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How much breast milk can I bring on a plane: a beginner’s guide to TSA rules and regulations

As a new mom or a pregnant woman about to embark on a plane journey, one question that might be on your mind is, how much breast milk can I bring on a plane?

Navigating airport security and TSA regulations can be daunting, and when it comes to breast milk, there are certain protocols you must follow.

This blog post will provide you with a comprehensive guide on TSA rules regarding breast milk, the quantities you can bring, and tips to make your travel experience less stressful.

Breast Milk and TSA: Exemption and Travel Guidelines

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) recognizes that breast milk is considered a medically necessary liquid, and therefore, is exempt from the usual limits on liquids that you can bring on a plane.

You are allowed to bring as much breast milk as you need for your baby’s travel, including ice packs and cooling devices, as long as they fit within your carry-on bag.

how much breast milk can i bring on a plane

You do not even have to travel with your baby to be allowed to bring your breast milk.

However, you should be prepared to declare your breast milk at TSA screening checkpoints and have it inspected separately from other liquids.

Airport Security Checkpoints: Presenting Breast Milk for Inspection

When presenting your breast milk at airport security checkpoints, remove it from your carry-on and notify the TSA officer.

The officer will inspect each container of breast milk and may ask you to open or taste it.

TSA officers also have the right to subject your breast milk to additional screening procedures, such as X-ray and explosives detection.

However, you can request other screening methods, such as visual inspection or hand swabbing, if you prefer not to expose your breast milk to X-rays or other machines.

how much breast milk can i bring on a plane

Keeping Breast Milk Safe: Packing and Temperature Considerations

To ensure that your breast milk remains safe and stays at the right temperature during your journey, pack it in insulated, leak-proof containers and surround it with ice packs or gel packs.

You can also use a battery-powered cooler or freezer to store your breast milk. Check with your airline beforehand to make sure that they allow these devices on board.

You can also make sure that they are fully charged and functioning before you leave home.

how much breast milk can i bring on a plane

It’s also a good idea to bring extra breast milk bags and labels in case you need to discard any breast milk due to unforeseen circumstances.

Know Your Rights: Varying Policies and TSA Guidelines for Breast Milk

It’s important to note that not all airports and TSA checkpoints have the same policies and procedures when it comes to breast milk.

Some TSA officers may not be familiar with the regulations, so it’s always a good idea to carry a printed copy of the TSA guidelines on traveling with breast milk.

You can find this information on the TSA website or call their customer service to request a copy.

It’s also helpful to give yourself extra time at the airport to avoid any last-minute rush or stress in case your breast milk requires additional screening.

how much breast milk can i bring on a plane


In conclusion, traveling with breast milk is both necessary and achievable with proper planning and preparation.

By following the TSA guidelines and knowing your rights, you can bring as much breast milk as you need on your flight without any fuss.

Remember to pack your breast milk in insulated containers, have it inspected separately at TSA checkpoints, and be aware of the differences in airport policies.

With these tips, you can enjoy a worry-free journey and focus on your baby’s needs. Safe travels!

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