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Dizziness in Early Pregnancy is it Normal

Dizziness in Early Pregnancy is it Normal

Could you be having a life inside of your womb? Do you have any signs or symptoms to be pregnant?   If so, then you are probably pregnant and the evidence is in the pregnancy test. Pregnant women are prone to experience a lot of common signs and symptoms of pregnancy and one of them was dizziness and sudden fainting.

The disorienting feeling of unevenness is actually normal and a common symptom to experience, mainly because the body is going through a lot of changes most especially if it’s still in the early stage of pregnancy.  There are several factors that may contribute to dizziness after all. This article will discuss reasons and will teach us how to deal with dizziness in pregnancy.

What does dizziness feel like?

Pregnant Women has their own unique stories to tell when they are pregnant. They experience fainting differently during pregnancy. Dizziness would make you feel like the room is rotating or whirling and you can’t help but feel nauseous about it. It’s a kind of merry-go-round feeling or like seeing stars for example.  You may also feel like falling off the ground or lose your steadiness.

Why does dizziness is being experienced in pregnancy?

Mostly in pregnancy, a woman’s body is changing. Dizziness often happens because of the rising hormones and some changes in the body that would cause the blood pressure to fall. This fall can lessen the blood flow to your brain which would briefly cause dizziness. Look at some other factors that cause dizziness in pregnancy:

  • A woman’s body isn’t producing sufficient blood yet to fill a circulatory system.
  • The developing uterus can put pressure on the blood vessels especially when a pregnant woman is lying.
  •  The body is generating plenty of heat already.
  •  Blood sugar drops.
  • Dehydration.

Dizziness is inevitable, especially for pregnant women. Yes, pregnancy is a long and uneasy journey. Some mothers were lucky enough who claimed to not having this kind of experience at all throughout her pregnancy journey. Once you beat this kind of challenge during your pregnancy, you have a reason now to be prepared if such things will happen in the future.

Keep in mind that no matter how they say “normal” to experience dizziness during pregnancy, we shouldn’t ignore it. If you need help, do not hesitate to ask for help. If things aren’t right, consult your doctor about it.

Things to do in order to prevent dizziness when you are pregnant

The only person that could help you when you are not feeling well during pregnancy was yourself. It’s fine to have mood swings and demands a lot. There are so many tips that you can follow to lessen the occurrence of dizziness during pregnancy. Here are some helpful ideas to reduce dizziness:

  • If you wanted to stand, avoid standing for long periods. Keeping the feet moving will help increase circulation.
  • When you lie down or just sitting down, try to get up slowly.
  • Eat accordingly and regularly. Avoid lengthy periods between meals.
  • Avoid hot baths even if you tend to have it.
  • Once you reach the second trimester, avoid lying on your back.
  • As much as possible, wear loose and comfortable to move clothing to allow blood circulation.

What to do if you feel like fainting?

What if you are just alone and you feel like fainting? Would you rather wait for someone to come over to assist you? Would you call someone who is away to rescue you? Well, if it’s just a minimal or a bearable feeling, you can actually follow these suggestions we have for you. Pay attention to these tips because it might save your life and your baby’s life if an emergency comes:

  • Relax. Just sit or lie down and lower your head.
  • Inhale and exhale or take a deep breath.
  • ·Loosen any tight clothes you are wearing.
  • Try to get some air by opening the window near you if you are in an indoor place.
  • Eat foods or drink vitamins that are rich in iron.

Do not take for granted these useful tips. It could be done to those who aren’t pregnant as well. If you have enough knowledge about this, you might also save the lives of others.

When to see a doctor?

Every uncomfortable feeling during pregnancy needs special medical attention. As much as possible, if you feel like you can’t handle it, you better contact your health care provider about this. Do not wait until it gets worse.  Sometimes, one of the reasons why a person gets fainted is iron deficiency. If you collapse, it badly needs to have proper medication, so you better call your doctor as soon as possible. Always keep in mind that prevention is always better than cure.

Others may also think that dizziness is a sign of miscarriage. Well, fainting or dizziness is not a common sign of miscarriage at all, so there is nothing to worry about.  Make sure that there is no vaginal bleeding and frequent dizziness because this could have a negative effect on your pregnancy.

Final Words

Bottom line is, when you feel something unusual about your body and you are bringing a child inside your womb, take note that every discomfort is a big deal. Call it exaggerated, but when a woman is pregnant, everything must be done in order to save the life of the mother and the baby. Take every step to medicate and treat it accordingly. Do not worry because people will always prioritize you. Doctors will do all the necessary tests and monitor you to make sure you and the baby inside you are safe. They will help to lessen the pain and discomfort. Just believe and trust them and everything will be alright.

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