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Pregnancy Week: Is it Normal to Not Feel Pregnant at 13 Weeks?

You’re 13 weeks pregnant and you’re in the final days of the first trimester. But, is it normal to not feel pregnant at 13 weeks? After the first semester, possibilities of miscarriage are minimal. Also, a lot is going on with both your body and the unborn child in this stage. 

Changes in Your Body

As you’re about to enter your second trimester, your level of hormones is evening out as your placenta assumes production. If it’s your 13 weeks pregnant not showing no symptoms, you might feel calm with extra space and stretch that pregnancy groups offer. Know about the abdominal discomfort during pregnancy.

Your Unborn Child

At 13 weeks pregnant belly not hard, your unborn has developed to the size of a peapod. The intestines of your baby which spent the past weeks developing in the umbilical cord are going back to the tummy. Tissue across your baby’s head, legs and arms are gradually strengthening into the bone. Your baby has even begun urinating in the amniotic fluid and most this fluid be constituted of your baby’s urine from now up until the end of your gestation.

When you’re about 17 to 20 weeks pregnant, you can determine your baby’s gender through ultrasound. If your prenatal appointment is approaching, you can listen to the heartbeat by using a Doppler machine. You can buy a similar device for home but know that they can be hard to operate.

Twin Growth at Week 13

This week, your baby is almost 4 inches and each mass is over an ounce. The tissue will become legs and arms and bone around the twin’s head is developing this week though you’re 13 weeks pregnant not showing no symptoms. Also, your baby has started urinating in the amniotic fluid that envelops them.

13 Weeks Pregnant What to Expect

By 13th week, you will observe your earlier signs start to disappear and get yourself a happy state before completely approaching your second trimester. If you’re still suffering from exhaustion or vomiting, you can expect to lessen the signs in the coming weeks.

You may also feel:

  • high energy
  • fatigue
  • leaky breasts
  • round ligament discomfort

Higher energy

Aside from round ligament discomfort and persistent first trimester signs, you can start feeling more dynamic. Some describe the second trimester as the “honeymoon stage” of gestation because most signs disappear. Before you realize it, you’re in the third trimester and feeling new symptoms such as back pain, swollen ankles, and agitated sleep.

Round ligament Discomfort

Currently, your uterus is continuously growing. You can feel the top of it above your pelvic bone. Therefore, you can start to feel a sharp lower abdominal discomfort called round ligament soreness when you rise or change positions too fast. In many cases, these feelings are not signs of something severe. Some women are 13 weeks pregnant no round ligament pain. But if you have discomfort with chills, bleeding, and fever, call your doctor immediately.

Leaky breasts

The breast of a pregnant mother is also changing. As early as the second trimester, you start producing colostrum, the precursor to breast milk. It’s yellow or light orange, thick and sticky. From time to time, you may observe leaking breasts but if there’s no pain, then you’re 13 weeks pregnant and feeling good.

When does pregnancy start to feel real? You’re not behind time to start eating healthy to feed your body and your baby. Enjoy whole foods that have enough vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats. Try adding lean protein from eggs, beans and oily fish in your meals and remember to avoid foods including:

  • raw seafood like sushi
  • seafood
  • raw eggs
  • raw meats
  • caffeine and alcohol
  • unpasteurized foods such as soft cheeses
  • uncleaned fruits and vegetables
  • some herbal teas
  • lunch meats, though these are considered safe if you heat them before consuming.

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