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5 Smart Ways to Raise Kids Who Love Each Other

5 Smart Ways to Raise Kids Who Love Each Other

When you have kids, you will know that fighting between them is endless. Though it drives parents crazy, it is actually pretty normal for siblings to fight. There are times when the kids get along and play with each other, but almost no day goes by that they won’t fight. That is quite normal because kids have different personalities and they are still very immature. 

Fighting with siblings ranges from short fights too long intense fights that need intervention. Boys can have intense fights than girls or it could be different in other circumstances. Whatever the fights are, it is important that parents discipline their kids to the proper conduct and right manners. Parents need to raise kids who love each other. They need to know how to get the siblings to be kind to each other. How can children show love and care for each other in their family? That could be very challenging for parents, but they can do it successfully. Here are 5 smart ways on how to raise kids who love each other.

5 Smart ways on how to raise kids who love each other:

Parents should start early

It is best for parents to start early with their kids. And even if they are already teenagers, it’s not too late. But if your kids are still young, you have the best opportunity to start teaching them to love their siblings. Your young kids are like blank papers, they are yet to learn. And when you teach them, they will adopt it. You can teach how to get siblings to be kind to each other. It is important that while they are still young, they are trained to do so because as they grow up they will eventually make it their habit or part of their personality. 

Be an example to imitate

Aside from just teaching them how to love one another, parents should be the primary source of that behavior. When you yourself are loving the kids so much and showing them proper care and good treatment, your kids will follow. The way you speak to your kids and your spouse will also become the way the kids will talk. The best way to teach is to demonstrate. So when kids observe how you treat their siblings, they will be more likely to do the same. And when you correct them, they are more likely to obey because they can sense hypocrisy. When you teach them to respect each other but they can see that the parents don’t have respect with each other, they will be confused and will not follow through your discipline. 

Love your kids equally

Jealousy among siblings is one of the things that can cause fights. When one sibling feels that their parents are always in favor of the other sibling, they will tend to hate or have a deep feeling of indifference to their siblings. It is important that parents are careful to always show love equally. Though kids have different behaviors and personalities, parents should strive to show equal love and attention to all the kids. In that way, they will understand that there is nothing to be jealous about and they will be more inclined to love each other.

Teach them to have a “WE” mentality

Sometimes kids have a “me first” or “me” mentality. They have the tendency to just think of themselves and not on others. For example, they may not share their toys with their siblings or they may want to always get the food first. Those behaviors and attitudes cause fights and chaos at home. 

In order to raise kids who love each other, parents should inculcate to their children that they are a team. It is not a fight against each other, but it is a win-win situation. Kids should understand and realize that their siblings are their teammates and the whole family is actually a team. A kid should realize that his siblings are not his competitors but they are his friends. When parents train their kids that way, they are able to understand in the long run that they should help, care, support and love each other.

Teach them to ask forgiveness and to forgive as well

This is one of the most important parts of how to teach a child to care for others. Since we are all imperfect and we make mistakes on a daily basis, kids should learn how to ask forgiveness to others and accept apologies as well. Even when parents try their best to train and correct their kids on how to behave, sometimes they will make mistakes and fight again. It is important that they learn to say sorry with sincerity. Sometimes, kids are just saying sorry but their eyes are rolling. It is important that parents recognize that and correct them. Asking them to say sorry again in a more sincere way until they are really sorry. Parents should also instill that saying sorry is sincere when you will try not to do it again. So parents should teach their kids that by saying sorry, they mean to not do it again.

Another thing is that children should also learn to accept apologies. Maybe some kids bury deep anger and won’t be willing to forgive. Parents should help them soften their hearts and help them understand that there are also times when we make mistakes and ask for forgiveness, so in order for us to be forgiven, we should forgive as well. 

Truly, there are numerous ways on how to raise kids who love each other. The ways are endless, and you might have many more ideas on your specific situation as parents. Whatever the case is, parents, can really succeed in teaching their kids how to show love and care to your family. It may take some time when they are already grown-up when you see the results of your hard work. You will realize that it was never in vain because when kids mature, they will eventually learn to love each other. 

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