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Effective Health Lesson Plans for Kids

Effective Health Lesson Plans for Kids

Teaching kids is one of the most common projects done in a community. Whether it be in proper etiquette, basic rules of life or about health, it is always an advantage to teach the youngsters about these to make them aware of the dos and don’ts in society. There are so many organizations that promote basic education for kids and one of their goals is to teach them more about health. 

As the saying goes, “Health is Wealth” is just an indication that wealth is nothing if you are not healthy. And yes, in so many cases, it is undeniably true. This is why these organizations like schools, hospitals, churches prepare health lesson plans to be discussed to young people. This article will give you ideas on what to prepare for lesson plans about health for your kids. You can get useful tips and ideas on what kinds of lessons or even activities to prepare to help kids or even adults about their health. 

Common health lesson plans for Kids 

Normally, lesson plans are done by the teachers in school. It is one way of planning on how to deliberate lessons so that teachers will not be caught off guard if they conduct classes. In terms of health, it is normally included in Personal Education classes or even Homeroom classes. The good thing is that, nowadays, parents at home can still conduct these lesson plans for their kids. Take a look at these quick, fun and easy lesson plans for kids. 

Nutrition lesson plans

Story-based nutrition 

Kids were fascinated by storybooks and bedtime stories. You can use this fascination to encourage the kids on how to take good care of their bodies. You can just create stories about fruits and vegetables and discuss the common benefits of it. You’ll see, they will demand these foods after telling them a story.

Eat the rainbow 

The seven colors of the rainbow can be a way to complete your child’s meal plan. For example red is for apple since the color of the apple is red. Orange color or the rainbow is for orange fruit. Yellow color can be related to squash. Green for leafy vegetables, so on and so forth. With this, you can easily encourage them to eat because kids were also very fascinated with colors. 

8 Myplate activities

This activity can be a food tasting mostly for kids in the classroom to enhance lessons about diet and their plate.

Roll the dice

Involve an enormous colorful dice to play and the proceeds would be nutritious foods. Like if the dice points at 6, then kids would, in turn, eat 6 grapes or what other food that is being a part of the game. 

Advertise a whole grain

You can just provide activity kinds of stuff for the kids and instruct them to make their poster about a whole grain that they wanted to eat. 

Nutritional powerpoint 

Powerpoint presentations can be very helpful to your kids. You can also play videos about nutrition and play games afterward. Kids will be very enticed with gadgets and one way of encouraging them is through watching short videos of nutrition.

Healthy valentine party

During Valentine’s day, host a party for kids about different foods that are good for the heart. Prepare pictures of foods and hearts so that they would understand more the importance of the heart. 

Raffle for healthy habits

Create a jar with tickets, then let your kid or your student pick only one. In the ticket, there is a complete meal plan and let the kid follow the meal plan the next day. 

Healthy sleeping pattern

Create a sleeping pattern time for your kids like putting it into a sticky note and let your kids keep it. Tell them to follow the proper time and the required hours of sleep. 

These are just the common lesson plans or activities that your kids can have. It is always important to entertain kids and catch their attention. Make sure to encourage them correctly and so they will not cause any troubles along the way.

Managing risks with the lesson plan

As parents or as teachers, conducting a lesson plan for students and kids will never be easy. It involves educated risks along the way. To ensure the safety of kids and to minimize the risk, you should always understand what lessons or activities you might introduce to them. Do not just focus on your end, but focus more on the side of the participants. The risk factors that may be involved in participating in activities that parents and teachers must consider are:

  • Proper imposing of instructions to kids might be difficult.
  • Level of managing since there are a lot of kids. You must check all of them from time to time.
  • Considering the environment and facilities to cover.
  • Clothes and footwear of the kids.

In every plan you make, always consider the effects and the common risks it gives. Do not just focus on the creativity of the activities you have prepared but also be very conservative of the scenarios that may happen.

Wrapping up

Once in a while, it is very essential to conduct lessons about health, especially to kids. At a very young age, you must train them when it comes to their health. Start them young as most people say. You don’t want them to regret one day when it is too late to be living a healthy life. 

Teach kids about the illness as well because there may be times that a person can get ill. At least, if they know how to manage it, they can easily give remedies to it. They can manage it on their own even if elders are not allowed. Just be careful with what you teach most especially the materials you will be used to demonstrate to them. 

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