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How to Play and Bond With Your Newborn Baby

Playing with your newborn baby is an essential part of parent-child bonding.

It can help build your relationship as well as give your baby the stimulation they need to learn and grow.

But when you have a new baby, it can be difficult to know how, or even where, to start.

Here are some tips on how to play and bond with your newborn baby.

How to play with a newborn? – Engage All Senses

All babies are born with five senses, so engage all five when playing with them.

Softly singing songs and nursery rhymes, reading stories in a soothing voice, gently touching your baby’s skin and introducing them to different materials like velvet or cotton can stimulate their sense of touch.

Introducing bright colors and shapes through toys will help awaken their visual senses while rattles or music boxes can stimulate their auditory senses.

Make sure that you keep things within arm’s reach for easy access during playtime!

Respond To Cues

Newborns communicate in many ways beyond just crying—like facial expressions, body movements and noises.

Pay attention to your baby’s cues to see what type of interaction he or she enjoys most.

If they stop crying after being held close against your chest, try more skin-to-skin contact during playtime by laying them down on a blanket on top of you or holding them up against your chest while talking or singing songs.

If they turn away or seem disinterested in a certain activity, switch it up!

Introduce Movement & Exercise 

Once they can hold their head up (usually around 3 months old), introduce tummy time!

Place a blanket on the floor and put your baby on their stomach while providing support by placing one hand behind their back and the other under his chin so he won’t get frustrated at not being able to lift his head yet.

Tummy time helps strengthen neck muscles which eventually lead to crawling so don’t forget about this important milestone!

You can also make it more fun by adding toys nearby for him/her to focus on while doing tummy time exercises such as reaching out for them as well as rolling from side-to-side with guidance from parents if needed.

Playing with a newborn is important for building strong bonds between parent and child but it should also be fun!

Through engaging all five senses, responding appropriately to cues from your child, introducing movement & exercise – you will find that connecting with your newborn doesn’t have to be difficult at all!

So get creative when playing – there are endless possibilities that will benefit both you and your little one!

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