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Warning Signs of Dehydration in Your Toddler

Throughout the day, toddlers and adults constantly lose water. The water evaporates from the skin and goes out of the body when you cry, sweat, breathe and use the bathroom. Most often, a child gets more water from drinking and eating to replenish the fluids they waste. However, in some instances, toddlers can squander more … Read moreThe Toddler

7 Smart Tips to Break and Entertain Toddlers

Kids are cute and they are adorable. They bring joy and laughter to each family as they can make everyone else do such a thing that has never been done yet ever. The behavior of kids depends on how parents discipline them and teach good values and moral conduct. You can not merely say that … Read moreThe Toddler

What to do When your 2-Year-Old Keeps Waking Up at Night?

When your 2-year-old keeps waking up at night, it can be stressful for both you and your toddler. Toddlers need to sleep about 11-14 hours a day, including their nap time in the morning, afternoon or both. Knowing the causes and some tips to get them to sleep through the night may help you and your … Read moreThe Toddler

Best Foods that Will Make your Toddler Poop

Raising kids and taking care of them is apparently very challenging. From small things like feeding them to making them poop and making sure they are well nourished are quite challenging at times. Now, constipated toddlers are quite frustrating to deal with. If you are not helping your kids to eat the best foods that … Read moreThe Toddler

Baby Health and Wellness: 11 Best Sources of Iron for Toddlers

Children are known to decline foods for all types of reasons. This can result in parents to be concerned about kids not getting the right nutrition that their growing systems need. Lack of iron is very common in toddlers and about 8% of kids may have an iron deficiency. In this blog, we will discuss … Read moreThe Toddler

Baby Health Problem: Toddler Vomiting With no Fever

Toddler vomiting with no fever is no fun and it can give you worries as well. A child who’s throwing up but doesn’t feel ill could be resulting in any kind of thing. Knowing what more to discover can help you slim down the causes for your child’s upset stomach and get her the medication she’s … Read moreThe Toddler

Toddler Activities: 14 Chores List for 4 Years Old Kid

Four years old kids can brush their teeth, dress themselves and comb his or her hair. If they aren’t doing these activities on their own, we encourage you to start teaching them with these chores list for 4 years old kid. Pick up their room. What should I be doing with my 3-year-old? You must show … Read moreThe Toddler

How to Teach your Toddler to Pee: Potty Training Tips for You?

Between the ages one to two years old, there will be signs a toddler needs to pee. Your child may show that he/she is ready for toilet or potty training. If your child refuses to urinate even if he/she is feeling it, it’s maybe because your toddler doesn’t know when to pee. Actually, there are a lot of potty training methods. You might … Read moreThe Toddler

Family Tips: Preparing your Toddler for your Second Baby

A new baby brings both joy and challenges to a family which is why it is vital to learn ways of preparing your toddler for your second baby. Most parents are excited but you might also be nervous about how your older children will react to the newborn once you are welcoming a new baby in the … Read moreThe Toddler

How to Get a Child to Nap Until Four Years Old and Beyond?

How vital are naps to kids? Why is it important to know how to get a child to nap until he is four years old and beyond? Does it mean older kids need it too? Studies reveal that daytime naps, although short, can greatly affect a child. It can improve children’s moods that will then reduce tantrums, fussiness, and … Read moreThe Toddler

Fun and Exciting Summer Ideas for Toddlers

Are you looking for exciting summer ideas for your toddler? Of course, you also want these summer ideas to be helpful in the growth development of your kid. Toddlers are used to constant playing, but associating learning to it is such a cool thing! When they are at home during the summer, they might need … Read moreThe Toddler

What is the Average Bedtime for 2 Year Old?

When it comes to toddlers, it is vital that you are familiar with the average bedtime for 2-year-old. For children between 1-3 years old, the recommended bedtime is around 12-14 hours per day. A close look at the average bedtime for 2-year-old Once your child reaches the toddler stage, most sleep through most nights without waking … Read moreThe Toddler

Fun-Filled Activities: Mom and Toddler Activities That You Must Try

Are you one of those moms who are looking for fun-filled activities for you and your child’s bonding? Worry no more because we’ve got you covered! These mom and toddler activities can be your guide in choosing the best activities for kids at home.  Here is the list of mom and toddler activities that you can … Read moreThe Toddler

5 Effective Ways to Getting Toddlers to Eat Vegetables

Even at an earlier age, it’s not unusual for babies to avoid vegetables. When getting toddlers to eat vegetables feels like a fight of wills, persuade your choosy eater into eating his veggies by trying out with the tactics below, all recommended by Circle of Moms representatives who have gone through this stage.  Play with Food  Likewise, … Read moreThe Toddler

7 Key Ways to Encourage a Toddler to Talk

Most parents are waiting for their kids’ milestones. One of these milestones is the time when they utter their first words. As we have always been saying, development in children varies from one to another. Some kids learn to talk earlier than others. As soon as they start talking, it is the parents’ primary duty … Read moreThe Toddler

Unique Halloween Costume with Homemade Toddler Fairy Wings

If you want a unique costume for Halloween, you can try out this homemade toddler fairy wings for a change. One way to save money on Halloween is to make fairy wings. Although the easiest way to create homemade toddler fairy wings is to use cardboard, you can create one with coat hangers and stockings. Steps on creating homemade … Read moreThe Toddler

Boys Haircuts to Make Toddlers More Lovable

Oh, isn’t your boy just so cute and so handsome? He always catches anyone’s hearts with her antics and playful ways. Aside from cute pants, rompers, and shoes, a good hairstyle for kids completes their appearance. It does not only make him more appealing, but it also makes him look more neat and clean. Parents always want … Read moreThe Toddler

The Importance of Camping and Camping Crafts for Toddlers

“Free the child’s potential and you will transform him into the world.” This is one of the famous quotes from Maria Montessori. A child needs to experience even simple little things for him to treasure in his childhood by letting him uncover his creativity and imagination while having fun. Camping as one of the most exciting … Read moreThe Toddler

Useful Home Remedies Instant Relief for Toddlers

It is heartbreaking to see your kids suffering from any sickness or ailments. It is common to hear the statement from parents like “I’d rather be the one to be sick than see my daughter/son suffering and crying.”  When common illnesses come, it is better if you know how to treat your sick toddlers right in the comfort of … Read moreThe Toddler

Keep up with your Toddlers with these Family Night Ideas

Having a toddler can be very exhausting, but parents need to be present at this early stage of a child’s development. As parents, we sometimes feel like we don’t have much time to do all the things that we have to do. Our work already takes up a big portion of our time and we … Read moreThe Toddler

6 Perfect Places to go with a Toddler

As they say, home is where the heart is. This is where you groom your child into an amazing individual as well. Of course, you want to give him a smooth growth development. Kids who always stay at home tend to get bored, however, this can stimulate their creative play and also learn independence. But, … Read moreThe Toddler

Why Toddlers Keep Saying no and how to Deal with it

Many changes keep on happening as children grow. We have passed through the stages of baby’s firsts – the first smile, the first crawl, the first steps, the first words and so on. As children slowly become toddlers, there are still so many changes. Some of these changes will make us think if it is … Read moreThe Toddler

10 Favorite Lactation Smoothie Recipes for Toddlers

Lactation smoothie recipes for toddlers is best for breastfeeding moms with low milk production. Luckily, there are various things you can make, teas and beverages you can drink, chocolates and cookies you can eat and smoothies you can enjoy. The ingredients on these teas, snacks, and smoothies are milk boosters. They contain oats, fenugreek, brewer’s yeast, … Read moreThe Toddler

Why Goat’s Milk for Toddlers is a Safer and Better Choice?

The goat’s milk for toddlers in New Zealand is growing in popularity. They are now considered by many parents as a great alternative to cow’s milk that has a rich content of calcium, vitamin D and fat content.   Goat’s milk for toddlers is the most preferred choice after breast milk in various countries around the … Read moreThe Toddler

Introducing your Toddler the Spoon Self-feeding as a New Milestone

A toddler that is able to spoon-feed himself independently is considered a milestone in their growth phases. This is not an overnight process, as a parent, it takes great patience for you to be able to teach them how to be independent in doing things for survival such as eating. Not only that the value … Read moreThe Toddler

How Important Toddler Feeding Schedule is?

There are struggles in feeding toddlers because sometimes they tend to be picky eaters and they love to munch on snacks that they see especially those unhealthy foods. To solve this problem, it is important to have a feeding schedule so that you can easily monitor the eating habits of your toddler and so that … Read moreThe Toddler

Best Freezer Meals for Toddlers

It often seems complicated to have dinner (or lunch, to be sure) on the table with an active and hungry young child underfoot. Even the best intentions for dinner can quickly pass by when someone needs your attention, is happy to be kissed, or just after a long day wants to reconnect with you.  What are … Read moreThe Toddler

Safe and Delicious Tuna Recipes for Toddlers

The tuna sandwich is a staple lunchbox for many families. Tunas are a healthy diet, nutritionally speaking. The quality of this protein is excellent, it is high in saturated fat, and it provides a good supply of niacin and selenium. It provides useful omega-3 fatty acids that are linked to a reduction in the risk … Read moreThe Toddler

Best Pasta Recipes for Toddlers

Pasta is a quick, healthy, family-friendly meal. Even the pickiest young eaters opt to eat pasta. Now, there is even better news. New research reveals that pasta intake is associated with better nutritional habits in children and adolescents than in children that do not consume pasta. You know an essential truth about their tiny taste … Read moreThe Toddler

Introducing Dried Beans to Toddlers

Beans are right for your heart, and they are suitable for him once your kid is old enough. When kids have a few first foods under their knees, their belly gets a little more mature. Many babies are willing to try smashed beans, peas, and other legumes at around 7-10 months. Which beans? Beans contain … Read moreThe Toddler

Vegetable Recipes for Your Little One

There is so much confusion and indecisive situation when it comes to the health and diet of the babies. It can be hard at times because we never know what are the taste preferences of our babies. However, the one thing that is agreed by everyone is that eating vegetables can help improve both the health and well-being … Read moreThe Toddler

The Best Magnesium Supplement

Call it a powerful mineral, but magnesium plays a major role in our bodies. Magnesium is recognized to be one of the most beneficial micronutrients out there. It is an important mineral for the proper functioning of the body. It has a great effect on everything from the energy you have to your brain and … Read moreThe Toddler

Wonders of Prune Juice To Toddlers’ Constipation

One of the apprehensions of mothers is when their child is not well. Worries filled them during these moments. They would go frantic looking for ways on how to cure their child’s illness. One common disorder among children is constipation. This may seem not severe and there are lots of ways on how to get … Read moreThe Toddler

Tips on How to Fold a Paper Hat

Hats are a cool way to add attractiveness and fun to a play, parties, and even dress up parties. If you have a talent of creating hats on your own, you might want to consider making those instead of buying readymade hats. It is fun and simple missions appropriate for all ages. Once you know … Read moreThe Toddler

Food Preparation – 8 Healthy, Easy Breakfast Ideas for Toddlers

As most of us say, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” Well, this is absolutely true most especially to kids, especially toddlers. Feeding your little ones a healthy kind of breakfast can sometimes be a challenge as they can be picky eaters. Your toddler is growing and it is imperative for us … Read moreThe Toddler

Parenting 101: Toddler And Baby Sharing Room Tips

When a new member of the family is coming, the next challenging part for parents is how to allow the toddler to share the room with the baby sibling. The article will help the parent learn the toddler and baby sharing room tips to create a nurturing home environment. When your home doesn’t have a … Read moreThe Toddler

Why do Kids Eat Dirty Things

Why do Kids Eat Dirty Things One of the most common phenomena is watching your little kid eating dirty things such as chalks, mud, sand, plaster and other dirty things that inedible. As adults, we know very well that these items definitely contain a lot of viruses, parasites, and harmful bacteria, and whatever you did … Read moreThe Toddler

Why do my Toddler’s Teeth Look Discolored?

With all activities, feeding programs, and exhaustion which is come your newborn baby, the healthy teeth may not be one of the first things that you take care of, even after those first baby teeth show up. However; once you notice some splash and discoloration in your toddler’s teeth; you will not hesitate to search … Read moreThe Toddler

15 Signs Means That Children Manipulate You

Children know how to manipulate you, manipulation. Small words that matter a lot to mothers. We know this word, and we swear it won’t happen to us. No, we will not be at the expense of children trying to escape from it, no matter how much they try. We are not taken for fools by … Read moreThe Toddler

Fun Places To Go With The Baby

Parents should take their baby to a fun place to go with the baby because most of the time is sad when the baby spends most of the time at home. Today, the world will deliver for free in a little clam more. I’m obsessed with babies. It is not necessary to stay in this … Read moreThe Toddler

How To Get Your Child To Hold Their Own Bottle

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics baby bottle, the risk of ear infections also increases. If the baby is lying while feeding, fluid will flow from the mouth into the auditory tube, which can stay there and cause an infection. Another important reason for not holding the bottle or letting it hold itself: it … Read moreThe Toddler

Why Your Child or Toddler Wakes Up a Lot at Night

Many infants Wake up at night during sleep; for these children, learning to sleep is usually the solution. Newborns and young children often Wake up from hunger at night. Toddler waking up at night and not going back to sleep But what about a vigil that’s not easy? This article highlights 6 possible reasons for … Read moreThe Toddler

When Children at Daycare Bite: What are the Risks?

Daycare, No parent needs to realize that their youngster was nibbled (orbit another tyke) while in authority, however, it occurs. Is there any danger? Young children are very active, and bites can occur by accident during play. Some children may also become aggressive or anxious, and bite knowingly. Fortunately, most chomps are innocuous in light … Read moreThe Toddler

Toddler Won’t Poop On The Potty

Here are 10 solutions for Toddlers who don’t flatter in the bathroom. They are tested and tested by several families, they work. One of the most common bathroom learning challenges parents may face is when their children are not pooping in the bathroom. I know the worst diaper dilemma has occurred, but often, toilet training … Read moreThe Toddler

A Toddler When Nights Become Nightmares

A bedtime ritual that lasts forever, a fear of the dark that prevents them from falling asleep, nightmares that wake them up in the middle of the night… almost all children are affected by minor sleep disorders. Minors provided that they remain occasional. Because too frequent, they can be a sign of an unwelcome malaise. … Read moreThe Toddler

4 Signs Of Growth Spurts In Your Toddler

Remember when your son was a child, you swore that his legs and torso grew at night while he slept? Outbreaks growth, a sharp increase in growth and weight the most visible in the first year’s life, and also in adolescence. Although less obvious, the emergence of growth may occur at other times. How Children … Read moreThe Toddler

How To Stop a Toddler From Biting Nails

Children usually start to chew their nails around the age of 2. For you, this is an immediate sign of anxiety, of stress… Rest assured, this is not always the case. And this mania can go away as quickly as it has come, provided it has the right attitude. My Child Is Biting His Nails … Read moreThe Toddler

21 Best Ideas For a Delicious Lunch For Toddlers

Lunch with young kids may seem a bit like a routine. What would you be able to give them that will liven things up a piece, are quick to get ready, and will pack a punch for baby taste buds and good dieting? We’ve limited the choices to our preferred 21 delectable lunch thoughts for … Read moreThe Toddler

Toddler Development At 18 Months Baby Learns Cleanliness

Full of energy, your toddler at 18 months is demanding more and more independence. It is also the time when he begins to learn cleanliness. Zoom on the development of the toddler of 18 months. Growth And Development Of The Toddler At 18 Months From its height of about 83 centimeters and with its 12 … Read moreThe Toddler

How To Get a Toddler To Take Medicine?

How to get a toddler to take medicine is really a difficult issue for many parents. Children can be rebellious when it comes to taking medicines that look, smell and taste unpleasant. It is always preferable that parents approach children with caution when it is time to give them a daily dose of something bitter. … Read moreThe Toddler

13 Essential Tips For a Safe Toddler At Home

Now, you are not only mom or dad, but also responsible for the safety toddler at home. We advise you to test the security of your accommodation. In fact, many accidents involving babies or young children can be avoided if you secure your accommodation for the children. 1. Remove The Changing Table! Statistics show that … Read moreThe Toddler

How To Detect Stress In Toddlers: Signs And Solutions

Why is it often so difficult to detect stress in a child and especially in the youngest? Yet they manifest these tensions but do not verbalize them. It’s up to us to decrypt the signals they’re sending. Your child has been behaving differently for some time, but you don’t know why. Maybe he’s stressed. Because … Read moreThe Toddler

Can Toddler Drink Milk When Diarrhea?

Diarrhea is characterized by the evacuation of abundant and liquid stool. The number of bowel movements often exceeds three per day. Diarrhea can be acute or chronic if it lasts longer than 3 weeks. It is usually accompanied by abdominal pain, cramps, and general weakness. The special diet of diarrhea is designed to rehydrate the … Read moreThe Toddler

How To Get a Toddler To Sleep In Own Bed

Making the toddler sleep in his bed can be a task that takes a lot of time, commitment and, above all, patience. However, with affection, respect, and understanding, this can be achieved. Whether you have not yet left the “bed” with your baby or your toddler has started to “change rooms” at night, you must … Read moreThe Toddler

How To Prevent Toddler From Climbing Out Of The Crib

Getting started at daycare is a big change for you and your baby or toddler. Kingdomofbaby’s moms share with you their tips to help your baby or toddler take their bearings. How Can I Prepare My Baby, My Little One At The Nursery? “A few days before my son entered the crèche, I launched a … Read moreThe Toddler

How To Get a Toddler To Sleep Through The Night

Can’t your baby sleep? Your toddler wakes up several times in the night? It’s a sleep disorder. How Do Sleep Disorders Affect Young Children? These disorders, which are part of behavioral disorders, result in nocturnal awakenings and often restlessness during the day. This type of disorder is quite common, affecting between 10 and 20% of … Read moreThe Toddler

When Does a Baby Become a Toddler

The child will grow! Look at the child’s roller coaster on the way back to childhood, and take your development. As a child, the leaves of the child, as a child, can be a real roller coaster of emotions. “Actually, it’s more of a milestone for parents as it is for the children,” said Dr. … Read moreThe Toddler

Toddler Waking Up At Night And Not Going Back To Sleep

One, two, three times a night, some children interrupt their parents ‘ sleep because they are afraid, thirsty, hungry or just not wanting to be alone. These multiple awakenings are a real source of stress and tension for the entire family. How do we deal with this? Multiple Awakenings In Children “My 3-year-old son wakes … Read moreThe Toddler

Having a Second Baby With a Toddler

The family grows and you wonder: how to prepare your elder to adapt to this change that will change his/her life? Follow our advice and everything will be fine; for having a second baby with a toddler. Preparing The Elder For The Arrival Of The Second Baby When The Second Arrives, How Will The Elder … Read moreThe Toddler

Toddler And Baby Sharing Room Tips

Share room for babies and toddlers… Is this possible? You might be wondering why your kids or toddlers let you share a room? It would be a nightmare! Believe me, we thought that was the case too, but when we got a very good deal in our current two rooms, we moved into one of … Read moreThe Toddler

How To Get Your Toddler To Poop In The Potty

The key to success is to start only when your child is ready. While some children can start as early as 18 months, others will only be ready in their fourth year. As you may have noticed, boys tend to stay longer in childbirth than girls, and second (and subsequent) children learn faster than their … Read moreThe Toddler

How To Make Coffee Filter Butterflies

These coffee filters are as classic as butterflies! You may wonder how to lower the cost of production by using the bright colors of Mr. Markers. Combine sketches and gorgeous butterflies! (Do not worry; you can also use the usual washable markers). How To Make Coffee With The Butterfly Filter? Do you recollect Mr. John’s … Read moreThe Toddler

What To Do When Your Toddler Wakes Up Crying

Discover the causes of hysterical excitement and what you need to do to reverse it. Her screams and screams were enough to test the patience of anyone who my child started early in the morning. Despite everything, it didn’t seem like every day he was irritable and started waking up crying from the beginning. My … Read moreThe Toddler

Naked Babies At The Beach: Do’s And Don’ts

naked babies at the beach the last time we were on the beach, something unexpected happened, we didn’t have Toby’s swimsuit, so I just left his clothes. He was quick and easy to lift, glad to be able to hold his toes well in the water on the street. Despite everything, the beach is not … Read moreThe Toddler

Where Do Babies Come From?

  Second-Time Parenting – 6 Effective Ways on How to Balance a Newborn and a Toddler Cause of Green Poop in Infants and Toddlers – Is it a Warning Sign? What to do When your 2-Year-Old Keeps Waking Up at Night? Best Foods that Will Make your Toddler Poop Where Do Babies Come From? Cartoons … Read moreThe Toddler

Cartoons for Babies: Should Babies and Toddlers Watch Cartoons?

Second-Time Parenting – 6 Effective Ways on How to Balance a Newborn and a Toddler Cause of Green Poop in Infants and Toddlers – Is it a Warning Sign? What to do When your 2-Year-Old Keeps Waking Up at Night? Best Foods that Will Make your Toddler Poop Where Do Babies Come From? Cartoons for … Read moreThe Toddler

Sleep Music And Melodies For Babies

Sleep time music and melodies for babies takes many forms, babies and young kids love music. Over several generations, they have been entertained by musical crib mobiles, car cassettes, and DVDs. Babies normally enjoy calming classical music and lullabies. Babies are usually only awake for a few hours at a time and during these periods; … Read moreThe Toddler

How to Face Dehydration in Toddlers

Dehydration in toddlers may happen in the summers or even during bouts of infection. The avenues of water loss are aplenty from excessive sweating to chronic diarrhea. We, at the kingdom Of baby, provide all that you need to know about the dehydration issue. What Causes Dehydration In Toddlers? Toddlers can lose fluids in various ways, thus … Read moreThe Toddler

Time-Out: Mistakes & Solutions

Time of the dead was popular in reality shows such as” supercritical,” but this technique was first adopted in the 1960s. Arthur Staats was the first to share the concept as a powerful tool for his children’s work. Parents with a child ruler to beat the use of the Director, switch the whip. Today it’s … Read moreThe Toddler

Your Ultimate Guide for Your Kids Finance Knowledge

“In fact, it’s pretty easy to teach children about money,” says Jayne A., author of Amherst in Massachusetts. Pearl says. Turn your daily activities into an incredible learning experience. A trip to a bank, Store, or ATM, for example, can be a great start to a discussion about your values and how to manage your … Read moreThe Toddler

Stuffed Animals for Babies and Toddlers

Toddlers and babies cling to dolls, puppets, and stuffed animals for a good reason. These toys teach them some essential skills. Stuffed Animals For Babies And Toddlers: The Teaching Toys Visit any toy store and you will believe in educational equipment that promises to turn your child into a mini Menza member before she puts … Read moreThe Toddler

When Can Babies Eat Cheerios And Other Foods Safely?

A lot of parents are usually wondering, “When babies can eat cheerios?” Or toast, cheese, biscuits, watermelon, and apple But don’t worry about this anymore, in this article; you’re going to learn how and when to feed your baby in a completely safe way. When I first became a mother, you cannot imagine how excited … Read moreThe Toddler

Kids Must-Learn Factors From An Early Age

From an early age, kids are exposed to many life experiences, and they manage to learn faster and quicker at that period of time more than ever. Their brains’ structure is able to absorb as much information as much as you give them.  Scientifically speaking, the brain of the kids under age three, has twice … Read moreThe Toddler

8 Things To Teach Your Kid Before 6 Years Old

Kids are as smart as adults. Many parents are underestimating the capacity of what a child can do. There are studies that show that the only difference between a child and an adult is an experience. When we see a child capable of doing things only grownups can do, we are shocked. In fact, that … Read moreThe Toddler

36 Month Old Toddler

Encourage us by following our pinterest Baby is celebrating the three years mark this month and from the start of its 36 months, your baby is fully aware of who he is and his place in the family. Awakening, development, and growth of the 36-Month-old baby Your child is now three years old and he … Read moreThe Toddler

35 Month Old Toddler

Now your child probably only needs one nap a day or no nap at all. However, a calm and relaxing time in the afternoon can do him good, even if he does not sleep. At this age, your child needs a little privacy, and an hour or two to relax can help him be calmer … Read moreThe Toddler

34 Month Old Toddler

By asking questions, your 34-month-old baby will quickly realize that you have no answer to everything, how a 34-month-old toddler grows and develops? Awakening, growth, and development of the 34-month-old Baby At 34 months, Baby is now able to remember several songs and even sing them. He loves to pick up his favorite tracks and … Read moreThe Toddler

33 Month Old Toddler

In the 33 Month, the toddler keeps asking a lot of questions, to which you do not always know what to answer. Awakening growth and development of the 33-month-old baby Prepare yourself, at the height of his 33 months, your little one will perhaps soon ask you the much-feared question: “mom, how do we make babies?” … Read moreThe Toddler

32 Month Old Toddler

Your child becomes more aware of other people and even begins to adapt his speech, his words to his interlocutor. He is able to use a different tone and vocabulary if he is surrounded by adults or children. You may also notice that he is simplifying his sentences to address children younger than him. Your … Read moreThe Toddler

31 Month Old Toddler

31 Month old toddler is about to celebrate his third birthday and seems to be more and more amusing. 31-month-old toddler though he can’t read yet, he is curious, and he loves to turn the pages of his favorite books. Awakening, Growth, And Development Of The 31-Month-Old Baby Baby is now 31 months old and … Read moreThe Toddler

30 Month Old Toddler

30 Month Old toddler, the baby does not behave as before with his little friends. Gradually, his relationship evolves with others. Awakening, development, and growth of the 30-month-old baby Baby is now 30 months old and he loves being with children his age. Although he does not always play with them, he enjoys having close to … Read moreThe Toddler

29 Month Old Toddler

At 29 month old toddler, your child surely knows how to put on one or two clothes by himself, to name most parts of the body, and perhaps even some colors or the name of a friend! As your toddler grows up, he becomes aware of others’ feelings and is increasingly looking to play with … Read moreThe Toddler

28 Month Old Toddler

At the height of his 28 months, the baby still has some difficulties in the art of sociability. And yes, he still does not understand very well why he can not do that and still needs to impose limits. Awakening, growth, and development of the 28-month-old baby At 28 months, the baby does not always … Read moreThe Toddler

27 Month Old Toddler

Now, your 27-month-old toddler is considered as a capable child who may now learn brushing his teeth himself, undress, dress, wash his hands not only this but also do some simple household chores, flag-waving. Furthermore, Cue the brass bands as well! he is curious, he even loves to turn the pages of his favorite books. … Read moreThe Toddler

26 Month Old Toddler

Now, your 26-month-old toddler uses about 50 simple words, builds 2-word sentences and knows how to follow a 2-step instruction like: “Please take your shoes and give them to daddy. You probably understand one word out of two, but do not expect to fully understand your child before he is four years old. Young children … Read moreThe Toddler

25 Month Old Toddler

Your 25-Month-Old began to mean your independence? We’re talking about trampling and crying, challenging all those other frustrating behaviors that are completely normal. Age 2 is perhaps the most stubborn, selfish and selfish creature on Earth. But now he understands that he is another person who can make something happen in the world. 25-month-old development Notwithstanding … Read moreThe Toddler

24 Month Old Toddler

24-month-old toddler! That’s it, the lesson is definitely over. It is already clear or will soon be well understood. He will love dancing and imitating you, a real little fun clown, let the fun times begin. Baby is celebrating this month their 2 full years and he/ she loves answering questions! At 24 months, his … Read moreThe Toddler

23 Month Old Toddler

Your 23-month-old toddler is already a grown-up child! He/ she begins to ask questions about everything, to give you his/her opinion … But also of what he/ she does not like. Baby is now 23 months old and he/ she begins to distinguish what belongs to him/ her from what does not belong to him/ … Read moreThe Toddler

22 Month Old Toddler

The 22-month-old toddler, your baby asserts his personality, his reasoning and his ability to do things alone, like dressing or imitating you! Advice from Doctors are ought to be followed by the letter, we also recommended the following: At 22 months, your child keeps talking. He/ she formulates increasingly complex sentences and thoughts. He/she also … Read moreThe Toddler

21 Month Old Toddler

Already the 21st month! The baby looks more and more like a child: agile, almost clean, independent, voluble, and maybe even a bit capricious! This is normal development at 21 months. Baby is now 21 months old and it gives you the impression of having more and more difficulty falling asleep, and your baby might have also … Read moreThe Toddler

20 Month Old Toddler

In the 20 Month, your baby knows how to do more and more things and starts to have strong tastes. Cleanliness and potty also begin to interest them … At 20 months, your baby is no longer a baby: he/she is more and more autonomous. their language is developing very quickly, and their tastes as … Read moreThe Toddler

19 Month Old Toddler

The baby begins its 19th month … And it is not necessarily a period of rest! Now that he/she has spent a year and a half, he/she is clamoring for their autonomy. Doctors often will give you a piece of advice on the baby’s evolution this month. The baby is now 19 months old and … Read moreThe Toddler

18 Month Old Toddler

When your child begins their 18 months, they are almost no longer a baby, but already a big one: he/she develops their language, asserts their character and also begins the training of cleanliness, a real challenge. Toddler not eating At 18 months, your child walks, starts talking and continues to explore their environment … At … Read moreThe Toddler

17 Month Old Toddler

At 17 months, your baby trots, builds, and above all, he/she sings and begins talking. Language is a new great adventure after walking. Your little one grows up and continues to grow fast. They start to become a real little mess, your 17-month-old baby has so much fun with everything, especially you. He/she runs around … Read moreThe Toddler

16 Month Old Toddler

During the 16th month, the baby plays with their first big toy, their progress is constant! He/she is also starting to talk. As he/she learns new skills, your baby’s character will become more and more assertive. At sixteen months, he/she knows exactly what they want and he/she lets it know. they do not always obey … Read moreThe Toddler

15 Month Old Toddler

At 15 months, your baby is changing up more and more, as they are able to play around increasingly. So, Push, pull, walk and ride … It’s a really fun ride! Moreover, they will begin to learn what not to do, as you teach them what is a big no-no. By this time your baby … Read moreThe Toddler

14 Month Old Toddler

Your baby is now a 14-month-old toddler. So, now, he/she considered able to walk or on their way to get there little by little. It is important to note that around one year, the interest of a baby to take their first steps to an extent that may make them forget to try or learn … Read moreThe Toddler

13 Month Old Toddler

In the 13 months as you welcome your precious baby into their second year; you welcome along with it a whirlwind of an explorative year as your baby grows more and more curious about the world. The first year was an awkward and eventful one; by this time your baby is well aware and familiar … Read moreThe Toddler

The Advantages of Using a Baby Gate

A baby gate is a defensive tool introduced at different indoor points which may pose a threat to the safety of your child. However; These gates limit the effort of the child to such destinations with the goal that it could keep him or her safe from wounds. By and large; these gates are at … Read moreThe Toddler

Baby Troubles Sleeping at Night

Babies are often really hard to handle, especially when it’s your first child. Baby Troubles Sleeping at Night are not only faced by the adults but is a major issue in infants these days as well. If your baby is not having at least a 6-hour good night’s sleep, then there is certainly something wrong … Read moreThe Toddler

All About Baby Crawling: Get, Set and Crawl

The growth process of a baby is a slow process but seeing your baby grow makes the parents feel like they are the happiest parents alive. A baby during the first two to three months is completely dependent on the parents. Even changing their sides while lying is carried out by the parents. The first … Read moreThe Toddler

How to Choose the Most Suitable Toys for Your Kids?

Childhood is the most magical period in anybody’s life. You can make this time more special and beautiful for your kids, by providing them the right means of entertainment. Their most time is usually spent with the toys that you bring for them. These toys are not mere playing tools. These can be a great … Read moreThe Toddler

How to Treat Toddlers with Disabilities

Toddlers with disabilities; If you have discovered that your child has been diagnosed with a disability. it could be a hard fact for you to digest, and it could lade you with a number of responsibilities. Each child is capable of support, encouragement, and love; and they need positive reinforcement to make it through their … Read moreThe Toddler

Shopping with Toddlers: An Adventure Unleashed

The upbringing of your babies along with the daily chores of the house is without any doubts, a very hectic job. Without a helping hand, it becomes extremely difficult to look after your babies and carry out house tasks such as cleaning the house, cooking and fetching the groceries. Husbands are not always around, during … Read moreThe Toddler

Surprisingly and Spoiled Toddlers

In days like these, with so many enhancements and vulnerability, it is not a shock that kids are getting more and more spoiled toddlers. Sometimes, even the ones who cannot talk, are talking in other ways to let you know if maybe they are starting off on the wrong side of the track. There could … Read moreThe Toddler

Teaching Your Kids How to Share Things is Important

It is not at all easy to make them understand how important is to share their stuff. They are often very possessive about their toys and don’t like to share these with other kids, siblings and even with the parents. Their behavior is natural and you should not consider them selfish. They are just being … Read moreThe Toddler

The Most Common Reasons for Babies Cry

 Babies are completely dependent on their parents because they provide them with the warmth, food, and comfort that babies need. Crying is a way to communicate with them and to get a response in return. But what is hard to find is the reason behind this communication. There can be various reasons that the baby … Read moreThe Toddler

The Ultimate Sleep Schedule for Babies

Sleep Schedule for Babies is really important for the proper physical and mental development of the baby. A mother needs to be really careful and efficient with the sleeping patterns of the child. A little bit of mishap can actually lead to a lifetime of suffering which is why proper recommendations and guidance from the … Read moreThe Toddler

How to Cope With Your Baby Sleep Problems?

The whole phase of pregnancy is not easy. But the real struggle starts when your little angel comes in this world, Taking care of her needs and handling her is like an all-time job, and you can’t be negligent in your duty, The most important part is to take care of baby sleep. The better … Read moreThe Toddler

Tips for Breaking Thumb Sucking Problem in Children

Thumb sucking is a very common habit found in almost all the little children. It is harmless for the babies, not until a certain age.  Often the kids do this whenever they are tired or bored and it feels a kind of entertainment for them and eventually it becomes a strong habit. Most of the … Read moreThe Toddler

Toddlers and Internet: the Good and the Bad

Toddlers and the internet Toddlers and the internet nowadays, it isn’t irregular to see toddlers swiping screens and unhesitatingly pressing buttons of their iPad or tablet. In any case, parents who appreciate the peace that accompanies giving their kid a device to play with; stress that. So the question isn’t if your youngster will be … Read moreThe Toddler

The Important Tips for Toddler Discipline

There are a lot of times that parents have to take the wake of shame when their little one throws tantrum at the superstore and becomes stubborn about some toy or some other product. Even sometimes parents have to argue with their toddler about their behaviors: then again all of how your toddler responds to … Read moreThe Toddler