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Pregnancy Surprises: Six Unexpected Body Changes After Pregnancy

Pregnancy surprises, for sure you know that your body has just done something incredible and you know that your chest is different now, it will take some time until your body heals completely. Here are other things you may face:

You Can’t Get Rid Of Your Belly:

That’s one of so many women’s problems, and it is not surprising that the abdominal muscles are separated to take the Baby. It is essential that you can do this even after childbirth. If the muscle ligaments are running parallel down your belly, they leave gaps in between. One- third of women remain a year after birth; she continued to have a massive belly with scars.

According to a study reports of the British Journal of Sports Medicine, Jonathan Shaphyle, obstetrician and gynecologist at the Wexner Medical Center at the University of Ohio said: Exercise is often recommended, and some studies have shown that exercises are targeting the deep abdominal muscles, referred to as the transverse muscles. However, the Jury has not yet determined exactly what they need to do and how much it speeds healing. In a review of 2014, they did analyze eight studies. Therefore, they found no solution, but still, in severe cases, they advise women to correct what they have with surgery.

Your Libido Is Back, Faster Than You Expect:

Pregnancy Surprises: Six Unexpected Body Changes After Pregnancy
Pregnancy Surprises: Six Unexpected Body Changes After Pregnancy

Traditionally, they said that you have to wait six weeks to have sex. But the truth is that 26% of women are immediately prepared for sexual activities, some researchers said that one of the reasons behind this might be to please their partners (because more than half of them gave their partners oral sex), but the desire is also there. In fact, 40% said they had masturbated. Researchers suggest that it is normal for women to rely on their knowledge about their physical and sexual needs. For this reason, Christine Curry, MD, Ph.D. at the Miami University of Health Systems, recommends conducting a conversation with your doctor during pregnancy to avoid any unwanted surprises.

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You, Will, Be Farting a Lot:

Pregnant women know that Gas is produced when growing a baby inside their bellies. But what you can’t be prepared for is that Gas can stay inside for a long time. Injury in the pelvic nerve, which is referred to as the Pudendal nerve during labor, leads to what is called «flat incontinence « (a medical term that means farts and pee cannot be controlled).  It is always better if you talk to your doctor, use the doctor’s language to say things like “sometimes it comes out without my permission or by surprises”, which can roll over the dialogue and make it less embarrassing.

Your Pelvic Hurts Beyond The Stitches:

In case you had a vaginal delivery, you will not be informed that your Vagina has undergone some changes. What you might think is that something else happened in your pelvic area. “The uterus is usually loose, and the bladder is lower. It is normal, and that actually shouldn’t affect you,” says Schaffer. Problems arise when things are stretched a lot as if they had a big Baby, and the uterus and bladder fall more profound into your Vagina than they should. This can lead to a pelvic discomfort, pain, and problems, he says. You may also find that coughing causes some bulges. This might occur straight away right after giving birth. However, if this lasts longer than two months, see a doctor as soon as possible.

Your Thyroid Reacts Too:

Growing a small baby inside your body changes your immune system in a way that is not fully understood, says Curry. Examples of these lasting effects: 5-10% of women suffer from temporary thyroid problems. The glands may be sub active (hypothyroidism) or hyperactive (hyperthyroidism). Some of these symptoms (fatigue, weight changes, mood swings) are easy to disappear and go. Fortunately, most women’s thyroids will be good again within a year, and your doctor may prescribe some thyroids medication if there’s a necessity.

Your Veins Pop-Out

Pregnancy Surprises: Six Unexpected Body Changes After Pregnancy
Pregnancy Surprises: Six Unexpected Body Changes After Pregnancy

While Stretch marks have been given much attention, there are other marks accompany pregnancy: The clearer veins. When you are pregnant, the veins of your feet spread, says Schaffer. “Some women have bulging varicose veins that occur and appear after pregnancy,” he adds. (It can occur on your Vulva too.) If the veins are stretched, they may be reduced after giving birth, but they will never go back to the usual case the way they used to be before. But still, you can ask your doctor for nonsurgical options, such as laser treatments.

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