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Best Fruit Recipes that Your Baby will Surely Love

We all know that breastmilk is the best source of nutrients for the baby. However, after six months, it should be upgraded into something very nutritious, such as solid foods like fruits and vegetables. Parents need to introduce new foods to their babies so that their babies will not rely only on glasses of milk. There are so many advantages to the Do-It-Yourself approach. One of the main advantages is the nutrients your baby will get and knowing exactly the safety of the food you have prepared.

Having a hard time deciding which food or snack that will substitute for your baby’s milk? What could be that foods that are high in nutrients, easy to eat and of course, tasty as well? One of the answers to these questions is fruits. Fruit purees for babies are easy to prepare and filled with vital nutrients and minerals. This article will focus more on the preparation of fruit recipes for your baby, what are the benefits and more.

Fruit purees for babies

It is always a parents’ duty to make sure that their baby is getting a sufficient set of fresh fruit in their diet. That is why it is better to make some fruit purees on their own. Fruit purees are loaded with nutrients and vitamins, also easily digestible which makes excellent food for babies.

Homemade foods are less expensive and are very free from preservatives compared to commercialized products. There are little things that taste better than fresh fruit. Yes, chocolate is great, but a fresh, juicy mango juice? It’s fantastic! And prettily sure, your baby agrees with that too. She will love the natural sweetness of healthy fruits.

How to introduce fruit recipes to babies?

The thing about cooking fruits for babies should fall on the age where the baby is able to eat solid foods. Ideally, it falls on the 6th to 8th months old. For infants who start to eat solid foods in their 6th month, cooking fruit is really a great idea. But always remember that your baby will not be able to digest solids yet after you introduce fruits to them. Introduce it slowly to them so that they may be able to discern what they really like. Make a three-day trial or interval when introducing fruits so that any allergic reactions and intolerance to food may be detected earlier.

Here are some of the guidelines on how are you going to introduce fruits to your babies:

  • You can begin with only one tablespoon on day one. Consider it as a trial and error situation.
  • Level up this into two tablespoons twice a day on the second day.
  • Make it three tablespoons, two times a day on the third day.

After these observations, if you haven’t seen any allergic reactions or any harm on your baby, then it might be best to let the baby eat your recipe once in a while. And never forget to ask your pediatrician about the fruits you wanted to serve your baby. Of course, it always depends on your baby if the taste is better for him or her.

Tips on how to prepare fruits for your baby

It’s always helpful if you know the basic rules of preparing food for your baby. Most importantly if you prepare fruit for them.

Here are some tips on how to prepare and cook fruits for your little one:

  • Make it a habit to steam the fruits because it preserves nutrients in it. Steaming is also a way for easier digestion
  • When you’re done steaming, you can crush the fruit and mix it with a little of your breastmilk or your formula milk.
  • Do not cook soft fruits such as kiwi, avocado and bananas. Puree them with some water in a processor would do.
  • Make sure that the consistency of the puree is liquid in the early days and reduce the water quantity eventually. Make sure it is fresh and warm, though some purees can be frozen.
  • You can pound or mash the fruit with a fork rather than a blender or a mixer.

Natural and nutritious fruit purees for babies

These are a collection of homemade do-it-yourself, simple to make, delicious and nutritious fruit purees for babies:

  • Apple purees or apple sauce

Babies will definitely love apple. Not only because of their sweetness but also because it is healthy. Apples are mild and can easily be digested which makes it an ideal food for young ones. This recipe is advisable for babies from 6 months and up.

  • Banana puree

Banana is another smart food for the babies as they are loaded with potassium and it’s delicious. Its creaminess will definitely delight the babies. It is also very light on your baby’s tummy.

  • Papaya puree

Papaya is a juicy kind of fruit and is a very nutritious food for babies. Even if it’s plain, papaya puree still tastes good. You can even mix it with apple and bananas.

  • Mango puree

Mangoes are sweet and loaded with vitamin A. But, it’s not a perfect first food for babies because it is acidic in nature. You can also make a mango shake for your baby to taste.

  • Watermelon puree

Watermelon is a kind of fruit that is good for your baby’s eye development and heart health. It is a very healthy and nutritious fruit. In fact, watermelon puree is ideal for babies from 6 months and babies will definitely love it for its not so sweet taste.

Final words

Homemade fruit purees are filled with essential vitamins and minerals for your babies. Mothers always say to eat your veggies, but don’t forget about the fruit. Because fruits are very healthy and are easy to mash and easy to eat. There are many reasons for every baby to love and enjoy eating a wide variety of fruits. One of the examples is, by join your child in eating fruits. Enjoy meals together with your baby whenever possible. If your baby sees you eating fruits, he or she might as well eat. Just don’t forget to ask or seek for your doctor’s advice. They know better than you do and they will suggest any fruits and give you guidelines on how to cook so that your child will love it.  

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