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Pregnancy and Bloody Nose – What You Need to Know?

Does your nose feel like all stuffed up? Congestion is normal during pregnancy and sometimes bloody nose may occur. Don’t worry mommies as you are on the right page because this article will talk about pregnancy and bloody nose as well as what you can do about it. What makes nosebleed common during pregnancy? Your nose bleeds during pregnancy … Read moreWomen’s Health

What is Stillbirth? Understanding Its Causes and Ways on How to Lessen the Risk.

Losing a baby due to stillbirth is heartbreaking and remains a sad reality for many couples and families. It is a serious issue that affects the health and overall well-being of the family, most especially the parents. What is stillbirth and why does this happen? Let us find out by reading this article. What is stillbirth? A … Read moreWomen’s Health

Things You Need to Know About Herbal Teas During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Are you a tea person? Do you love waking up in the morning to sip a cup of hot tea just before you start your day? Are you an expecting mom that finds sipping a cup of herbal tea a good way to relieve those pregnancy symptoms? Or are you a new mom and wondering whether … Read moreWomen’s Health

Say Goodbye to Puffy Eyes with These Simple, Effective Tricks

Hey, mommies! We know you have been very busy since the new baby came home, taking care of the husband and the kids, and running errands so getting a quality 8 hours of sleep seems like a grandiose luxury. Lack of enough sleep can make your eyes look swollen. However, it is not just motherhood can give … Read moreWomen’s Health

Childbirth Fear – Easy Tips on How to Stop Being Scared of Giving Birth

Are you scared of giving birth? Then, you are not alone mommy! About 20% of women from all over the world experience fear of giving birth and it’s not just happening to first-time mothers. Women who have given birth in the past can also undergo the fear of labor and delivery. The fear of giving … Read moreWomen’s Health

Mom Duties: How Many Diapers a Day for a Newborn

Most new mothers have concerns about the urination behavior of their infant.  You may wonder how many wet cloths your baby should have daily, the color of your baby’s pee, and what should you try to see on every change of material. You may be surprised by the use of your baby’s slide if you have … Read moreWomen’s Health

Saggy Breasts: Why Breasts Tend to Droop After Breastfeeding and How to Prevent it?

Pregnancy and breastfeeding are both considered as big factors that can contribute to the changes that are happening to a woman’s body. Throughout your pregnancy, you will notice lots of changes and body shifts. Additional changes will come after the delivery and breastfeeding. One of the changes that many women are experiencing is sagging breasts. … Read moreWomen’s Health

Mommy Concerns: How do You Know if Your Baby is Good With his Nanny?

It can be great to have a nanny if you and your spouse have a passionate and dependable relationship with your child. All babysitters who have a kid always have an excellent relationship with their client’s daughter and son. Signals and hints show the value of the relationship your son has with his nanny. Try her out … Read moreWomen’s Health

Do Babies Sleep a Lot During Growth Spurts? Know More About This Matter

Wondering whether your baby is having a growth spurt is like having to question infants if they know how math works. Growth spurts are the early stages of your baby’s developmental process and most of the time they are noticeable. Babies experience this growth spurts rapidly during their first 12 months Whether what time of … Read moreWomen’s Health

How to be a Calm Mom Gentle Parenting Techniques?

There are lots of techniques on how to be a better mom to a toddler or teenager that women can use in disciplining their children. Parenting is not as easy as we think. It requires lots of knowledge, effort and time. We are all familiar with different parenting styles but finding out what style is suited for our kids … Read moreWomen’s Health

Is it Safe to Eat Garlic while Breastfeeding?

Many mothers might wonder if they can eat garlic when they are breastfeeding. They might wonder if it is safe to eat garlic while breastfeeding. They may be worried about the effect of garlic on their baby and their breastmilk. To help parents especially mothers to know whether it is safe to eat garlic while breastfeeding, here are the … Read moreWomen’s Health

When Does Babies Start to Recognize his Mother?

Research shows that newborn babies can immediately recognize their mothers after birth. Babies who are being breastfed can be quickly familiar with their mother’s scent. The visual recognition of babies can occur after a few weeks. Some studies show that babies can recognize their parents a few days after birth while others recognize them after … Read moreWomen’s Health

Suction: How to Interrupt during a Breastfeeding Session With Your Baby?

A breastfeeding Mom should always take an extra step in taking good care of their breasts. As it plays a vital role in your child’s early stages of development. The point is, you should be meticulous enough to take care of your breast to avoid certain diseases and provide great nutrition for your newborn. That … Read moreWomen’s Health

Breastfeeding: How Can You Care and Support Your Breasts While Breastfeeding?

A woman’s greatest blessing can be the ability to nourish new life. As a mother, breastfeeding can improve your physical and emotional lifestyle. Thus, it gives your baby a healthy head start once he or she is born. However, as time passes by, breastfeeding may affect your body especially your breasts. As a woman, we … Read moreWomen’s Health

4 Best Sleeping Positions After C-Section Every Mom Should be Aware of

Pregnancy is really hard and not even a joke kind of experience. You need to take into account a lot of things most especially you and your baby’s safety. All the while, you may have gone a lot of process and pain and endured suffering from the laboring process and moment. There are different kinds … Read moreWomen’s Health

Is it a Boy or a Girl? Which Gender is More Active in the Womb?

How can we say that a pregnant woman is having a baby boy or a girl? A lot has been said about this. Some believe that the baking soda gender test is effective while others do not.  Although there are more accurate medical procedures to know it, others based their beliefs on their experiences and know … Read moreWomen’s Health

3 Tips on How to Recover Physically and Emotionally from Childbirth

Giving birth is not easy, and you have to recover physically and emotionally. But your recovery may not be easy as well, because your baby will demand most of your time and energy. It is normal to feel overwhelmed and exhausted. Still, you will be able to take good care of your baby if you … Read moreWomen’s Health

Nursing Moms: Can They Breastfeed When They are Sick? Learn Some Tips

Some inevitable things may happen in life, even when you are breastfeeding. When you or your little one is sick, you may think to yourself if it is fine and safe to breastfeeding a sick baby more importantly when a nursing mom is sick. There are seasons with cold and flu and so on that may come your … Read moreWomen’s Health

One or Two: Is it Important to Nurse with Both Breasts?

Deciding to breastfeed your little one is considered a personal matter. This decision can also draw opinions from your family and other relatives. But no matter what opinion they have, the decision will always be based on your preference. For those moms who finally decide to breastfeed their newborns, they are asking lots of questions associated with their … Read moreWomen’s Health

8 Tips to Prevent Sagging Breasts After Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is undoubtedly one of the most marvelous things you can do for your little one. Nothing beats the joy of nursing them and giving them sufficient nutrients for their wellbeing. Breastfeeding as a lovely thing can also have downsides, it can cause mayhem to your breasts. You can’t help but gain weight during your … Read moreWomen’s Health

Be the Mommy: Your Family Wants You to be 5 Healthy Habits of a Happy Mom That Will Save Your Sanity

Being a mom is a fulfilling task, especially when you see your kids grow up happy, kind, and responsible individuals. Having kids that you can be proud of is a reward that no amount of money can equal to. But it is undeniable that behind this happy and fulfilling experience is no walk in the … Read moreWomen’s Health

Know About What to Expect When Having Your Baby at the Hospital

Your baby’s arrival in this world should be planned accordingly, so having to prepare for everything should come first in your priorities. Almost 97% of births happen in the hospital, so basically you would want to expect everything before giving birth. Though every birth is different from the others, it is important to be prepared … Read moreWomen’s Health

7 Actionable Tips to Remember Which Breast You Last Fed On

Moms who are breastfeeding their babies are no brainer alternating their breasts for the milk session. You must recall which breast you last used to feed your baby so next time; you offer a new breast with a full supply. However, can you always remember which breastfeeding side your baby consumed? If you have a concern determining to … Read moreWomen’s Health

The Best Way to Start: The Importance of the Golden Hour for Successful Breastfeeding

What is the importance of the golden hour for successful breastfeeding? Well, there are lots of benefits associated with the golden hour. After giving birth, nothing can beat the feeling of holding your little bundle of joy. The skin to skin moment that you two will share is one of the most memorable and unexplainable … Read moreWomen’s Health

A Guide on Everything You Need to Know About Bleeding After Birth

When it comes to giving birth, you must be familiar with everything you need to know about bleeding after birth. Whether you have a vaginal birth or Caesarean section, expect to bleed to occur after birth along with discharge which is called lochia. Remember that this is how the body eliminates the excess blood and tissues … Read moreWomen’s Health

The 6 Stupidest Things That Have Ever Been Said About Breastfeeding

The best way to nourish a baby is through breastfeeding. It is God’s natural way for mothers to feed their babies. This is why many women opt to breastfeed their babies. Unluckily, there are those who do not understand the importance of breastfeeding or maybe, how breastfeeding is done. These resulted in discouraging statements made … Read moreWomen’s Health

What is Mastitis? Everything You Need to Know About Mastitis Symptoms and Treatments

Dealing with mastitis is a serious matter. Mastitis is commonly known as the inflammation in women’s breasts. But what is the real meaning of this case? Is it curable or not? To give you a clearer understanding of this topic, let us find out some information about “what is mastitis? Everything you need to know … Read moreWomen’s Health

Helpful Tips to Overcome Postpartum Recovery Problems

No matter how much you look forward to having a child and you love your child so much, having a baby is very stressful. You have to deal with sleep deprivation, new responsibilities, and you find yourself having no time for taking care of yourself. It’s no surprise that new moms feel like they are … Read moreWomen’s Health

Breastfeeding with Implants After Breast Augmentation

If you’re among the over 300,000 American women who underwent breast augmentation surgery each year, you might be thinking if you will be able or can still breastfeed. While some study has discovered that women with breast augmentation surgery are possible to have complications breastfeeding than those women who are natural, the chances are in your end, though you … Read moreWomen’s Health

Unveiling the Truth: 6 Things Nobody Tells You Might Happen to Your Body While Breastfeeding

Congratulations! You have successfully passed the labor and delivery. Now, you are facing another step of being a mother.  And this is none other than breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is not as simple as we think. There is no doubt that it can create a lot of changes in our bodies. This stage of motherhood can come with … Read moreWomen’s Health

Women’s Health: Everything You Need to Know About Endometriosis

What is Endometriosis? What is endometriosis? Here is everything you need to know about endometriosis. Endometriosis, according to experts, is a disease wherein the tissue similar to the tissue that forms the lining of your uterus called the endometrium grows outside of your uterine cavity. Your tissue grows on your ovaries, bowel, and tissues lining your pelvis which … Read moreWomen’s Health

After Delivery: When do You Get a Period After Birth?

Months after your delivery, your period may become irregular but may go back to normal after a while. There’s no way to expect how giving birth will influence a woman’s period, but mothers who breastfeed get their period back longer than usual.   In this blog, find out more when do you get a period after birth. … Read moreWomen’s Health

Sperm Survival: How Long Does it Take Sperm to Reach the Cervix?

In order for women to get pregnant, men’s sperm should reach the woman’s cervix. Pregnancy officially starts when the sperm and egg cells unite and fertilized. When it comes to the things related to pregnancy, one of the most asked questions is, “how long does it take sperm to reach the cervix?” To help you … Read moreWomen’s Health

The Effects of Lean Protein for Moms

Taking care of a newborn baby is very challenging especially for moms. When you are a breastfeeding mom, your challenge is quite extra because you need to double duty. You must nourish your baby and yourself as well. Because of that, food choices and nutrients are a top consideration.  Nursing moms need to indulge an … Read moreWomen’s Health

20 Habits of a Patient Mom: Actionable Tips for Moms Who Lose it

Mothers are also human who get tired and sick of all the things that they’ve been doing from time to time and for every day. They keep on asking themselves how to be a good mom when depressed, how to be a better and successful single mother or how to deal with odd teenagers. If you’re a mom or you … Read moreWomen’s Health

C-Section Recovery: When to Exercise After C Section?

Now, you’re a new mom and of course, you spend your first few weeks bonding together 24/7. But as soon as you gradually start to return to your routine or a modified version of it, #helloparenthood, as one of the many things that you’re eager to know about or maybe even longing? Exercise. But the … Read moreWomen’s Health

How to Get Your Stomach Back After Pregnancy?

Actually, weight loss starts immediately after you gave birth. You will lose about 12 pounds because your uterus will shrink back down to the belly button level. You already release the baby along with some blood, fluids, and amniotic fluid so you have lost some weight from it.  One week after you give birth, you … Read moreWomen’s Health

Does Breastfeeding Stop Your Period?

As we know, menstruation is connected to pregnancy, fertility and even breastfeeding. One of the first signs of pregnancy is missing a period. And while you are pregnant, the hormones keep your period away. When you finally gave birth and decide to breastfeed, does breastfeeding stop your period? Your period may stop for weeks, months, or even … Read moreWomen’s Health

What Should Breastfeeding Moms Eat?

Breastfeeding actually has many benefits for both the baby and the mom. It is not surprising as well that mothers should eat healthy while breastfeeding. Breastmilk is very nutritious for babies and it contains almost all the nutrients that your baby needs for the first 6 months of his life. However, your needs for most … Read moreWomen’s Health

Breasts after Pregnancy: Do Breasts Stay Large after Pregnancy?

Being a mother is always associated with a lot of changes. One of the changes that you might experience is having large breasts and body after pregnancy. During the women’s pregnancy, their breasts are more likely to swell and get bigger than usual because they are preparing for breastfeeding. But one of the main questions that every … Read moreWomen’s Health

Abnormalities of the Uterus: Types of Uterus Shapes

Are you aware that there are different types of uterus shapes that you should take note of because of the risks associated with these? An abnormal uterus can increase the risk of miscarriage. Also, irregular shapes of uterus require effective treatment. The shape of your uterus plays a significant role in your pregnancy since it can affect your … Read moreWomen’s Health

New Moms: Ways on How to Eat Light and Smart for the Holidays

With the upcoming holidays just around the corner, it is vital for new moms out there to be familiar with ways on how to eat light and smart for the holidays. The holidays can be a tricky season if you want to stick with healthy eating. Most have to attend several holiday parties that serve a … Read moreWomen’s Health

Is Hair Loss a Sign of Pregnancy the Truth Revealed!

Pregnancy is a time where you can get vulnerable and tough symptoms, Because of the fact that Pregnancy can carry a lot of weight and responsibilities to the soon to be a mother because of these varying symptoms of pregnancy that can be mild to worse or bothersome in general. Pregnancy symptoms could include weird and unusual body changes such as ironic huge … Read moreWomen’s Health

Pregnancy Tips: How to do a Belly Mapping the Right Way?

One of the most common concerns of mom-to-be is if their baby is heading down inside the womb. Knowing the baby’s position can help prepare for labor and delivery. Also, it helps to talk with your birth plan with your doctor, since the position of the baby in the woman affects the labor. If you’re … Read moreWomen’s Health

5 Important Things You Must Know About Skincare

There are many things you must know about skincare including skincare tips, tricks, and hacks as well as a plethora of best skincare products all promising the best for your skin. But no matter how great they are if your basic skincare tips are harming your skin, then it defeats the purpose. Although it sounds cliché, truthfully, when we get to understand … Read moreWomen’s Health

Parenting Tips: 10 Tips on How to be a Successful Single Mom

It’s a hard truth for all single mom, that you must always balance work and personal life. So, you might be wondering how to be a successful single mom since being a single mother is no joke. It’s okay to feel lonely and lost. You can easily feel like your life doesn’t matter anymore since everything is … Read moreWomen’s Health

The Most Suggested Tips on How to Breastfeed Like a Pro the First Time

Breastfeeding is one of the processes that you need to intake right after you have taken birth to your baby. The first minutes and seconds are significant because of it where your baby will feel your warmth and presence as a mother. Though for some, breastfeeding cannot occur due to lack of milk in their … Read moreWomen’s Health

The Art of Breastfeeding: Breastfeeding and Breast Cancer Risk Reduction

Breastfeeding your little one is considered as a great decision. It is beneficial not only for your baby but for you as well. It is a personal matter that draws an opinion from your family and other relatives. The medical practitioner also recommends giving your baby pure breast milk (no water and formula) for six … Read moreWomen’s Health

Mom Duties: How Breast Size Affects Breastfeeding

During your pregnancy, breasts change size and shape, and you breastfeed. Many women can undergo these changes marginally and others drastically. Hormones, genetics, and weight growth are only a few of the factors that determine how widespread your breasts are. But it usually isn’t a concern, even if your breasts do not appear to change … Read moreWomen’s Health

Nursing Tank with Built-in Bra

It is not necessary to explain why a T-shirt is a staple in the wardrobe. The tank will not only give you an extra layer of warmth and make the top look more modest, but it will also help to lengthen your silhouette. By itself, the tank is ideal for a summer day as much … Read moreWomen’s Health

Postpartum Weight Loss: How to Get Your Body Back after Baby?

Many moms are wondering about the ways on how to bring their body back on its shape. Getting their bodies back in shape after their pregnancy can be an excellent achievement for them. If you are one of those moms who are aiming to achieve their ideal weight after their pregnancy, then this postpartum weight … Read moreWomen’s Health

25 Brilliant and Useful Tips to Survive the First Months of Breastfeeding a Newborn

Life having a newborn long ago doesn’t have all the instructions needed to survive the first few months. Thanks to the advancement of technology, we are dealt with the fact that all things are given through the internet. Others may still feel that fear of having to adjust to new environments such as new parents.  Whether … Read moreWomen’s Health

A Guide for Mommies on the go: 13 Essential Tips for a Comfortable Breastfeeding in Public

A breastfeeding mother’s primary concern is to provide her baby anything that he or she needs when mealtime comes. It can be anywhere, even in public places. Your baby can’t choose when he will get hungry. Althoughbreastfeeding in public is generally accepted, there are people who believe that it is offensive. They felt offended when they see bare … Read moreWomen’s Health

Postpartum Survival Kit: Everything You Need to Minimize Your Pain

When a mother gives birth, the aftermath can be a tiring ordeal which is why having a postpartum survival kit is a must. Although giving birth is considered natural and normal, there are a lot of changes that occur in your body during pregnancy and delivery. The postpartum period starts after the delivery of your child and … Read moreWomen’s Health

Dairy-Free Lactation Cookies for New Breastfeeding Mother

New lactating mother, rejoice! Homemade dairy-free lactation cookies for new breastfeeding mother to help boost milk supply? Yes, PLEASE! As a new mom, you may be thinking: Do dairy free lactation cookies recipe work? Are dairy-free no-bake lactation cookies help to improve your mil supply for the first time? With natural galactagogues, which is a substance that supports breastfeeding, … Read moreWomen’s Health

What Happens to Your Body? 20 Unexpected Things That Happen After Childbirth

Your body has just done one of the most amazing things it will ever do: to grow another human. You probably are thrilled to be home finally with the new baby after nine months of waiting. In the coming weeks and months, you’ll concentrate your attention a lot on baby, but you also have to … Read moreWomen’s Health

3 Valid Reasons Why You Can’t Lose Weight While Breastfeeding

There are a lot of mysterious things that happen in a girl’s body most especially when she is pregnant. You may notice that somebody parts are getting larger and getting sore out of nowhere. It is normal because these changes happen through a lot of women. You might ask yourself the following questions, Will I lose … Read moreWomen’s Health

Healthy Pregnancy: Effects of Breastfeeding and Drinking Alcohol

Pregnancy is a rewarding yet costly happening in someone’s life. Usually, the husband and wife prepare for this kind of scenario because of a lot of preparation and bills coming along the way. For some, they tend to loan in a bank and some lending application just to have enough money to accommodate all the … Read moreWomen’s Health

What is the Main Reason Moms Fail at Breastfeeding?

It cannot be denied that some women cannot breastfeed, at least not exclusively which is why you must learn the main reason moms fail at breastfeeding. It is considered rare for a woman to generate a low supply of breastmilk. It is recommended that mothers will give nursing a try after the delivery of the baby but … Read moreWomen’s Health

The Psychology of Being a New Mother: 7 Things to Expect and How You Should Feel

Being a mother is surely not that easy. There’s nothing you can really prepare for your motherhood. Every woman has different new mom struggles and we can’t compare each journey to another journey. During a woman’s pregnancy, there are different first-time pregnancy experiences and first-time pregnancy questions. Entering motherhood, you can read as many parenting books as you want, to gain a lot … Read moreWomen’s Health

Antibiotics: Is it Safe for Breastfeeding?

When breastfeeding, any kind of medication you take must be taken into full consideration. Some drugs aren’t compatible with lactation and affect the milk’s composition and production. Also, some medications such as antibiotics are harmful and could affect your newborn’s health and development. The bad news about antibiotics is it penetrates through the blood and … Read moreWomen’s Health

7 Easy and Effective Ways to Treat Clogged Milk Ducts

Breastfeeding is no joke. It is not an easy task for moms. It is like opening a whole new world for them. There are moments of joy and there is inevitable pain. While on breastfeeding, there are quite a few problems that moms can come across. One of the problems is not a low milk … Read moreWomen’s Health

7 Useful Tips About Breastfeeding: Basics for Moms with Flat Nipples

After giving birth, the next possible task for you as a mother is about being able to breastfeed your baby. But what happens if you are having flat nipples? You might be asking yourself “Is there any way to make my nipples bigger?” This is one of the common issues and problems that most new … Read moreWomen’s Health

10 Tips to be a More Patient Mom

Raising and taking care of kids are never easy tasks for parents. Quite often, moms, in particular, need to have so much patience in taking care of their young ones. Being patient all the time is not an easy task. Sometimes, you can be patient but sometimes there are triggers that make you blow up … Read moreWomen’s Health

Breastfeeding Tips and Guide for New Moms

If you are a new mom, probably one of the biggest concerns you may have is feeding your baby. Although breastfeeding is a natural way to feed your little one, it may not be very easy. You may need some breastfeeding tips for first-time mothers to help you and your baby enjoy and make the most out of … Read moreWomen’s Health

How Becoming a Mother Changed a Woman’s Life?

Pregnancy and Bloody Nose – What You Need to Know? What is Stillbirth? Understanding Its Causes and Ways on How to Lessen the Risk. Things You Need to Know About Herbal Teas During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Say Goodbye to Puffy Eyes with These Simple, Effective Tricks Childbirth Fear – Easy Tips on How to Stop … Read moreWomen’s Health

Breastfeeding Questions: Questions to Ask the Lactation Consultant

If you are one of the soon to be breastfeeding moms out there that need to know about the questions to ask the lactation consultant, then you are in the right place. We have gathered a list of breastfeeding questionnaires that you must ask your consultant. Here are some of the questions that you must know:  · … Read moreWomen’s Health

Your Official Guide to Sitz Bath After Giving Birth

Giving birth to a child is one of the hardest and yet fulfilling duties of a mother. One can easily assess that giving birth to a child is not a joke and every woman suffers differently on how they go and what should they expect into labor. There are a lot of things that every woman can … Read moreWomen’s Health

Safety Reminders: Things Not to do After Giving Birth

You have carried your baby in your womb for nine months. Then came the day of your child’s birth. After spending days in the hospital, you are finally back home. And if you think that’s the end of it, you’re wrong. You might have just finished phase one but here’s a lot of work ahead. … Read moreWomen’s Health

Motherhood: Tips on Enjoying Your First Week With Your Newborn

Are you already going home with your baby? You might think of what to expect with a newborn week by week. Some may say that the newborn’s first 6 weeks is the hardest, the first two weeks of the newborn is the hardest or the first few weeks with a newborn is the hardest but enjoying the first week with a newborn is also important because your baby is a blessing! Well, … Read moreWomen’s Health

Why Choose and Use Safe Deodorant While Breastfeeding?

Well, no one likes to go around with fishy or stinky body odor and for the same reason, we choose different kinds of deodorants, antiperspirants and even perfumes to subdue the body odor. You may not care about before but when your baby is in danger your mind may be bubbling with all potential issues … Read moreWomen’s Health

3 Best Tips on How to Recover From C-Section Faster

Labor is not a joke. It is one of the hardest scenarios to go through when you are pregnant. You will eventually go and suffer through a lot of pain. Some women suffer from anxiety because they cannot even carry out the whole pain they have been feeling. Through this time, your husband needs to … Read moreWomen’s Health

Motherhood: The Best Breastfeeding Diet to Lose Weight for Mommies

One of the most frequent questions of moms is about how to lose weight while breastfeeding without affecting milk supply. Well, most moms are mistaken about the fact that breastfeeding helps mothers lose weight after giving birth to their babies. Some moms are really losing too much weight while breastfeeding but some are struggling to lose weight while breastfeeding. However, … Read moreWomen’s Health

Fun-Filled Activities: Mom and Toddler Activities That You Must Try

Are you one of those moms who are looking for fun-filled activities for you and your child’s bonding? Worry no more because we’ve got you covered! These mom and toddler activities can be your guide in choosing the best activities for kids at home.  Here is the list of mom and toddler activities that you can … Read moreWomen’s Health

The Essentials of Postpartum Workout: How to Get Started

You ‘re now a mom, congratulations! While the feeling in unexplainable you can’t wait to return to the normal routine together with your little angel.  As you get into your workout, you’ll be constantly bothered by the idea of health and fitness. Getting back your figure and eliminating unwanted fats are your top two main … Read moreWomen’s Health

Essential Ways to Tighten Loose Skin After Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the best and most memorable experiences a woman can have. From all the painful moments towards the finish line for rewarding moments that you can already be with your baby. After being caught up for nine months taking care or you are little you in your womb, for sure you have … Read moreWomen’s Health

Recommended Stay-At-Home Mom Jobs

Today, there is a variety of stay-at-home mom jobs to choose from. For mothers out there, it might be hard to think of adding another job in between the bathing, feeding and playing with your child. Raise your children and earn with these stay at home mom jobs Luckily, there are several opportunities and legitimate online jobs for … Read moreWomen’s Health

Postpartum Recovery Pain Tips: Healing After Childbirth

You’re finally 40 weeks or more of pregnancy and long hours of labor waiting, and you’re officially a mom. Congratulations! Now here’s the change from pregnancy to postpartum, which has a range of new signs and questions. Here’s what must know about postpartum recovery before you give birth. Postpartum Recovery Pain Tips  The following are … Read moreWomen’s Health

The Top 5 Best Low Sugar Protein Bars for Your Diet

Being a woman, we are often conscious about our diet and health especially when we are a mother already. Most of the time, we are overloaded with work and we don’t have time to cook for our breakfast; we even have a bowl of cereal. So, women nowadays often go for protein bars. Best protein bars have healthful claims that most … Read moreWomen’s Health

Rexall Pregnancy Test Sensitivity

A lot of women all over the world are trying to conceive a child, whether it is their first time or not. And to know if they are pregnant or not, they need to use the best pregnancy test out there. Some of these women perform the best early pregnancy test before the missed period. Of course, once … Read moreWomen’s Health

Stomach Pouch and How to Lose it During and After Pregnancy

“I have already given birth, why do I still look pregnant”? Does this question sound familiar to you?  Or have you asked the same question to yourself? After giving birth, many mothers are anxious about their bodies.  When can I get back to my former size? Can anyone answer when and how to lose stomach pouch … Read moreWomen’s Health

Pregnancy Television Shows for Mommies: All About Pregnancy and Birth

Pregnancy or maternity is a crucial stage for women. All women have different experiences when it comes to their maternity stage. What is a better way for a pregnant woman to chill at the house? how to get entertained? When it comes to a pregnant mom, there are a lot of pregnancy television shows or TV shows with pregnancy storylines to watch. By watching some of these … Read moreWomen’s Health

Overactive Letdown During Pregnancy: How to Deal With it?

Nothing beats the joy of nursing your baby as breast milk is tagged as the best. You are beyond exhilarated knowing that you can supply him enough nutrients necessary for his health. This is indeed a great scenario, however, nursing is not always golden. This is because some moms don’t find it smooth and easy. … Read moreWomen’s Health

Pine-Sol Pregnancy Kit Guide: Testing Positive, How to use it, Risks and more!

Are you trying ways if you’re pregnant? in today’s day of age, there are various methods to know if you’re expecting a baby to come in the next 9 months ahead of you. Even today there are many brands and commonly known cheap over-the-counter products that can determine if your pregnant or not, check with … Read moreWomen’s Health

Phantom Pregnancy, False Pregnancy or Pseudocyesis Guide?

One of the most complicated things about false pregnancy or phantom pregnancy is that the symptoms it shows are just almost the same with a real pregnancy. The only difference is that real pregnancy comes with a baby and a phantom pregnancy comes with no baby. Phantom pregnancy can be tricky as it seems, a … Read moreWomen’s Health

Getting Turned on at the Gynecologist – is it Normal?

As for reproductive and sexual health, it can be challenging to know what is “natural” and what could be a symptom of a potential health issue. Your gynecologist saw and heard everything, even if you are worried about specific items, and is there to encourage you not to criticize. Why should you visit a gynecologist? … Read moreWomen’s Health

Chia Seeds Drinks for Mother and Child

Chia has evolved from being a household plant to being a superfood craze, with almost everyone having nice words for it.  A mint-related plant that naturally grows in the deserts of Mexico, chia is often compared to flax seeds because they are similar in appearance, size and nutritional content. Nevertheless, chia seeds have some edge … Read moreWomen’s Health

The Ultimate Reasons why Moms Chose not to Breastfeed

Motherhood is a very exciting time of a woman’s life mostly for first-time moms. You can also not deny the fact that a lot of responsibilities come with it – the most important thing is ensuring not only your health but as well as your little ones. As a proven fact, breastfeeding is the key … Read moreWomen’s Health

Early Signs of Pregnancy

How will you know that you already carry your mini version down in your belly? Pregnancy is something that cannot be determined in just a glimpse of a person’s behaviors or physical appearances- whether something has changed or not. There are lots of factors why a person shows something unusual but not literally directs that she … Read moreWomen’s Health

Consuming Spicy Foods while Breastfeeding

We all know and it’s a common general knowledge that whatever you eat and your overall diet, in general, affects the quality and supply of your breast milk. That is why it is generally advised for you to consume a healthy diet consisting of fruits, vegetables, grains and low-fat protein sources such as meat, soy, … Read moreWomen’s Health

Facts and Frills About Lotus Birth

Giving birth outside a medical facility is becoming a trend. Aside from the water birth, the lotus birth arises the interest and curiosity of many expectant mothers and pondering if it is suitable to them. Is it okay to shift from the common hospital delivery? Before you decide, learn the facts that surrounded the lotus birth. … Read moreWomen’s Health

A Woman’s Body after a Miscarriage

It might have been hard to deal with a sudden and unexpected miscarriage if you rejoiced about a positive pregnancy test just weeks or months later. Even if you never saw your child, you knew he would grow in you. You might have dreamt of your baby and have assumed that you were a mom. … Read moreWomen’s Health

What to Know: Herbals for Birth Control

Nowadays, there are so many forms of birth control that are available for women. In all sense, this is to prevent getting pregnant. Many types of birth controls contain synthetic hormones that actually stop the woman’s ovulation or stopping the sperm from meeting the egg. For some reason, these types of birth control can sometimes … Read moreWomen’s Health

A Closer Look at New Choice Pregnancy Test Kit

Is it positive or negative? Are you having a baby or not? Well, the signs and the symptoms are all present – missed period, mild cramps, nausea, fatigue, tender breasts and bloating among others. If you are a first-timer, all of these feel new to you. But if you already have a baby, these are … Read moreWomen’s Health

Miscarriage Outcomes: What Happens to Your Body After?

Having a miscarriage is considered one of the most painful, traumatic and devastating events that may happen in a woman’s life. All her excitement and joy are gone. A woman will not only undergo a spiritual or emotional pain, but she also can experience some physical pain upon losing the unborn child. This is down … Read moreWomen’s Health

Top 10 Lies about Pregnancy

Congratulations you’re pregnant! It is such an exciting time for you to plan on baby names and of course prepare everything you need during your glorious nine months journey. However, when other people find out about the bun in the oven, you get flooded with so much information. People will bombard you with pregnancy rules and … Read moreWomen’s Health

Everything You Need to Know about Ovulation

Most couples have a 25 to 30 percent chance of getting pregnant. Statistically, this is a very high possibility especially if you are able to conceive around the time of ovulation.  First, let us understand what is ovulation. It is a time where a woman is the most fertile because of the release of a mature … Read moreWomen’s Health

How Does Phantom Pregnancy Differ From Actual Pregnancy

It’s generally simple to see that these symptoms add up to, well, a pregnancy. Nausea, weakness, and swelling breasts; these are some of the common indications of pregnancy. It is not the case, however, in rare instances. What is phantom pregnancy?  False pregnancy, or by the clinical word pseudocyesis, is also known as a phantom pregnancy. … Read moreWomen’s Health

What Happens During the Fourth Trimester?

The fourth quarter of your baby’s development begins with birth and lasts in your baby’s three months of age. The phrase is used to define a period of a big evolution of your baby. It focuses on how it adapts outside of your womb to its new surroundings. What is the fourth trimester? The word … Read moreWomen’s Health

Why Does Semen Burn Sometimes?

You know very well that sex is all about pleasure, excitement, and enjoyment. It indeed feels good doing it with the love of your life. Moreover, it is said to present with a lot of health benefits. However, in other cases, sex can be downright uncomfortable. As many women enjoy it both during and after the … Read moreWomen’s Health

For Expecting Moms, is an Apple a Day Okay?

Proper nutrition and a healthy diet are very vital to a pregnant woman. She is advised by doctors and obstetricians to be very careful with her food intake for what she eats, she also feeds to the baby on her womb. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. This is an adage that has … Read moreWomen’s Health

Labor Facts: What You Should Expect During Labor Time

As your due date approaches, it is reasonable to ask how long the average delivery time for most females is. It could be in the hope of anticipating how long your labor and service period will last. The issue is that the duration of labor is not strict and rapid, as many variables can influence … Read moreWomen’s Health

What You Didn’t Know About Nausea While Breastfeeding

It is a known fact that breastfeeding is good for babies. It has some amazing benefits that no other formula can provide. Breastfeeding will not just give your baby all the natural nutrients he or she needs, but it will also make your baby feel even more close to you. That special bond is something … Read moreWomen’s Health

Pregnancy Diet: How Safe is it to Eat Apricot During Pregnancy?

Who doesn’t love apricots? Oh, a delicious, healthy kind of fruit that resembles a peach and can be eaten dry or wet. Delicious and sweet, apricots are as well used as a dessert! They are high in nutritional content and are rich in vitamins and minerals essential for our body. However, when you get pregnant, … Read moreWomen’s Health

Is Walking Safe During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is the time where you should take extra precautions in making sure every activity and the food you eat is necessary and good for the well-being being of your baby. Exercising is no exception, it is advisable but at the same time, there are specific exercises that should only be used because they are … Read moreWomen’s Health

Can You Reuse a Pregnancy Test?

A Pregnancy test kit is stress-free to use. The result is precise and helps you to find out if you’re pregnant. It’s simple to use, just simply pee on a stick. These kits are not expensive and always available in most drug stores and grocery stores. However, some women believe some internet tales to re-use the pregnancy … Read moreWomen’s Health

The Premature Birth: All the Things You Need to Know

Unexpected occurrences tend to happen in pregnancy. You will be wondering, what you did as to why this happened. Following this, pregnant women are recommended to be prepared at any cost for there are things that would not be seen coming despite gearing up with their doctor. We are talking about your earlier delivery here. … Read moreWomen’s Health

When do You Get Your First Postpartum Period?

After a child, it is normal for a woman’s menstrual cycle to change. Some women have either more painful times, while others figure their cycles easier. Periods may be uncertain. But it may also reverse back to normal over time in the months following childbirth.  There is no way to predict how birth affects the periodic … Read moreWomen’s Health

All About Your First Period After C-Section

It is a fact that there will be a lot of changes in your body once you get pregnant. But, there will be more changes once you deliver your baby via cesarean section. A lot of women choose to have a normal delivery but in some cases like an emergency delivery, the mother will not … Read moreWomen’s Health

How Can You Tell if the Baby’s Position is Head Down?

Your baby’s position in the womb is very important because it will determine the kind of labor that you will have so that you could prepare for it. The best position is the anterior or posterior position or known in lay man’s term as the fetus’s head is down. Every pregnant woman wants to have … Read moreWomen’s Health

Why You Should Get a Blood Pregnancy Test

You might already have taken a home pregnancy test, but now your doctor may suggest you do a blood test as well. What specifically is a blood pregnancy test, and how does it deviate from a urine examination?  What is a hemoglobin pregnancy test? A blood pregnancy test attests to how abundant hCG (or human … Read moreWomen’s Health

Know More About Pregnancy Trackers

Nowadays, technology is really the thing for everybody. It’s amazing how everyone’s life is changing through technology. People live a convenient life already because according to them, technology makes our lives easier. And yes, we really can’t deny that. The same is correct when it comes to pregnant women. These days, pregnancy tracking applications are … Read moreWomen’s Health

Ready or Not: 9 Crucial Things to Consider Before Having a Baby

Having a baby is life-changing, not only for the mother but for the couple as a whole. Bringing a baby into this world comes with accountability, duties, and never-ending responsibilities that should be done and fulfilled by the parents. For couples to come up with the big decision, they need to ask each other’s opinions … Read moreWomen’s Health

Week 8 of Twin Pregnancy

Isn’t it too early to celebrate? You might be going through a lot during this pregnancy period but still, it is a great time to celebrate now that you’re eight weeks pregnant with twins!  Double the joy and happiness all at once, however, since during the 8th week of pregnancy you can experience a rapid … Read moreWomen’s Health

DIY: The Baking Soda Pregnancy Test Kit

Your period has been delayed for a couple of days now. You are experiencing somebody changes related to pregnancy like fatigue, headache, nausea and vomiting, constipation and mood swings. Are you suspecting that you are pregnant? Or you are having a second thought that it is just a mere reaction of the body to some … Read moreWomen’s Health

What is a Chorionic Villus Sampling Test

Chorionic villus sampling (CVS) is a pregnancy test for the detection of particular malformations in an unborn fetus. A cell swab is drawn from the placenta; the mother’s blood production apparatus; which has been examined for genetic abnormalities. What is CVS? CVS is an aid to amniocentesis in which the amniotic fluid of the parent … Read moreWomen’s Health

Prenatal Ultrasound: What You Should know?

A pregnancy ultrasound is a study that utilizes high-frequency sound waves to picture the growing child as well as the reproductive organs of the mother. The average amount of ultrasounds depends on the pregnancy. An ultrasound, also known as a sonogram, can assist in monitoring average growth and tracking future issues. In addition to conventional … Read moreWomen’s Health

What Do I Do With My Leftover Tomatoes?

Overview Ah, summertime! Summer is the time where there is an abundance of tropical delights, from pineapples, bananas, mangoes, apricots, avocados, and tomatoes! Dear writer, are you sure? Why would you include tomatoes in the list of summer fruits that are tasty and delightful? Well, first and foremost, tomatoes may not be your typical fruit … Read moreWomen’s Health

A Common Cold, is it Something to Worry About?

A common cold is characterized when the viral infection irritates and infects the upper respiratory tract that targets the nose and throat. When you have colds, it is important to treat it right away to avoid possible complications. It may be a minor form of sickness, but it can still give an inconvenience and irritation … Read moreWomen’s Health

What Should You Know When Doing the Ultrasound at 20 Weeks of Pregnancy

When my wife and I were about to see the ultrasound at 20 weeks of pregnancy, we both are crazy-excited. The most exciting part of the ultra-sound session is to know the sex of our first baby. I will never forget how my mind was blown when I saw how my little one looked like and … Read moreWomen’s Health

Eating Avocados Essential Guide for Pregnant and Lactating Mothers

Avocados! So Yummy, So Healthy, So Good! Avocados are a fruit delicacy that almost everyone enjoys, just like other common fruits such as apple, oranges, and grapes, avocado is a well-known,  unique and tasty tropical fruit that is a common addition to the plates of all households all over the world. However, many pregnant women … Read moreWomen’s Health

What is a Chorionic Villus Sampling Test

Chorionic villus sampling (CVS) is a pregnancy test for the detection of particular malformations in an unborn fetus. A cell swab is drawn from the placenta, the mother’s blood production apparatus, which has been examined for genetic abnormalities. What is CVS? CVS is an aid to amniocentesis in which the amniotic fluid of the parent … Read moreWomen’s Health

Accu Clear Pregnancy Test the Best Home Pregnancy Test Kit

To be pregnant is the most meaningful event in a woman’s life. But for some, it may be tough. Some men can feel happiness but for some sadness. But whatever will be the emotions, pregnant mom and the pregnancy must be taken seriously at the onset of knowing that precious life is developing inside the … Read moreWomen’s Health

Accu-clear Pregnancy Test Guide How to Use it Properly

Are you worried that you’re pregnant or might be excited to know the possibility of being a mom? Whether you’re worried and wary about the outcomes of pregnancy; or happy that your wish might be fulfilled, you could expect to Accu-clear pregnancy test to help you get started! What is Accu-clear pregnancy test? Accu clear … Read moreWomen’s Health

A Thorough Guide to Dandelion Pregnancy Tests

Long before over-the-counter pregnancy tests developed, females found natural methods to check their premature pregnancy. These homemade pregnancy tests have passed the time limit.  Also, they are still used by females who have tight budgets or do not trust contemporary medical testing processes for whatever purpose.  What is a dandelion pregnancy test? One of the … Read moreWomen’s Health

A Guide To The Rare Cases of Cryptic Pregnancies

Pregnancy is one of the most sensitive periods for a woman. She must remain careful of her actions, food intake, sleep, and more. It’s a joy for many married couples to find out that they are pregnant, which leads them to do their best during the pregnancy period.  But not all women are fortunate enough … Read moreWomen’s Health

Giving Birth – How Long Does Labor Last

Giving birth is a precious event that every mother has been longing for. Nine months have passed and you are near the big day that your little one will come out. It sounds exciting and at the same time, you are nervous because you know that giving birth would cause you any danger. Pregnancy is … Read moreWomen’s Health

All About the Uterus Endometrial Shape, Cancer, Known facts

What does the uterine shape look like? What is its importance and how relevant is the organ in getting pregnant? Uterus and its philosophic symbolism This organ is a great symbol of womanhood and motherhood. It is commonly attributed to the symbolism of fertility and abundance is an amazing part of the woman’s reproductive system … Read moreWomen’s Health

The Overactive Letdown During Pregnancy: Signs and Solutions

The letdown reflex (or milk launch reflex) is the thing that makes the milk in your bosoms accessible to the child. Modest nerve endings on the nipple and areola are animated by the infant suckling at your bosom. This makes the hormone oxytocin be discharged from your cerebrum, which makes muscles around the milk-production tissue … Read moreWomen’s Health

Swollen Feet After C Section Remedies

Postpartum swelling is common during pregnancy but it can be a source of inconvenience as well as it leads to discomfort. The combination of extra blood, as well as hormone changes, also leads to swelling post pregnancy which is otherwise called pitting edema. Most of the women experience a lot of problems due to postpartum; … Read moreWomen’s Health

Baking Soda Gender Test

Confirmation of pregnancy can come as a blessing to most couples who have been trying to conceive for a really long time. When they are pregnant, they can’t help to know the gender of their child. The desire and need to co-ordinate the nursery and the baby’s clothes are driving most new parents to find … Read moreWomen’s Health

Bath After C-Section and its Benefits

Bath after c section is one of the things that the pregnant is interested about. Childbirth is considered a very clean affair. Also; the first thing you may probably look forward to after the process of giving birth is a comfortable bath. Nevertheless; you probably can’t be sure if you had to take a bath … Read moreWomen’s Health

The Dry Lips During Pregnancy 

The dry lips or (dry mouth) is considered as a common symptom which is related to pregnancy. This is in part because the pregnant needs to drink a lot of water because that is assisting the baby to be developed. The changing of hormones can also be another reason to make an effect on oral … Read moreWomen’s Health

The Most Accurate Pregnancy Tests

The pregnancy test is working by checking the urine or the pee for the hormone known as the human chronic gonadotropin (HCG). For example, if they were negative that implies you are not pregnant .it is most accurate when the taking of the pregnancy tests was after having to miss already the period. Best Overall: … Read moreWomen’s Health

How To Determine The Sex Of a Child During Pregnancy?

Child during pregnancy, if you are pregnant, you may be interested in your baby’s sexual knowledge. There is an early prediction method for accurate predictions for children’s gender. Let’s take a closer look at these methods and find out how accurate your child’s gender is. Do you know what it’s like? Method Accuracy Pregnancy of … Read moreWomen’s Health

The Most Common Signs Of Labor

There are many signs of labor that assist in illustrating that you are towards the way to be pregnant. So worried about early labor? It can sometimes be stopped with a combination of medication and bed rest, but if you think there is a problem, here’s a warning sign, all you need to know about … Read moreWomen’s Health

What To Do After a Positive Home Pregnancy Test? Steps And Care

Looking at this positive sign in a home pregnancy test will definitely cause an avalanche of emotions. There may be many questions! In most cases, what to do next? Whether it’s a complete surprise or something he’s been planning for a while, it’s time to call his OBGYN in Jacksonville. This is what you should … Read moreWomen’s Health

Positive Pregnancy Test But Does Not Feel Pregnant

Getting Turned on at the Gynecologist – is it Normal? How Can You Tell if the Baby’s Position is Head Down? Why You Should Get a Blood Pregnancy Test DIY: The Baking Soda Pregnancy Test Kit What is a Chorionic Villus Sampling Test Prenatal Ultrasound: What You Should know?

Pregnancy Test Dollar Family: The Available Pregnancy Test

Late periods always lead to fear of pregnancy. Enormous drug stores and retailers sell costly pregnancy tests, however, there are less expensive approaches to give the equivalent accurate technique for assessment, yet with an exceptionally staggering expense. The family Dollar pregnancy test is moderate and accurate: it will likewise cost just$1. Most ladies are uncertain … Read moreWomen’s Health

What To Expect On The First Ultrasound: 12 Most Important

What is ultrasound? Well, according to the dictionary, it’s a medical diagnostic test that uses high-frequency sound waves to create an internal body image. This tool measures the Echo when restoring sound. These records form an image on the screen that allows the doctor to see exactly what is happening inside. During pregnancy, ultrasound is … Read moreWomen’s Health

What To Do After a Positive Pregnancy Test: Best Suitable Ideas To Do

It is normal to cause a lot of emotions, worries, doubts, and anxiety for a positive pregnancy test. Whether it’s a planned pregnancy or not, there are some important next steps you should consider and take. If, like most ladies, you don’t have the foggiest idea what to do straight away, here are some helpful … Read moreWomen’s Health

Maternity Leave Conditions, Amount & Procedures

Duration, prenatal or postnatal leave, conditions, and procedures… What you need to know about maternity leave for expectant mothers and young mothers. The duration of maternity leave The duration of maternity leave benefits has been extended for self-employed women. They now have an additional 38 days to reach the same number of days as employees. … Read moreWomen’s Health

Can You be Pregnant and Still Get a Negative Pregnancy Test?

Modern home pregnancy tests (which encourage you to urinate with human chorionic gonadotropin or HCG, a wand to look for the presence of a hormone that occurs during pregnancy; so this means that in most cases getting negative results in a pregnancy test is probably not pregnant. Be that as it may, there are a few circumstances … Read moreWomen’s Health

Ultimate Guide to How Find Out Baby’s Gender During Pregnancy?

In the event that you are pregnant, you might be intrigued to know the sex of your child, so how find out the baby’s gender during pregnancy? There are early strategies for gauging, following which you can precisely anticipate the youngster. These are strategies that specialists use to decide the sex of a tyke. We … Read moreWomen’s Health

Breastfeeding: Little Issues You Face And How You Can Solve Them

When you are nursing a baby, you may have several problems, which can poison this milk bond. Here are our tips for dealing with it. While breastfeeding is the healthiest and most natural choice to feed a baby, breastfeeding can also be a source of little hassle and difficulty, and sometimes even greater worry. Fortunately, … Read moreWomen’s Health

How Accurate Is An Expired Pregnancy Test

Have you ever had nausea in the last few days, worrying about being pregnant; postponing your period? Do you know when there’s a pregnancy test in the closet? I’m wondering if it can be used even if it has expired. A home pregnancy test is speedy and simple to utilize. In addition, you can check … Read moreWomen’s Health

Why Period Cramps Occur And How To Relieve Them

We’re all experiencing menstrual cramps. While some women are regular as clockwork and can predict seizures before the day; others rarely or never go through the pain of menstrual cramps, they are what many of us plan to expect; but never have time to think about it, such as menstrual bleeding itself. What Is Menstrual … Read moreWomen’s Health

Can You Take Excedrin While Breastfeeding

Are you trying to make sure that you have found something that you can safely feed your baby? You can ask the question: “Can I take Excedrin during lactation for a while? Can I Take Excedrin During Lactation Or Is It Dangerous? In this article; we will teach you everything you need to know about … Read moreWomen’s Health

When Can You Hear a Baby’s Heart Beat With a Stethoscope?

Having discovered that she is pregnant, she is probably looking forward to hearing your baby’s heartbeat, so how can you hear the baby’s heartbeat with a stethoscope? It is one of the most wonderful sounds out there. Furthermore, it presumably sounds simply like a registration; yet consistently there are enormous changes in the heart and … Read moreWomen’s Health

Does the Bleach Pregnancy Test Work?

For some people, it’s a good idea to give them a discount while others believe it’s an innovative way to evaluate pregnancy and rarely have to spend money on it. So what is right and what is wrong? This article contains all you need to know about a chlorine pregnancy test; whether it is a … Read moreWomen’s Health

Glucose Tests During Pregnancy

Glucose tests during pregnancy test to check the level of glucose (sugar)in the blood of pregnant women. Gestational diabetes is high glucose (diabetes) that begins or is perceived during pregnancy. The glucose screening, for the most part, occurs close to the part of the bargain trimester, somewhere in the range of 24 and 28 weeks … Read moreWomen’s Health

When Is It Easier To Breastfeed? Best Tips For Pain Relief

When is it easier to breastfeed? Don’t give up! Learn effective ways to stop painful and painful breastfeeding. I was able to breastfeed and found it didn’t hurt. Indeed, even following a couple of long periods of uneasiness, bolstering my infant was difficult. I can’t take the torment any longer and when breastfeeding harms? The … Read moreWomen’s Health

Alternatives to Breastfeeding May Moms not Know

Sometimes breastfeeding may not work for every mom for that you should look for some alternatives to breastfeeding for your newborn. There are many things that can go wrong: lack of supplies, inverted nipples, hitch problems, medical complications, and the list goes on and on. Some women prefer not to breastfeed, while others simply cannot. … Read moreWomen’s Health

The Diverse Types Of Prenatal Vitamins

When you eat a healthy and balanced diet, we guarantee you one of the best ways for the healthiest pregnancy, it is important to take your vitamins as very many experts present. The reason why many professionals approve that taking supplements in your diet with suitable prenatal vitamins while trying to conceive and even when … Read moreWomen’s Health

Pain Treatments: How To Treat Nipples Pain

In the first days of breastfeeding, pain in the nipples may occur. On average, around 90% of newbie moms have actual nipple pain soreness. This is a temporary very common case and usually disappears on its own after a few days. Most moms find out that nipple pain shows up on the fifth day of … Read moreWomen’s Health

10 Yoga Poses To Boost Your Fertility

Studies have shown that Yoga Poses can aid in reducing stress, which naturally affects fertility. Some experts as well think that specified Yoga Poses can help enhance your chances of having a baby by the increase of blood flow to the pelvis, which stimulates the glands that produce hormones, and then release any muscle tension … Read moreWomen’s Health

Quitting Smoking While Pregnant

Protecting your child from cigarette smoke is one of the best things you can do to lead your child to a good start. It could be pretty tough to quit smoking, however, it is never too late to stop it. Cigarettes could resist the flow of the essential oxygen that should be supplied to your … Read moreWomen’s Health

Sex During Pregnancy: Everything You Need To Know About It

While your belly grows bigger, women may find that some positions are more convenient for you. Openly talking about sex can help both partners to enjoy it during pregnancy. Continue reading; we will be talking about some sexual tips to follow during pregnancy. Also, we will discuss when sex should be avoided and how it … Read moreWomen’s Health

IVF: The Treatments And The Whole Dilemma

I hope sometimes is all we need to move when we are broken and devastated. This is what protects us from sometimes challenging the injustice of nature and other coincidences. Women who ask for IVF to be able to get pregnant are enthusiastic. But this enthusiasm should be within the framework of logic and research. … Read moreWomen’s Health

8 Power Foods To Get You Pregnant

Could specific power foods increase your fertility and ability to have a baby? In fact, if you have started adding your own family members or have been trying to get pregnant for some time, below is the list of what you should and what you should not eat. 1. Beans. They absolutely are the magical … Read moreWomen’s Health

Most Asked Questions About Morning Sickness By Pregnant Women

Given the fact that so many pregnant women suffer from morning nausea, there is a place for false alarms. This misinformation includes stories about old spouses and other myths. You may have heard of, from different people. For What Reason Is It Called Morning Sickness When You Have It Throughout the Night? The typical Nausea … Read moreWomen’s Health

How To Ease Morning Sickness

Nausea usually occurs in the first 3 months of pregnancy. It starts more often in the morning and dissolves when it became a constant force. Although the treatment for morning sickness will not be effective for you, there are various ways in which you can try to find a little relief. Approaches To Relieve Morning … Read moreWomen’s Health

Pregnancy and Hunger: the Increased Appetite During Pregnancy

You can’t control your insatiable hunger during pregnancy. Here are some effective ways and solutions to deal with it. Have you ever felt like you’re never full? You have an increase in the appetite during your pregnancy, especially in the middle of it, when the morning sickness decreases, and the desire of eating increases and … Read moreWomen’s Health

Low Carb Pregnancy Diet: Does It Increase The Risk Of Birth Defects?

Recent studies suggest that low-carbohydrate diets can increase the risk of birth defects. Is it because of the absence of carb, or is it something else? You can learn more about this; how many carbohydrates women will need during their pregnancy and how the mother’s diet affects the metabolism of the baby and his health … Read moreWomen’s Health

Eating Hot Dogs And Barbecues While Pregnant

Hot Dog Burger, Pork. Check the foods that pregnant women can eat, and the important foods that you should avoid before you go to any restaurant. On the off chance that you get yourself pregnant during the hotter months in the year, there is most likely a terrace for Grill (or three!) on the schedule. … Read moreWomen’s Health

Can Pregnant Women Eat Ice? all you need to know

Eating ice during your pregnancy seems joyful, and you do not know why? But you like it! This article will give you some information to help you know, if craving ice while you are pregnant, is safe or not. So you can finally know what is going on in your body! Having a strong desire … Read moreWomen’s Health

Pregnancy Surprises: Six Unexpected Body Changes After Pregnancy

Pregnancy surprises, for sure you know that your body has just done something incredible and you know that your chest is different now, it will take some time until your body heals completely. Here are other things you may face: You Can’t Get Rid Of Your Belly: That’s one of so many women’s problems, and … Read moreWomen’s Health

Pregnant Women in Heels: is it Safe?

During pregnancy, wearing any kind of high heels is in general not a good idea. Because during this period your weight increases and your body shape changes, as well as the center of gravity. Heels are making you walk in a different way and make you less steadily. Falling during pregnancy while wearing heels may … Read moreWomen’s Health

Celebrities and Their Experience With Surrogate

Many celebrities have struggled with infertility problems. They were hoping for a chance to have babies as the rest of their parents, but because of some pregnancy risks, they were prevented from such a joy. Celebrities Here are 11 celebrities who chose a gestational surrogate to bring a baby to life. Celebrities: Katey Sagal The … Read moreWomen’s Health

Miscarriage: Saying Goodbye Before Hello!

What is it? Miscarriage or pregnancy loss, known in the medical field as ‘spontaneous abortion’, occurs when the fetus dies. The woman should pay attention to the issue that comes from her vagina and let the doctors examine it, the doctors may schedule D&C (dilation and curettage) in order to remove the remaining tissue from … Read moreWomen’s Health

Premature Ovarian Failure: Menopause Dilemma

On average, premature ovarian insufficiency, 1 in 1,000 women aged 15 and 29 and 1 in 100 women aged 30 and 39 suffer from early ovarian insufficiency known as early menopause. POF could touch a woman at any age. So where long before and after her baby or she is active as her baby. But … Read moreWomen’s Health

Your Go-To Guide For a Healthy Breastfeeding Diet

Some nutrient-filled foods could help keep your body and your milk amount great and healthy. Meanwhile, other food could be the reason for your low milk production which in turn has an impact on your baby’s digestive system. We are here to aid you to find out of all your breastfeeding food and Healthy Breastfeeding Diet concerns. Amount … Read moreWomen’s Health

The Link Binding Morning Sickness and Miscarriage

Nausea and miscarriage also called nausea and vomiting during pregnancy, occur in approximately 63% of pregnant women. The morning nausea is usually the most severe during the beginning of pregnancy, and the symptoms sound few in late pregnancy. Studies have shown that women suffering from morning nausea are less likely to suffer abortion and other … Read moreWomen’s Health

Common Pregnancy Travel Worries Answered

Zika-virus warnings, annoying airport metal detectors, and germ-filled airplane seats, it’s simple and normal to feel like taking a vacation when you’re pregnant is a hustle rather than a relaxing fun experience. Here’s how to handle the 3 most common Pregnancy Travel Worries, therefore, you and your bump can take a flight without any fears. Pregnancy … Read moreWomen’s Health

Tips to Follow to Eliminate Your C-Section Scar From Your Body

Not all mothers deliver their babies naturally. Few mothers opt to deliver their babies through a caesarian section because it is more convenient for them or; maybe due to the complication in their pregnancy—which enables them to deliver their baby through a C-section. However, having your baby via a C-section can leave you with a … Read moreWomen’s Health

The Pros and Cons of Co-sleeping

Co-sleeping basically refers to the kind of sleeping which involves sleeping with others, cuddling and hugging. Obviously just like adults babies require affection too. It helps the baby sleep better and for long period of time without any fear. Co-sleeping is really necessary for better mental and physical development. Just like every other thing, co-sleeping … Read moreWomen’s Health

Best Ways to Relieve Your Labor Pain

When you receive the good news that you are expecting, you immediately brace yourself with overwhelming nausea and unexpected morning sickness. You also cope with cramps and kicks from time to time, and the whole sequence of feeling nauseous, drowsy, and lethargy are prolonged until it is time to deliver the baby and to courageously … Read moreWomen’s Health

Significance of Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle to Get Pregnant Fast

If you are attempting to enhance your probability of getting pregnant fast; it is time to invest in self-care and healthy diet to achieve your goal. If you are considering expecting a child; then you should know that your body travels through a lot of changes during pregnancy, and a healthy start leads towards a … Read moreWomen’s Health

The Most Common Problems Parents go to the Pediatrician

Most of the parents are often concerned about their newborns and rush to the pediatricians every now and then, for every single problem and issue, more specifically the parents with the first child and no experience. Well, going to the pediatrician isn’t bad at all, you can always go to the doctor, but make sure … Read moreWomen’s Health