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The Reasons why Breastfeeding is Crucial

When a mother is expecting a child; she establishes a bond with him by carrying him for nine months in her wounds. Similarly, when her child is born, she further strengthens her bond with him through breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding: an ultimate way to protect and connect with your newly born baby

Several medical institutes like the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) and American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP); strongly emphasizes new mother to breastfeed her child for a number of reasons.

Science proved that breastfeeding not only benefits the child but, it also benefits the mother.

The following reasons entail that how breastfeeding your child can benefit you and him in the long run.

Protection from developing allergies

A newly born child is highly susceptible to developing allergies, and these allergies constitute to form severe diseases in him when he grows up.

A child who is breastfed develops immunity against developing allergies caused by bacteria and viruses.

Breast milk contains immune factors like IgA which develops a layer of protection on a baby’s intestinal tract, and it proves beneficial in preventing an allergic reaction in him.

Furthermore, the absence of their protective layer can contribute to an inflammation on the wall of the intestine; and it could accumulate undigested proteins in a baby’s gut; which becomes a primary root cause for an allergic reaction in your baby.

Reduced heart diseases:

When a child is brought into the world, the pediatricians strongly recommend admitting him to a NICU or nursery to look for any potential pre-birth diseases in him.

However, few babies are born with heart diseases, and they are operated on after they are born.

One of the benefits of breastfeeding a child is that it develops immunity against heart diseases, and it decreases the chances of developing high blood pressure in him.

Enhanced cognitive skills:

Several expert pediatricians, gynecologists, and obstetricians strongly urge new mothers to breastfeeds their newborns—which helps them to develop cogitative skills at an early phase.

Science proves that babies who are breastfed tend to develop cognitive skills and it contributes to the development of their learning; psychological, and behavioral aspects when they grow.

In addition to that, it is believed that a child who is breastfed performs better than the child who was formula-fed by his mother.

If you are a new mother—you can connect with your child by breastfeeding him.

It can benefit you as follows:

Emotional satisfaction:

Birthing a child is an exhilarating and emotionally overwhelming process, and it could create unresponsiveness in the maternal instincts of a mother.

An obstetrician often advises the new mother to breastfeed the newborn child to reignite her born with it.

It is proven that most new mothers tend to seek emotional satisfaction and rebuild their motherly instincts by breastfeeding their child.

When a mother breastfeeds her child; it releases prolactin and oxytocin in her body which builds emotional satisfaction in her and induces a nurturing sensation in her which brings her closer to her newborn.

The induction of these two hormones creates a passionate feeling of attachment and love with her baby.

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Reduces post-partum issues:

After delivering her child; a mother succumbs herself to post-partum depression, and it acts as an obstruction from connecting her to the child.

The occurrence of PPD in women after delivering her baby is high, and it could take her months to recuperate from it.

However, a mother can begin to cope with her PPD by trying to breastfeed her baby; and it helps her to recover quickly.

Also, a woman that breastfeeds her child is more likely to recover immediately from the aftermaths of childbirth.

Breastfeeding her child also releases oxytocin into her body—which helps her uterus to restore itself to its normal state, and it also helps the reduction of post-partum bleeding in a mother.

Additionally, breastfeeding your child can also improve your menstrual cycle to an extent, and it helps you to menstruate easily and painlessly after delivering your child.

If you are concerned about losing your pregnancy weight; you should try breastfeeding your child as it is proven beneficial in the reduction of pregnancy weight.

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