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Feet Going Numb While Pregnant – What You Need to Know

Being pregnant is not easy because your body undergoes a lot of changes and you experience several other symptoms and even pain. Some of these include numbness in different parts of the body – your feet going numb while you are pregnant is a perfect example. It can make you feel uncomfortable. While it is quite normal to experience numbness during pregnancy, if it persists and is accompanied by other symptoms, you may have to consult with your doctor.

So that you’ll know more about this symptom, here is some information about numbness.

What is numbness?

Numbness is also called tingling sensation. It is an unusual prickling sensation in any part of the body. While you are pregnant, you may feel ‘pins and needles’ sensation in different parts of your body such as your legs, arms, hands, and feet. This is quite common in pregnancy. 

Where do pregnant women experience numbness?

Pregnant women may experience numbness in different parts of the body. It is common to feel a tingling sensation in your legs, arms, hands, tongue, face, belly, and feet. 

Numbness in feet

When does a pregnant woman experience numbness in feet?

Many say that numbness is one of the symptoms of pregnancy, aside from morning sickness, delayed period and other changes in the body.

But most women experience numbness in feet during the second and third trimester. Improper sleeping positions may contribute to numbness in feet during the second trimester. And this symptom gets stronger in the final stage of pregnancy due to water retention, weight gain, and your growing uterus.

Swelling in feet, also known as edema, is very common during pregnancy. A pregnant woman is more likely to have minor edema at 36 weeks gestation, although it’s also possible for her to also experience it during the second trimester and before reaching 36 weeks.

What are the causes of numbness in feet?

As your baby in your womb gets bigger, your uterus also grows heavier. This causes pressure on your veins and arteries. This results in poor circulation that causes you to experience a tingling sensation in your feet.

Also, swelling caused by water retention can also contribute to numbness in feet. During the third trimester, a pregnant woman retains more fluid in her body, causing swelling of legs and feet and other parts of the body. Swollen legs and feet may feel numb.

Your hormones may also be to blame for the numbness. Hormonal changes can cause tingling sensations in different parts of your body including your feet.

Moreover, there are certain medical conditions that can cause numbness in feet during pregnancy. Some of these include iron-deficiency anemia, pre-eclampsia, and gestational diabetes.

How can you prevent numbness in feet?

Having tingly feet during pregnancy may be hard to avoid but it’s possible. Avoid staying in one position for a long time, like sitting on a chair in your office or standing while waiting for the bus. Try to change positions.

Wear comfortable, flat shoes instead of high heels. But if you can’t avoid wearing heels, choose low heels and avoid thin heels.

When you are at work or outside, you can take a rest after standing or walking for a few minutes. When you’re at home, try to take a rest with your feet up.

What are the treatments for numbness in feet? 

One of the ways on how to stop tingling in the foot is a gentle massage that can help treat numbness in legs and feet. Gently massage your feet, ankles, and calves when you feel tingling sensation is

See a doctor if the tingling in the feet doesn’t go away, or if the limbs feel weak. You should also see a doctor if your feet or limbs swell up.

If the numbness in feet is caused by a medical condition associated with your pregnancy, you should also talk to your healthcare provider about it.

Feet going numb while pregnant is quite common but it shouldn’t always be ignored. When you feel bothered by the tingling sensation, tell your doctor about it. It is better to be safe especially since you are carrying a precious little baby inside you.

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