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Infant on lap vs infant on seat: what’s the best choice?

Traveling with infants is no easy feat. From packing all the necessary items to making sure your child is secure and comfortable during the flight, parents have their work cut out for them.

What to decide between infant on lap vs infant on seat : this is a common question that parents ask.

They wonder whether it’s safer to have their baby sit on their lap or on a separate seat during the airplane journey.

In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at both options, their advantages and disadvantages, and help you decide which one is the best fit for your family.

Infant on Lap

The first option that parents consider is having their baby sit on their lap. This is a popular choice for parents who want to save money on airfare, as most airlines allow infants under the age of two to fly for free if they share a seat with an adult.

However, there are several risks associated with this option. First and foremost, infants sitting on laps are not secured by a seatbelt, which means they are at risk of being injured in case of turbulence or an accident.

Additionally, having a baby on your lap for an extended period of time can be uncomfortable and tiring for both the baby and the parent.

Finally, if an emergency landing occurs, it may be difficult for the parent to hold onto their child in a safe manner.

infant on lap vs infant on seat

Infant on Seat

The second option is to purchase a separate seat for your child. While this option may be more expensive, it is by far the safer option.

By having your baby in a car seat, they are secured and protected in case of turbulence or other emergencies.

Additionally, having a separate seat provides more room for the baby to move around, which can help keep them comfortable during the flight.

If you are traveling alone with your child, having a separate seat can also provide you with the ability to rest or take care of other tasks during the flight without worrying about holding onto your child.

infant on lap vs infant on seat

Tips for Flying with an Infant

Whether you choose to have your child sit on your lap or in a separate seat, there are a few things you can do to make the flight more comfortable for your little one.

First, make sure you pack all the necessary items, such as diapers, bottles, blankets, and toys.

Additionally, try to schedule your flight during your baby’s naptime, so they are more likely to sleep during the flight.

If possible, try to book a flight that is non-stop, as this can reduce the amount of time your child has to sit still.

Finally, don’t be afraid to ask flight attendants for assistance if you need it. They are often more than happy to help parents with young children.

infant on lap vs infant on seat

In conclusion, the decision of whether to have your infant sit on your lap or in a separate seat ultimately comes down to personal preference and budget.

However, it’s important to remember that safety should always be a top priority. While having your baby on your lap may save money, it comes with significant risks.

On the other hand, purchasing a separate seat can provide the necessary protection and comfort for your child.

Whatever option you choose, don’t forget to pack plenty of essentials and take steps to ensure your little one has a comfortable and stress-free flight. Happy travels!

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