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Teaching Kids To Ride A Bike – Step By Step Guide

Getting a child to ride a bike for the first time can be an exciting, yet nerve-wracking experience. It can take time and patience to teach your little one how to ride on two wheels, but it’s worth the effort.

Here’s a step by step guide that will help you get your child up and riding with confidence in no time!

How to teach a kid to ride a bike

Step 1: Prepare The Bike

Before you start teaching your child how to ride, make sure the bike is ready. Adjust the seat so that your child can reach the pedals comfortably. Make sure the brakes, chain, gears and tires are working properly.

Also check that there are no loose screws or sharp edges on the frame or handlebars.

Step 2: Introduce Your Child To The Bike

Have your child sit on the bike and push off with their feet while you hold onto them from behind so they don’t fall over. Let them get used to balancing on two wheels as they coast down a slight hill or flat surface.

This will help them gain confidence in their ability to balance on a bike before taking off pedaling.

Step 3: Start Pedaling Now

It’s time for your little one to start pedaling! Have them begin slowly as you continue running alongside them holding onto the back of their seat or handlebars (whichever they prefer).

As they become more comfortable and confident, gradually reduce how much you’re holding onto them until eventually you’re just running alongside with your hands lightly resting on their back for support. When they reach this point, they should be able to ride without any assistance from you at all!


With practice and patience, teaching a kid to ride a bike is something that any parent can do successfully! If things don’t work out right away, don’t give up – keep practicing and encouraging your little one until they get it right! Before long,

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