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Is it Safe for Babies to Go in the Pool?

Going to the pool is a fun summer activity for everyone, and that includes babies. But before you take your little one to the pool, it’s important to consider if they’re ready for swimming. Let’s discuss when it’s safe for babies to go in the pool, as well as some precautions you should take when taking your baby swimming.

When Can Babies Go in the Pool?

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends waiting until your baby is at least 6 months old before taking them into a pool. Before then, their bodies are not ready to handle the physical strain of activities like swimming or playing in the water. In addition, babies under 6 months cannot regulate their body temperature properly, which could put them at risk of hypothermia in cold water. It’s also important to note that infants who are born prematurely or have health problems should wait even longer before swimming—check with your pediatrician first!

Safety Precautions for Babies in the Pool

Once your baby is 6 months old (or older), you can feel more comfortable about taking them into a pool. However, safety is still key—here are some tips for keeping your baby safe while they swim:
– Always use a swim diaper – Swim diapers are designed specifically for use in pools and other bodies of water; regular diapers will absorb too much water and become so heavy that they will drag down on your little one’s waistline.

– Make sure there’s an adult present – Even if you think your little one can handle themselves in the pool, never leave them unattended near any body of water—even bathtubs!

– Be aware of pool chemicals – Be mindful of any chlorine or other chemicals used to clean pools; these may irritate sensitive skin or cause allergies.

– Don’t forget sunscreen – Sunscreen is just as important when you’re going swimming as it is on dry land; make sure to apply sunscreen before going outdoors and reapply every two hours while out of direct sunlight.

– Dress appropriately – Make sure that both you and your baby wear appropriate clothing when going into a pool; avoid tight-fitting clothes and opt instead for lightweight materials that won’t weigh you down once wet.


Swimming can be a great way for babies to get exercise and learn new skills such as floating, kicking, and pushing off from walls underwater – but only when done safely! By following these tips and waiting until at least 6 months old (or older depending on health conditions), you can ensure that both you and your baby have a fun time at the pool this summer!

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