Monitoring your Baby’s Weight Month by Month

Monitoring your Baby’s Weight Month by Month

It is quite necessary to monitor your baby’s health from time to time. It is not only by means that you visit your doctor and pediatrician monthly but as a parent of your children, it is your great responsibility to take care of them and monitor how are they going well. There are some developmental … Read moreMonitoring your Baby’s Weight Month by Month

12 Month Old Baby

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Happy birthday! Currently, you have 1 year in your hands! The kid’s having a Wonderful first-graders trip, isn’t he? It should be noted that the child is rolled not even at the crosswalk. It is assumed that now she is quite sociable, but for now” Hello” and” goodbye” and shakes her head, a clear way … Read more12 Month Old Baby

11 Month Old Baby

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It is possible that the character of your 11-month-old baby always began to Shine. However, don’t assume too much. He is still evolving and reveals his likes and dislikes. Your child learns, observes, and opens up ways to feedback about what he or she is experiencing. Therefore, the baby will also be able to see … Read more11 Month Old Baby

10 Month Old Baby

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Life can be very chaotic because of having a baby in the future. Therefore, you move around the house and still spend the night very often. However, the hugs and kisses you get from your baby are worth it 10 Month Old Baby. 10 Month old development 10-month-old development Your child is getting bigger and … Read more10 Month Old Baby

9 Month Old Baby


Your nine-month-old baby may start sitting, standing, clapping, and perhaps crawling and crossing with or without support. Moreover, prefers to have sustenance to eat with the index finger and thumb on the stent. With these abilities, life has effectively become a pledge for you and your partner. It’s fast and surprising because it still dominates … Read more9 Month Old Baby

7 Month Old Baby

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When the baby is getting ready to crawl, you are in your house really ready. But you can’t have a baby and prove it when a baby is first born with a tracker. Get on your knees to see what danger is involved and that you need to be careful. In these circumstances, the child may … Read more7 Month Old Baby

6 Month Old Baby

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Can you believe you are in the middle of the first year of a child? At 6-month-old baby will probably be very hateful. She can shout when somebody hugs her. So far, however, it’s pretty easy to please at lunch. This is his name he likes very much. 6-month-old development 6 Month old baby weight … Read more6 Month Old Baby

2 Month Old Baby

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2 Month old baby grows rapidly and becomes increasingly vigilant. They will emit more sounds and learn more skills to move their bodies. They will still cry a lot, but you have probably already seen this first magic smile (usually at 6 weeks) that makes all the work difficult. This probably also means that you … Read more2 Month Old Baby