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American Airlines stroller weight limit: what parents need to know

Traveling with kids is already a challenge, but when you add a stroller into the mix, things can get even more complicated.

As parents, we often rely on our strollers to navigate airports, keep our little ones contained, and even as a makeshift luggage cart.

But what about the American Airlines stroller weight limit? When it comes to flying with strollers, airlines often have strict weight limits that can be confusing.

In this blog post, we will explore the American Airlines stroller weight limit, explain how it works, and offer some tips for traveling with a stroller on your next flight.

American Airlines Stroller Weight Limit

First and foremost, it’s important to note that the American Airlines stroller weight limit is 20 pounds.

This weight limit applies to all types of strollers, whether they are single or double, umbrella or jogging, and regardless of whether they are checked at the gate or as part of your luggage.

american airlines stroller weight limit

If your stroller weighs more than 20 pounds, it will need to be checked as luggage, and you may be subject to additional fees.

It’s also worth noting that American Airlines does not provide strollers for customers to use at the airport or on board the aircraft.

Checking Strollers as Luggage and Alternatives

So, what happens if your stroller is over the weight limit? In most cases, if your stroller weighs more than 20 pounds, you will need to check it as luggage.

This means that it will be subject to the same baggage fees as your other checked luggage, and you will need to retrieve it from the baggage claim area upon arrival.

american airlines stroller weight limit

If you don’t have a suitable stroller to use at the airport, you may want to consider renting one from a company like Traveling Baby Company or Baby’s Away.

Not only will this save you the hassle of lugging your own heavy stroller around, but it can also be more affordable than paying for oversized luggage fees.

Stroller Policies and Onboard Storage

If you’re traveling with an infant or young child, it’s important to keep in mind that some airlines allow for free checked strollers and car seats.

American Airlines, unfortunately, does not currently offer this benefit.

However, if you have a stroller that weighs less than 20 pounds and is small enough to be considered a carry-on item, you can bring it on board the aircraft and store it in the overhead bin or under your seat.

american airlines stroller weight limit

Keep in mind that there may be limited space for storing strollers on board, so be sure to arrive early and board as soon as possible to secure a spot.

Ensuring Safe Transit for Checked Strollers

Another important consideration when traveling with a stroller is to make sure it is properly labeled and packaged.

This is especially important if you’re checking it at the gate or as luggage. Make sure to remove any detachable parts, like cup holders or parent consoles, and secure them in your carry-on bag.

You should also label your stroller with your contact information, just in case it gets lost or misplaced during transit.

american airlines stroller weight limit

Airlines may provide luggage tags for strollers, but it’s always a good idea to have your own tags as well.

Traveling with a stroller can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be.

By understanding the American Airlines stroller weight limit and following these tips, you can help ensure a smoother travel experience for you and your little ones.

Remember to pack light, arrive early, properly label and package your stroller, and consider renting a stroller if your own is too heavy.

With a little planning and preparation, you can navigate airports and flights with ease, and focus on enjoying your trip with your family. Happy travels!

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