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Your Pregnancy Journey Partner

Expecting a baby can transform everything even from the time that you discover that you are pregnant. It includes the doctor’s schedules, fighting the morning sickness, reminding yourself to take the prenatal vitamins, tracking the fast-growing baby inside you and a lot more on the plate.

That is why it is vital to incorporate the technology in this memorable journey. These best pregnancy apps that have great quality reviews can be your partner in such a roller coaster journey of being a mom. 

The bump

This app is packed with the necessary stuff parents-to-be could wish. The Planner+ allows the mom to prepare for the forthcoming doctor’s visit, while the 3D interactively visualize and shows the growth of the baby. At the same time; this app is rich with various features such as baby and pregnancy editorials, a registry, real-time answers to your inquiries; growing baby’s documentation in a photo album and a lot of more that is an amazing interface could offer to the expecting moms.

What to expect 

This is a pregnancy tracker app that is from “What to Expect When You’re Expecting,”. This is specially designed to track you not just daily; but week after week. You can plug in the due date of your baby, or just simply utilize the due date calculator – then the tracking of your baby’s development will take action. Other benefits from this app are the customized update of the baby’s growth; useful articles, experts’ tips; and the latest or trending parenting news.

Pregnancy tracker

The BabyCenter’s tracker for your pregnancy and the calendar app for baby’s growth has special features to count down the due date of the baby (either day by day or week by week). This concentrated and the intuitive app includes features like fetal growth videos (for each pregnancy stage) tips for pregnant women; pregnancy newsfeeds daily; food and nutrition concepts, exercise advice, weekly reminders and checklists, a photo diary of the baby bump, baby-kick counter; contraction timer and a lot more.

I’m expecting a pregnancy app

This is one of the best pregnancy apps, where you will be guided every step of the way on your pregnancy journey with the use of this app. Its daily features and updates comprised of tips, videos, and articles. You can gather more learning in regards to symptoms in pregnancy, the changes in your body as the baby develops, the detailed navigating guides, the ups and downs of the pregnancy. This can also record the bumpy photos, track your weight now and then, and keeps you updated with handy reminders and notes.

Pregnancy assistant

This is a basic app that offers specific Infos about fetal growth from week 1 till week 40. Plugin the last menstrual date to know the baby’s weight and length as baby grows from the first week to the next with captivating details. There is a special note section that will help you to jot down or take notes of reminders about doctor’s visits and taking of prenatal vitamins.

Sprout Pregnancy

Life-Like interactive kicks, movements, and heartbeats are made possible with the Sprout Pregnancy app Next Generation 3D Interaction. This will serve as a realistic illustration of what exactly is going on inside the tummy of an expecting mom. The priceless thoughts about pregnancy as well as the belly pictures are recorded moments in the pregnancy journal. You can even enjoy more great extras on this pregnancy app, like the daily and or weekly details about your body’s transformation and the baby’s development, contraction timer, personalized pregnancy timetable, kick counter, weight checker and more.


 Are you struggling to find the perfect name that will identify or represent your little bundle of joy in the world? This Baby name app can surely help you with such concern. This app has more than 30,000 names to pick from. With this app, you can get some ideas and meaning about a certain name, its origin or history, the right pronunciation, and the popularity rate. After you add a rate on this app, you can also share your names, or inquire names that will complement with other family names. 

Full-term – contraction timer

 As easy as literally tapping a button, the Full term app can amazingly tract labor contractions. There is one button that you have to tap to track the start and end of every contraction. This amazing app can also monitor durations, times and frequency within the entire labor. The plain interface is purposely clutter-free. Also, this app features a section for pregnancy reference, kick counter and weight tracker.


The comprehensive customized app will help you in counting down to the most awaited big day. All you have to do is plug in the name of the baby, gender, the expected due date, your pregnancy goals and objectives, health ideas and personalized details as the pregnancy is over. You can see also the current hand and foot size of the baby; brows over 2,000 articles about pregnancy with tools and tips. You can also socialize or connect with other future moms or moms-to-be and track the milestone of such a journey.


Staying healthy and strong within the pregnancy period does not need to very hard or overwhelming. This app is designed to perform as your pre and post-natl fitness coach or mentor. You can still stay fit, eat right, live more freely during the process of pregnancy or even beyond. You can also browse customized workout specially designed for pregnancy goals and stages, nutrition ideas and recipes, well-being podcasts and coachings, breathing exercises and pelvic floor strengthening.

Glow nurture

This app is powered with data and simple design. The Glow Nurture aims to provide your pregnancy with entirely tailored-fit options. Based on the input you enter, you can receive insights and alerts and check thousand of beneficial articles. Just use the innovative symptoms charts and tracker, and get a day to day updates on your growing baby inside. There are other special features that this app offers like miscarriage and postpartum support.

Expecting a baby or the stage of being pregnant is one of the most priceless moments in a woman’s life. There can be challenges along the way yet, with the help of the best pregnancy apps,  the pregnancy journey can be more rewarding.

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