each day. Some are serious and some can be treated by useful home remedies for instant relief. One of the things that you need to keep your heads off from your baby’s sickness is the baby acne around the eyes.  We’ll probably give you some idea on how and what are you going to do with some baby acne treatment, baby acne or eczema, baby acne on chest, baby acne on the head and are there even stages of baby acne? Will it baby acne be healed through breast milk? As much as we could, we will help you out with this baby health problem. 

Baby acne around the eyes

Baby acne around eyes cannot only happen through with these parts. Your baby may like to have milia which you shouldn’t worry about that much. It is much common with newborn babies to have this kind of problem. It is described as slightly raised, yellowish, white-ish and tiny spots appear. As we’ve said, it is not only around the eyes but also in the nose, chest, and head.

If you’re quite thinking where this thing happens, you might be surprised. Pimples and acne usually come from hormonal changes like in the adolescent stage or adulthood change. You might not believe but these acnes from the baby came from the mothers themselves. It is believed that the blood of mothers is still flowing from the baby’s blood it is still being adapted throughout their growing period. 

It is one of the common baby rashes that has been happening in newborn babies and that there are real and no definite stages of acne through babies. However, you will have an idea and identify if the acne is getting worse and that you might want to consult your pediatrician for those. 

As we go back, what causes baby acne, baby milia or some red spots on babyface. One cause would also be probably because of the baby’s face is not yet still fully developed. This is probably a way and a target for the infiltration by the dirt to come inside their pores and will produce blemishes on their babyfaces. Like others, the baby tends to have the most sensitive skin which could be one of the first factors why they may having acne around their faces. 

Avoiding the acne around the baby’s face and body

Sure you may be finding some reasons to heal your baby’s acne face and have been finding some answers on baby acne forum and some baby acne treatment home remedy. You don’t have to worry about it because we’re going to give out some quick advice. 

Don’t use strong soaps.

Needless to say, you need to stop using some strong substance for your babies because they have sensitive skin and have pores that you need to take care of. 

Don’t let your baby scrub or pinch the acne.

Like a teenage girl, don’t let your baby scrub the acne or anything that may irritate your baby’s skin or face. It may worsen the situation and may have many more blemishes to your baby’s. 

Consulting your pedia

The best way you can do is ask for your doctor’s advice. They are the one who’s expert on the things that could treat your baby’s acne right away if it can’t be treated by natural remedy. They might introduce some safety baby products too.

In Summary

Note that acne on baby’s face and even baby acne around eyes should be treated as much as possible though they may just be treated on their own and will eventually go away. Babies are so sensitive that you need to take care of them and apply some soft baby products on their bodies. Get the best sunscreen for babies with Eczema and try to heal some acne too!

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