20 Lovely Quotes About How to Love Children That Will Surely Touch Your Heart

Encourage us by following our pinterest Having children changes your life. The changes may be overwhelming bringing you so much love and joy. Children make our life complete and if ever you are not a parent, you probably know how wonderful it is to be with them. Sometimes it is great to read some positive … Read moreParenting

25 Smart, Touching, Humorous Growing Up Quotes to Cherish Every Moment with Your Baby

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30 Sweet Quotes for Babies to Remind Them of Your Unconditional Love

Encourage us by following our pinterest You were dreaming to become a parent but as soon as the baby is born, you become overwhelmed. You come into a realization that you are now a parent and the responsibility is already in your hands to raise your little one and provide him with everything he needs … Read moreParenting

20 Best, Memorable Children’s Book Quotes That Bring Back Childhood Memories

Encourage us by following our pinterest They say you can find so much truth in children’s books. They are a fascinating source of lessons in life. For sure, we all remember the children’s books we read and some of them are still with us. Sometimes we take a look and read them again as we … Read moreParenting

25 Happy Divorce Quotes to Help You Let Go, Accept, and Move On

Encourage us by following our pinterest A failing marriage is never easy and happy to deal with. The worst scenario is that when it ends in a divorce which may cause so much pain and grief to both parties. However, your life shouldn’t stop after being divorced. You don’t need to dwell on sadness, regret, … Read moreParenting

25 Motivating Kindness Quotes for Kids to Impart the True Essence of Humanity

Encourage us by following our pinterest One of the best things that parents can do is to teach their children to be kind. In this way, you are able to impart something that makes them feel good about themselves. Kindness may sound simple but it can change the world around you. Teaching kindness to children … Read moreParenting

30 Inspirational Quotes to Fill Your Kids’ Life with Motivation and Positivity

Encourage us by following our pinterest There is no denying that children are the key to society’s future and so it is important for us, adults, most especially the parents to grow and inspire them big time, guide them in making this world a better place to live in. If we have the desire to … Read moreParenting

25 Meaningful Christmas Quotes for Kids and Kids-at-Heart

Encourage us by following our pinterest When we were kids, all of us believed in Santa. Christmas for us was about cool gifts, making cookies, milk, and cake. Santa Claus plays a huge part during Christmas for the little ones. He makes this time of the year more exciting and fun for the children. However, … Read moreParenting

25 Stirring Rainbow Baby Quotes That Grieving Parents Need to Read

Encourage us by following our pinterest Losing a child is painful and will always haunt parents forever. However, the pain is much heavier for parents who have lost their child before it gets a chance to live. This can be so devastating and coping with a stillbirth or miscarriage can get any parent extremely confused … Read moreParenting

20 Funny Parenting Quotes That Will Give Moms and Dads a Good Laugh

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15 Uplifting Thoughts and Quotes for Parents About Raising a Son

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10 Famous Quotes About Raising a Daughter to Inspire Every Parent

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25 Sweet, Heartwarming Messages and Quotes for Dad

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The 20 Most Meaningful Quotes for Your Mom

Encourage us by following our pinterest The word mother has many meanings. It can’t be defined in a single phrase. It may be just a word, but this single word carries all the kind of love that anyone could give.  To count how many ways a mother expresses her love and care to her child … Read moreParenting

7 Adorable Ways to Make Memorable Bonding Moments with Your Baby

Welcome to the world of parenthood, parents! From the very first day that you know you were pregnant, you probably imagined how you would carry and hold your cute, little baby for the very first time. You imagined how bonding with your baby would be, how you would spend your moments together,  and how your home would be … Read moreParenting

Second-Time Parenting – 6 Effective Ways on How to Balance a Newborn and a Toddler

As you welcome a new baby into the family, it brings joy and excitement for parents as well as the sibling. However, providing attention and care for two young children can be tiring, exhausting, and demanding. Since parenting two different children can be completely troublesome for parents, particularly moms, we have listed down here five effective tips … Read moreParenting

Motherhood Blues – 5 Reasons Why You Fight with Your Husband After Having a Baby

They say a home can’t be called home until a newborn finally arrives. The happiness and joy that a baby brings in the family are priceless as a new baby embarks the parenthood journey. It changes lives and makes it more even more wonderful. They say that you as a mother should enjoy the first few weeks … Read moreParenting

The Most Common Childhood Rashes – Facts Every Mom Should Know

It is common in children to have rashes and most of these just disappear without treatment. There are some rashes that come with fever, itchiness, as well as other symptoms. Common childhood rashes happen when skin experiences irritation caused by allergic reactions to bacteria, viruses, and food.  Did you know? Rashes are considered one of the most … Read moreParenting

Parenting: What Life is Really Like Before and After a Baby?

There is nothing to doubt about how your lifestyle changes as a mother. The pad goes from a good eight hours of sleep at a time to well to half of it when you are lucky, rather than eating — late at night, relaxing instead of dates outside. But there are also simple and joyful ones … Read moreParenting

Mom Duties: How Many Diapers a Day for a Newborn

Most new mothers have concerns about the urination behavior of their infant.  You may wonder how many wet cloths your baby should have daily, the color of your baby’s pee, and what should you try to see on every change of material. You may be surprised by the use of your baby’s slide if you have … Read moreParenting

Mommy Concerns: How do You Know if Your Baby is Good With his Nanny?

It can be great to have a nanny if you and your spouse have a passionate and dependable relationship with your child. All babysitters who have a kid always have an excellent relationship with their client’s daughter and son. Signals and hints show the value of the relationship your son has with his nanny. Try her out … Read moreParenting

Do Babies Sleep a Lot During Growth Spurts? Know More About This Matter

Wondering whether your baby is having a growth spurt is like having to question infants if they know how math works. Growth spurts are the early stages of your baby’s developmental process and most of the time they are noticeable. Babies experience this growth spurts rapidly during their first 12 months Whether what time of … Read moreParenting

How to be a Calm Mom Gentle Parenting Techniques?

There are lots of techniques on how to be a better mom to a toddler or teenager that women can use in disciplining their children. Parenting is not as easy as we think. It requires lots of knowledge, effort and time. We are all familiar with different parenting styles but finding out what style is suited for our kids … Read moreParenting

Top 20 Beautiful, Funny and Inspirational Pregnancy Quotes from 2019

Is pregnancy worth it? Of course! Pregnancy is a blessing that most married couples look forward to. It is one of the journeys that comes with joy and excitement. You will experience changes and carrying your little one within you tends to have a wonderful feeling. Being a pregnant woman, you will surely read some pregnancy … Read moreParenting

5 Simple Rules From Doctors to Raise a Healthy Child That are Indeed Effective

Having a happy, healthy child is one of the most challenging and fulfilling tasks for a mother. Nonetheless, many of us don’t treat parenting with the same emphasis on a career. We can use the same methods our own ancestors used to deal with our gut reactions, whether this was or was active kinship skills. As couples … Read moreParenting

When Does Babies Start to Recognize his Mother?

Research shows that newborn babies can immediately recognize their mothers after birth. Babies who are being breastfed can be quickly familiar with their mother’s scent. The visual recognition of babies can occur after a few weeks. Some studies show that babies can recognize their parents a few days after birth while others recognize them after … Read moreParenting

A Peck on the Lips: Is it Safe to Kiss Your Baby on the Lips?

The moment we see our little ones, we are instantly filled with love and affection. We are attracted to them and we cannot help but kiss them. But is it safe to kiss your baby on the lips? Although we are kissing our little one out of love, there are still chances of harming your … Read moreParenting

8 Dangerous Products Parents Should Always Think Twice About Before Buying

Having to raise your kids is an eventful time in your lives as parents, and having to provide them with the essential things in your house and for themselves is a must. And sometimes, you can’t help yourself indulge in this new stuff. In some cases, there are still household products that should be kept … Read moreParenting

Top 10 Foods That Will Boost Your Baby’s Brain Power

Parents are usually concerned about their babies ‘ brain development. Parents normally just want to raise an intelligent child. If you are one of the many parents who feel so, it is important to take into consideration the kind of food that the baby needs to boost their brainpower. The first three years are very … Read moreParenting

Learn and Play: List of Interesting Activities for Two-month Old Baby

Congratulations! Your baby is now in his second month. So, what’s next? It’s time to bring your baby’s experience to the next level. Introducing your little bundle of joy to some activities can be a great help to develop the mental, physical, emotional and social aspects of his life. To introduce them to some of the … Read moreParenting

Parenting a Baby Boy: 9 Beautiful Truths Every Mother of Boys Should Know

 Being a parent is indeed a beautiful, memorable and exciting story. Kids are the parents’ source of happiness and strength. Some parents are aiming to have a baby girl while some are praying to have a cute little boy. At the end of the day, no matter what gender they have, kids will always be special. However, some … Read moreParenting

Proper Care and Attention: How to Clean Baby’s Umbilical Cord?

During your pregnancy, the umbilical cord is essential in supplying oxygen and nutrients to the little life within you. After your baby’s delivery, the umbilical cord is clamped and snipped but there is still a bit of umbilical cord attached to the baby’s navel. The umbilical cord stump requires proper cleaning and care to avoid umbilical cord infection. To … Read moreParenting

Proven Strategy: Holding Positions Can Help Calm a Fussy Baby

Babies cry for different reasons. Sometimes it is easy to comfort them but there are times when they are inconsolable and uncomfortable no matter what you do. Did you know that holding positions can help calm a fussy baby? Yes, you read it right. Holding positions can be a great way to soothe your little one. … Read moreParenting

Parents Checklist: 15 Things to do Before Your Baby Turns 1 Year Old

The first year of being a parent is considered a year of milestones for you and your little one. From changing his diapers, feeding him and witnessing his first word, you will surely treasure these milestones. Life can be more memorable and too fast and before you know it you are already preparing for his … Read moreParenting

Cause of Green Poop in Infants and Toddlers – Is it a Warning Sign?

The poop is brown, but it can be a different color each day. This is not a great cause to worry. Depending on the age of a baby, infant or child, the reasons for green poop could be different. Continue reading this article to find out the causes of green poop in infants and toddlers, warning … Read moreParenting

Easy and Clever Tips for Giving Oral Medication to Babies

A parent must know that it’s very important to give the baby the right kind of medicine. Or else, it may not work and could put your baby at risk. So, here are some tips for giving oral medication to babies in the right way. Do: Always read medicine’s directions carefully to be sure that you’re treating … Read moreParenting

Top 8 Most Uplifting Phrases Every Kid Needs to Hear

Words have a very huge impact on people, especially children. Words have a very big effect on kids in ways we could not imagine. Positive words can build someone up and it can empower them. Words carry power and emotions that have the ability to break or make someone’s mood or upbringing. Words from loved … Read moreParenting

Babies’ Oral Exploration: Why Babies Put Everything in Their Mouths and How to Make Them Stop it?

You have to keep in mind that babies are still exploring their environment and they try to learn everything from it. Part of this exploration is the stage where your baby chewing on everything and baby licking everything they handle. This exploration is commonly called mouthing. Mouthing is said to be vital in your baby’s learning process. But you … Read moreParenting

Baby Strollers Uppababy Cruz Vs. Bugaboo Bee

Your growing baby’s weight off your shoulders is perhaps one of the apparent advantages of a kid’s walkout. As your baby grows, the pressure also increases, and it’s challenging to carry the way it was when they were born. And because you have to move around and maybe you can’t leave it for any reason, … Read moreParenting

Smart Baby: 7 Things to do in Pregnancy to Have an Intelligent Baby

All parents want the best for their baby and if you want your upcoming bundle of joy to stand out, there are 7 things to do in pregnancy to have an intelligent baby. Luckily, there are certain things to do during pregnancy to have a smart baby that can help improve the brain development of your baby in … Read moreParenting

Does Sperm Determine the Gender of the Baby?

The gender of the baby might be really hard to distinguish not unless you go into an ultrasound and discover whether there will be the best chances of having a baby boy or a baby girl. You might wonder how long does it take for the sperm to reach the cervix? It is quite exciting to know the gender … Read moreParenting

Parenting: things to do when your child refuses to go back to school

Parents believe that getting their children to school is important but most parents find it very frustrating when their child refuses to go to school. Your child refuses to go to school may be a struggle for you as a parent and because you’re getting anxious about it, you can’t find a way to get your child to go … Read moreParenting

7 Unobvious Signs That Your Child Needs to See a Doctor

A kid’s illness or disease is a traumatic experience for any parent. More complications can be prevented if the signs and symptoms are observed as early as possible. In this article, we are going to tell you the 7 unobvious signs that your child needs to see a doctor. Loss of hearing If your kid doesn’t … Read moreParenting

8 Things That Will Influence the Unborn Baby’s Appearance

When you are pregnant you tend to like many of the usual and unusual things around you. Whether it may be food or whether a material that may remind of you something in your relevant in your life. However, you might think of the things that will influence the unborn baby’s appearance of your child. There have … Read moreParenting

The Appropriate Rules for a Successful Motherhood

Encourage us by following our pinterest The motherhood isn’t something you are able to trifle with. Going into motherhood is pushing two decades of obligations to your life. Planning to deal with parenthood is one stage toward being a decent mother. As a mother, you have a huge number of occupations, from being an at-home … Read moreParenting

Is it a Boy or a Girl? Which Gender is More Active in the Womb?

How can we say that a pregnant woman is having a baby boy or a girl? A lot has been said about this. Some believe that the baking soda gender test is effective while others do not.  Although there are more accurate medical procedures to know it, others based their beliefs on their experiences and know … Read moreParenting

How to Hold a Baby? 8 Safe Positions with Pictures

What was your feeling the moment you carried your baby? The time that the nurse put the baby in your arms, sure your heart got excited, your hands were shaking and tears have fallen down your eyes. That was the priceless moment of holding your little one. This blog teaches you as well inform you … Read moreParenting

Being a New Mom: Avoid These Baby Bedtime Mistakes

Being a first-time mom will never be easy. You’re keeping in touch with the new things that’s been handing out to you and being given all at once. You may say that the standards with how you handle your baby might be high and there’s a lot of chance that you will make a mistake … Read moreParenting

7 Fantastic Habits Babies Inherit From Their Mothers

There are a lot of things that they say you get from your mother and father. The first thing that people cared about this inheritance is all about the baby’s physical appearance. The debate will be a never-ending thing for both parties as these will go through years. But definitely, your mom has a big … Read moreParenting

What to do When Baby Gets a Bump on the Head?

Babies naturally have naughty behavior. You cannot control the good and bad behavior of kids because they are most likely to play and discover a lot of things when they are younger and so accidents could happen anywhere. It is advisable to protect them at all costs by observing them while doing such activity or by having … Read moreParenting

Monitoring your Baby’s Weight Month by Month

It is quite necessary to monitor your baby’s health from time to time. It is not only by means that you visit your doctor and pediatrician monthly but as a parent of your children, it is your great responsibility to take care of them and monitor how are they going well. There are some developmental … Read moreParenting

Frequent Mistakes Parents Make That are Ruining Their Baby’s Sleep

For new parents, one of the challenging parts is making a fussy newborn sleep and there are certain mistakes parents make that are ruining their baby’s sleep. There are instances in which even the best-behaved babies lack sleep. Remember that there is no standard rule in getting a baby into sleep. Babies are no different than … Read moreParenting

A Close Look at the Good and Bad Sleeping Positions of Babies

An infant left to sleep in the wrong position can increase the risk to SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) which is why it is vital to know the good and bad sleeping positions of babies. The condition in children is brought about by suffocation or strangulation. If you have a baby at home, you must be … Read moreParenting

Breastfeeding: 12 Facts That Prove Breastfeeding is a Real Superpower

Mothers must know the 12 facts that prove breastfeeding is a real superpower. Aside from losing weight without exercise, there are various effects that breastfeeding can do. A close look at the 12 facts that prove breastfeeding is a real superpower For breastfeeding mothers out there, you might be surprised to know about the 12 facts that … Read moreParenting

Warning Signs of Dehydration in Your Toddler

Throughout the day, toddlers and adults constantly lose water. The water evaporates from the skin and goes out of the body when you cry, sweat, breathe and use the bathroom. Most often, a child gets more water from drinking and eating to replenish the fluids they waste. However, in some instances, toddlers can squander more … Read moreParenting

What are the 18 Signs That Can Help You Understand Your Baby Better?

For first time parents, there are 18 signs that can help you understand your baby better. After bringing home a baby, one of the difficult aspects of being a parent is that babies have limited ways of communicating. Aside from the crying and laughter, trying to figure out what your baby is thinking seems an impossible … Read moreParenting

A Close Look at the 10 Positive Parenting Tips for Healthy Child Development

There are different methods that parents can use to educate and develop children and you must be familiar with the 10 positive parenting tips for healthy child development. Positive parenting is a practical technique that is driven by love. When you utilize these techniques, you are handling your child in a way where you value his/her feelings, … Read moreParenting

Family Time: Weekend Activities to do With Kids

It has become tough now a few days to live with one’s family in a consistent, quality time. We work so much in our own personal lives that we hardly spend time speaking to the members of our family and sharing experiences and stories. A healthy family feels that abundance periods offer incentives for quality … Read moreParenting

7 Smart Tips to Break and Entertain Toddlers

Kids are cute and they are adorable. They bring joy and laughter to each family as they can make everyone else do such a thing that has never been done yet ever. The behavior of kids depends on how parents discipline them and teach good values and moral conduct. You can not merely say that … Read moreParenting

When Do Babies Say the First Words?

Parents are surely excited and waiting for the time when their babies will say the first word. But when do babies do that? Let us learn.  Babies say their first words usually after a few months of verbal and vocalizing experiments. Firstly, the baby babbles, coos and growls and just say any combinations of consonants and vowels. … Read moreParenting

Let’s Talk About Bassinets Halo Luxe Plus for Babies

It is not a piece of cake for newborns to look after, whether for parents or veterans. The good thing is that young babies sleep a good part of the day. It is, however, advised not to let your child sleep in a bed like yours and cover with your everyday clothes and quilts as … Read moreParenting

Be the Mommy: Your Family Wants You to be 5 Healthy Habits of a Happy Mom That Will Save Your Sanity

Being a mom is a fulfilling task, especially when you see your kids grow up happy, kind, and responsible individuals. Having kids that you can be proud of is a reward that no amount of money can equal to. But it is undeniable that behind this happy and fulfilling experience is no walk in the … Read moreParenting

Women’s Talk: What is the Best Age or Right Age to Get Pregnant and Have a Baby?

Is 19 a good age to have a baby? Is 22 a good age to have a baby? Well, is there really a “good” or “right age” to get pregnant and have a baby? Most people ask these questions because obviously nowadays, most women are getting pregnant and are starting a family with a partner at … Read moreParenting

Playtex Diaper Genie: Do You Need Diaper Litter Pails

One of the easiest ways to store soiled paintings and wipes is to store it conveniently at your kindergarten or changing table. The first thing to consider when finding a pail is how much space you have. If you’re in tight neighborhoods, it might not be the best choice, so try hanging some big wet … Read moreParenting

Why Babies are Not Eating Solid Food?

It is a common scenario when the baby refuses to eat, the spoon hits the floor, and he or she is now making faces and shudders. This happens when you attempt to feed your baby with solid foods. It can be frustrating when parents are already excited to finally be able to feed their babies … Read moreParenting

How to Prepare your Child for Ivy League Schools?

Parents normally dream to see their children have the best education. They only want the best for their children. When it comes to college education, one of the best standards is an Ivy League school. Ivy League schools like Harvard and Yale offer prestige to their students. Ivy League schools are very selective in their … Read moreParenting

When and How to Let Your Baby Self-Soothe?

Can your baby sleep on his own? Or do you need to rock or feed your baby to sleep? Have you heard of the term “self-soothing”? Most parents help their baby to sleep by cuddling them, singing a lullaby, and rocking them. But it is also possible for a baby to sleep on his own … Read moreParenting

Why is Chicco Bravo Travel System the Best Travel Partner?

Travel systems will take and brace the car scooter and attach it to a scooter frame. It removes the need for an entirely separate seat while a chassis foundation remains inside the vehicle. Chicco bravo travel system The KeyFit 30 children’s car seat securely clicks on both the Bravo Stroller and the car frame, helping … Read moreParenting

Spending Wisely 10 Things i Always Buy in Bulk to Save Money?

Some people don’t want to buy in bulk since they say that it costs more than those that are individually packaged. Are they serious? With simple divisions and additions, it is so easy to assess that they can save a lot of money when they bulk buy items for their homes. Yes, they might be paying more today, but … Read moreParenting

Best Way to Wash Baby Clothes

There are so many things that parents need to prepare when it comes to taking care of their newborn baby. Although your baby is quite small, he can use so many clothes in a short period of time. Therefore, you need to be practical in buying your baby’s clothes and how you wash them.  When … Read moreParenting

4 Steps to Help Your Children Become Mindful Electronic Device Users

Gadgets have developed throughout the years. Digital Technology has changed parenting and evolved into a new phase that none of us didn’t expect to happen. As you may notice, the number of people who are holding tablets and phones are not getting any older. The kid’s attention has been drawn to these gadgets and cannot even … Read moreParenting

Natural Remedies for Thrush in Babies

Thrush is a common mouth infection that infants suffer. It is caused by a yeast-like fungus called Candida albicans. It can be irritating for infants but it is treatable. Having yeast organisms on various parts of the body is normal. And they usually don’t cause any symptoms. But if there is more amount of yeast … Read moreParenting

Is Your Baby Ready for the First Pair: When to Buy Baby Shoes?

Baby shoes are just so cute and adorable. Some parents got so excited and they purchased pairs of different colors and designs for their little ones. They are so eager to put these shoes on their cuties’ little feet. But the question is, is your baby ready for his or her first pair of shoes? … Read moreParenting

Baby’s Secret to a Good Night’s Sleep: Baby Sucking in Sleep

We considered our baby as one of the most precious gifts we have received. Their sweet little eyes, tiny feet, and their innocent face make them perfect. Their smell is quite addicting and all. They are indeed the most wonderful creation on this planet earth. On the other hand, as a little creature, they don’t … Read moreParenting

What are the Best Chances of Having a Boy?

For couples out there trying to conceive, it has its share for challenges and you might be wondering about what are the best chances of having a boy. Luckily, there are several ways to consider so you have the best chances of having a boy. Common misconceptions Let us first take a look at some of the … Read moreParenting

Yellow Teeth Near Toddler’s Gums: What are the Causes and How to Prevent it?

In the first years of your little baby’s journey, their baby teeth may start coming in. However, it may shock you if you see your baby’s teeth coming in yellow or your little blessing and joy started having discolored baby teeth near his gums. You don’t have to panic when you see your toddler’s teeth near his gums, yellow or you see yellow spots in your baby’s teeth.  The condition … Read moreParenting

7 Effective Ways on How to Deal with an Angry Baby

Knowing how to deal with an angry baby is a challenging task for parents. And in some cases, even the smallest children seem to have a constant supply of rage in them. Baby gets frustrated easily. They shout. They even become more aggressive. Worse, they blow up over minor events. Why is my baby so angry? If you have … Read moreParenting

Sleep Regression: The Best Ways to Deal with 10-Month Old Waking up at Night

Most of the parents are aiming for good sleep for their babies. Some infants are lucky enough to have ten to twelve hours of sleep while some babies keep on waking up at night and having a hard time to develop a good sleep. In this case, you don’t need to worry too much because there is … Read moreParenting

Soothing and Calming: The Positive Effects of Classical Music for Babies

Are you a lover of classical music? If so, you may want to expose your kids and your babies to classical music. Aside from wanting your kids to have an interest in the kind of music that you as parents love, classical music has been associated with the favorable growth and development of babies. This is why some parents … Read moreParenting

6 Possible Reasons to hire a Kid’s Jumping Castle for Your Kid’s Party

Planning for your kid’s party is never easy. The amount it takes to plan everything and the money needed to spend makes it a whole lot stressful for parents. But most importantly, we value the happiness our kids get when we care about their birthday. As a parent, you have a variety of options that … Read moreParenting

7 Essential Things to Pack in C-Section Hospital Bag

It is important to prepare things for the baby and not only for your pregnancy. Pregnancy itself is the most crucial thing and experience that any woman may experience but it is also most crucial to prepare for the things that the baby will need. For instance, you may have some baby list ahead of … Read moreParenting

Everything you Need for Your Baby’s First Birthday that is Fun and Exciting

First, we would like to congratulate both of you for surviving the first year together! Those first few months were stressful for sure. Whether you’re prepping an intimate gathering of family, friends, and relatives or an all-out children’s party bash, your baby’s first birthday celebration will always be bound to be special! – at least … Read moreParenting

3 Of the Best and Valuable Advice to Brighten Up Your Child’s Imagination with Disney’s Moana

Most of us have an inner child within us. Even if we are already adults, we still dream of becoming a Princess (if you are a girl) and somehow becoming a Prince (if you are a boy). As everyone says, when we remember something that draws us from our childhood whether it may be a … Read moreParenting

Surefire Ideas: The Best Ideas for Kids Indoor Playground

Now that we are living in a modern digital era, most of the kids are choosing to play video games rather than physical activities. This is the main reason why most of the parents are aiming to go in an indoor playground to help their little ones to be engaged in different physical activities. Both indoor … Read moreParenting

Parenting Tips: 10 Tips on How to be a Successful Single Mom

It’s a hard truth for all single mom, that you must always balance work and personal life. So, you might be wondering how to be a successful single mom since being a single mother is no joke. It’s okay to feel lonely and lost. You can easily feel like your life doesn’t matter anymore since everything is … Read moreParenting

Know More About the Nuna Mixx Bassinet for Babies

The NunaMixx Bassinet for babies is an accessory add-on that complements the Mixx Bassinet for NunaMixx Stroller and the Mixx bassinet stand. It has the strongest features that only this bassinet brand offers. It is specifically designed for babies until they reach the maximum weight capacity of 20lbs or about 6 months whichever comes first. The bassinets serve as a … Read moreParenting

9 Ways to Avoid Tantrums and Help Your Children Express Their Emotions

When your child has tantrums, it may turn you into one as well. But health experts approve that it’s important to keep your child calm. With these 9 ways to avoid tantrums and help your children express their emotions, you can prevent two tempers at once, your child and yours.  1. Take a break By giving … Read moreParenting

How to Remove Mildew Stains On Babies’ Clothes?

What are mildews? To understand what it is, let us know first what are molds. Molds are caused by fungi that thrive in any moist environment. In nature, molds are important as they break down dead organic matter and help regenerate the soil. In contrast, indoor molds are yucky and dirty. Molds can be green, black or white and may … Read moreParenting

Everything You Need to Know About Safety Baby Products

There are a lot of products that you buy for your baby. Most especially when it is the first time to have one. Searching through the internet is one of the best options on when to buy for baby stuff and baby needs. Take note that having a baby is not even a joke. It is not … Read moreParenting

Parenting: What are the Best Parenting Books to Read?

Parenting is definitely a challenging stage of parents’ life, especially for first-time parents. You may have issues on topics like pregnancy, sleep and discipline issues, feeding issues or breastfeeding concerns and you choose to ask for advice from your friends. However, pieces of advice are not enough. You should also rely on the best parenting books for new … Read moreParenting

What to do When Your Child Needs You to Tuck Them in During the Night?

“Mom, can you read a story please?” “Dad, can you scratch my back please?” “Mom, there’s this kid in school who told me about his trip to Disneyland last weekend. Do you think we can go there, too?” Bedtime is an important time not only for the kids but also for the parents. When your child … Read moreParenting

7 Essential Oils to Help Baby Sleep

New moms or parents may find it challenging to put their babies to sleep when they are still very active at night. As much as essential oils help adults to sleep, it also helps the baby to have a good night’s deep sleep.   Essential oils are good for putting us to sleep and it has … Read moreParenting

What’s the Difference Between Guardianship and Custody?

The law of family matters is a complex one. When it comes to caring for a child, there are many legal definitions and it can be confusing. Many people are confused with the terms custody and guardianship and they sometimes intertwine their meanings. For the record, the two terms have different meanings. To know the difference … Read moreParenting

What do Red Cheeks on Babies Mean?

Rosy-red cheeks look really nice on babies. Red cheeks are actually a common sign of teething in babies. The tooth that is coming put from the gum can cause irritation that results in red cheeks in your baby. You can also feel that your baby cheeks are warm. That is something parents should not worry about because that is perfectly normal. … Read moreParenting

What are the Least Allergenic Foods for Kids?

Food allergies are one of the apprehensions of parents for their kids. They are not only worried but can also make feeding a challenge. It can also be undiagnosed for quite some time making you puzzled about what may be leading to the symptoms your child is experiencing. As a parent, you surely want to … Read moreParenting

When Does Parenting Get Easier?

Sleepless nights and endless worrying are part of your daily routine. Your once-silent home is now a place where loud cries and screams can be heard almost 24/7. You and your spouse struggle to multi-task and do the different roles that you have: as parents, like husband/wife, as career persons. You hear that the first … Read moreParenting

How to Make a Fort for Kids?

When you have kids at home, building forts is one of the best ideas you can make for your kids. Forts are not limited to pillow forts. You can make blanket forts, cardboard forts or a fort with sheets and secret entrance and towers. Get ready to show off your creative side by designing your … Read moreParenting

Ways on How to Have a Fun Frugal Christmas

Christmas can be a stressful time of the year for some families but it is time to learn ways on how to have a fun frugal Christmas. There is always the temptation to buy things that are not needed but some are already stressed financially. With Christmas just around the corner, it will surely add stress … Read moreParenting

7 Tips for Parenting and Raising a Child with Cerebral Palsy

Raising a child is no easy task for parents. Let alone having a child with cerebral palsy makes it a whole lot more challenging. Children with cerebral palsy definitely have special needs compare to other kids. Cerebral palsy affects each child in different ways so no families have the same exact experience when it comes … Read moreParenting

5 Ways Moms Can Establish Boundaries

Raising kids in this modern world can be especially challenging. Kids are more independent and stubborn now than it was decades ago. Parents with poor boundaries are struggling to raise kids nowadays. That’s why parents need to get control of training and teaching their kids the right path. Setting rules is important in disciplining your kids. Especially … Read moreParenting