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Your Official Guide to Sitz Bath After Giving Birth

Giving birth to a child is one of the hardest and yet fulfilling duties of a mother. One can easily assess that giving birth to a child is not a joke and every woman suffers differently on how they go and what should they expect into labor. There are a lot of things that every woman can do to ease and lessen the pain not only before and during labor but also after giving birth. One cannot simply endure the pain after giving birth without any help and treatment or medications. For example, it may be hard for you to take a bath after labor stitches too or even just take a bath during pregnancy. One of which is through using a sitz bath after giving birth. For the first time mommies, you may have no idea and what’s even the use of a sitz bath. Questions such as what is a sitz bath will eventually rise along with discussions. 

On the other hand, for those mommies who know what sitz bath but don’t know how to use a sitz bath. You may ask how many days to do sitz bath after birth, or “how many days should I do sitz bath after delivery?” You may also ask your doctor or ob-gyn “when can I take a bath after giving birth with stitches?” Or can you simply take a sitz bath while pregnant? We don’t want you to have a hard time thinking about such things, and so we are here to give you some guides and advice about the sitz bath after giving birth.  

Your official guide to sitz bath after giving birth

In particular, a sitz bath is efficient and essential after tearing during or birth or having an episiotomy. A postpartum sitz bath is a tool used during the early postpartum recovery period for the woman to promote faster healing, gives good hygiene in the perineal area and of course to helps lessen the pain. Sitz bath can be used throughout the day and it is quite much easier to use than the bathtub. You can do this through the “Do it yourself” procedure at home. Just fill your tub at home with enough water.  

When you use a sitz bath, you can use two glasses of water. However, people say that using hot water will just make your situation worse and will leave you to a more painful experience. There are a lot of episiotomy healing tips and even some episiotomy nursing care plan online which you can also try to read for your stitches to heal faster. On the other hand, cold water provides much work in the healing process to reduce swelling much more than warm or hot water. 

There are a lot of sitz baths available online now these days. Eventually, the sitz bath is optionally prepared at the hospital. But you don’t have to worry because you can avail sitz bath online. Just try and find it online. Search for sitz bath amazon, and you may even get a discounted price for that variety of items. Whether you may not have smooth labor or not it is suggested that if your doctor says that you should one of this. You should follow them for better treatment of your possible wounds too. Sitz bath is not only used after giving birth but can also be used for other things. For instance, a sitz bath for UTI can also be considered within this kind of matter. 

Overall summary

Note that treatment and medication are very important through every operation. It is necessary to heal the stitches very well for you to move freely and can operate to a normal phase. It is considered that you need to take action in this most especially when you just gave birth. Sitz bath after giving birth is recommended for those women who encounter pain during their delivery. Take consultation with your doctor first before proceeding in this matter and use the recommended cleaning products that are safe for pregnancy

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