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18 Games and Activities for Your Baby From 3 to 6 Months

The period of 3 to 6 months, is the one where laughter flares, smiles multiply, hands explore and baby feet giggle. He tries to sit down to get more and more involved in his world, he learns to communicate through his first babbling, through laughter and smile

Baby, who controls his head better, can hold it straight when it is in your arms. Lying on his belly, he begins to raise his head

Around 4 months, he leans on his forearms, trying to grab something you’re holding out for him or something that’s lying next to him.

Around 5 months, he carries everything in his mouth and learns to turn from the stomach to back.

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At this age anyway, his favorite activity is you, his parents. Baby needs your support, your physical and emotional support to grow and learn with confidence. Sharing simple moments with him is the best way to convey messages of love, security, and trust, necessary to establish the bond of attachment.

Any stimulation gives him the chance to know what surrounds him and to modulate his behavior

Here Are 18 Activities Among Our Favorite, To Best Accompany Your Baby From 3 To 6 Months In Its Learning And Discovery :

1. Make Him Listen To Music!

Vary the rhymes, lullabies, classical music, etc: the music calms, the sleep and the awakening.

2.Talk To Her And Take The Time To Listen:

baby needs your help to practice and learns the language. Talk to him, a nod to his babbling, smile at him when he lets out small screams… baby needs to feel reassured, listened to, accompanied, in his different apprenticeships. Avoid “baby talk” too much (except for your games and cuddling sessions; -), because if a 3-month-old baby does not understand everything, he hears and gradually gets used to sounds, intonations and phrases. It memorizes information that will be essential for language learning.

3.Sing The Same Song Several Times In a Row, Less And Less Loudly, Until You Almost Whisper:

Vary the tones and voices. Baby discovers the sound volume and will not fail to express his astonishment, his joy in front of the changes.

4.Sit Your Baby Down:

Baby muscles develop and gradually strengthen, first the neck, then the back and legs. Before he can sit on his own, help him by taking him on your lap or by pushing him on big cushions. This will help him to acquire a sense of balance and strengthen his muscles, without him being able to hurt himself by falling. (don’t skimp on the number of cushions, because even if you stay next to him, a baby is a bit like a toast, it never falls on the right side!). You can also help it stabilize by positioning its diamond-shaped legs and spreading its knees well apart.

5.” Touch Everything”:

babies learn thanks to all their senses, it is the motor-sensory development, but especially thanks to their hands and their mouth. From 3 months, he manages to grasp a few seconds what comes into contact with his fingers. Around 4 months, the gesture becomes voluntary: your baby grasps what is available to him. Offer him objects of different shapes, textures, colors, so that he can explore, manipulate, catch as he pleases.

6. Let Her Discover The Outside World:

the treasures of the market, a walk in the park, a picnic by a lake… the colors, the noises, the smells… baby will love to share this learning with you, especially worn in a scarf, huddled safely against you.

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7. Turn The Bath Into a Game And Game:

Get him to do some gymnastics, give him some little colorful bath toys, splash him gently…

8. Surprise Him!

By singing and miming nursery rhymes, blinking, making animal noises, swelling the cheeks, making faces … baby will not resist and will make you understand it by laughing, smiles, giggles…


Watching soap bubbles fly in the air is one of the baby’s greatest pleasures. It also allows him to strengthen his ability to follow objects from the eyes, to concentrate and to develop coordination between the eye and the hand. And if a big brother or big sister, in addition, invites to burst the bubbles, it guarantees you of Frank parties of fun.

10. Teach Him The Magic Of Books With a Book To Touch:

Many models exist in the trade but you can also make it by sticking pieces of soft, rough, silky fabric and fur on felt pages. We have two uses: creative activity for the older ones and a home-made Awakening game for the younger one!

11. Roll Him! Let Me Explain:

Your child learns to turn around by rolling on himself around the age of 5-6 months. Help him gain the strength and coordination that this movement requires. Lay him on his back on a blanket, and lift one side of the blanket until baby rolls gently. Don’t make any sudden moves!

12. Encourage Him To Hop:

When Baby uses your hands to stand up and he starts to hop on the spot (around 5 months), encourage him. This will allow him to strengthen the muscles of his legs and to develop his confidence in him.

13. Call Him:

Around the age of three months, the baby is able to discover the origin of sounds. Call him, move around the room making a toy squeak… and congratulate him when he looks at you … guaranteed Smiles For Our Little Lili who loved to hear us call him in turn!

14. Give Him a Mat:

Many models Bloom in the childcare market, but you can also make one. Sew different washable fabrics by varying the colors, textures, shapes on a piece of heavy fabrics that will serve as background. Add a few curls to tie the baby’s favorite bells or bells. When your child is awake and active, you can place him or her on his or her stomach, giving him or her the opportunity to raise his or her head and strengthen the muscles of his or her neck and back. Get his attention by scraping fabrics, placing toys in front of him… (to be honest with you, we bought it… but if you made one yourself, send us some photos, we’ll be happy to publish them).

baby Tapi awakening

15. Make Him Discover The Happiness Of Nature:

by spending time with him in the garden or in a park. Our little Lili loves to see the branches of the trees move, hear the birds sing, watch the brightly colored flowers…

16. Turn Your Hands Into Puppets:

With a sock decorated with beads and pieces of wool, play with your child. I still remember the happy screams that our daughter Lou used to make when we were playing the stupid game that goes up, that goes up, with the sock puppet tickling her neck!

17. Give Him a Portico:

The movements of toys and accessories, the variety of colors and contrasts stimulate the child’s vision and imagination. From 4 months, he’ll start to want to catch them. Place the baby in her deckchair, and place the gantry so that the toys are placed at the level of her belly. Thus, it will be easier to catch.

18. Offer Him An Awakening Mobile:

which hangs high, ideally on the baby’s crib so that he is in his field of vision when lying down. Choose from various shapes,

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