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Things to Know About Fixed vs Growth Mindset for Kids

Things to Know About Fixed vs Growth Mindset for Kids

Human as we are, one of the most basic beliefs we carry about ourselves is between the growth mindset and a fixed mindset. It always has something to do with how we view and inhibit growth mindset in the early years. We consider giving the new generations or the children a mindset change activities. With these growth mindset activities for kids, it helps reflects the young ones’ belief system about their abilities and potentials and mental health

If you are a parent and you want to know how to develop a growth mindset of your child, then this article will help you with the fixed vs growth mindset for kids. This article will discuss tips on how to change your child’s mindset. Learn more about this topic as this will help you in raising your kids. 

Distinguishing a fixed mindset and a growth mindset

First of all, what is the mindset? It’s a unique way of thinking that has a profound effect on people’s lives. Mindset is how you adapt to your surroundings, how you deal with things. It determines how you see the world from your perspective. Your mindset molds yourself on how you live your life and see things in your way. Making decisions and handling them speaks volumes on becoming who you are. The beliefs you have within yourself, whether it be qualities as an individual or the acquired abilities molds on how you operate throughout your life. How you view things, how you handle things and how you perceive things with what is attainable and when it is out of your reach. In this article, we’ll compare and contrast the two mindsets.

Fixed mindset vs growth mindset

Fixed mindset

“I can’t do it”

Regardless if you are a teacher or a parent, the chances of hearing those words are huge. Maybe you have also encountered that saying to yourself many times before. There are so many fixed mindset examples out there. Humans believed that their qualities such as intelligence and talents are “fixed traits”. It means that it cannot be changed. Some people also believed that talent alone often leads to success which is not often the case, people with fixed mindsets often relies on talent and does not need the effort to achieve success. 

This mindset beliefs tend to stunt the progress of our kids. They think that the qualities people have like skills can’t be developed any further. They say to themselves that they can’t do it because they aren’t good enough, and they’ll never be because they aren’t just that good. They are fixed with the way they think because oftentimes they believe talent reflects success, not the effort you put in the work.

Some people with a fixed mindset always make themselves look intelligent because they think they’re born with a fixed level of intellect that cannot be altered. People with a fixed mindset are afraid to look like fools in front of many people, often than not these people try to prove themselves to anyone over and over again, that they are particularly good at something. It is a pretty common misunderstanding that these people have, that all their abilities, qualities, skills cannot be changed over time. If a fixed mindset cannot be eradicated or be unchecked long enough, it can inevitably lead to failures. They just believe that they can’t overcome challenges because they can’t overcome it.

Qualities of people who have FIXED mindset examples.

  • They often avoid taking challenges.
  • They give up easily.
  • Self-critical
  • They don’t see the effort that you need to put in the work.
  • They often judge others and criticize them.
  • Resent the success of other people. 

Growth mindset

“I can and I will”

In contrast, growth mindset definition see challenges as an opportunity to grow to people. The opportunity to develop and hone their skills. Failure for them are just lessons, it is part of the process of learning. People with a growth mindset believe that if you put in the work, success will follow. By working hard, persevering and believe in one’s self that you can, you can achieve more if you just believe! Often people with this type of mindset that all the skills, abilities and intellect can be developed through time with the maximum effort given. 

People of this type believe that all people may not be the same but they believe that everyone can achieve success if the effort to try is there. The people with this mindset hurdles are chances of one’s self to improve and cultivate skills. They see that rainbows exist after the storm, which means that with every struggle and sacrifice there will be sunshine waiting for them. This mindset tells us you’re your undeveloped skills can be developed with devotion, time, and a pledge to getting better, keener, and more brilliant.

Educating one’s self to have a growth mindset helps in generating the substantial motivation to be great, the productivity in all aspects of life and beyond. People that have this mindset have all the necessary tools to be successful in any field they choose, work, relationships, faith. Failures and setbacks are just opportunities for you to rise and be successful. This mindset also tells that there is no fear of failures because failures are just mere illusions.

Growth mindset qualities

  • Every challenge is an opportunity to grow.
  • Giving up is not an option.
  • Self-compassion
  • It doesn’t care about the result, but the journey itself.
  • Criticisms are motivations to improve.
  • Other’s success is your success.
  • Nurturing others.
  • The belief of boundless possibilities.

Last words

I hope everything about Fixed vs Growth Mindset for Kids answered your questions. Finally, what your mindset is, will only determine your success. If you have a growth mindset, chances are you’ll be successful in every aspect of your life. If you have the drive, the willingness and the belief to aim for the positiveness in yourself and be better the outcome will be in your favor. With a fixed mindset, it will only lead you to dodge trials because it will only make you feel lesser. But if you have a growth mindset, you’ll love the challenge, the process of having to conquer anything that you’ve dreamed of. 

Having a fixed mindset, one mistake could or setback could define your life forever, a failing grade, failures at work, bad relationship break up, you’ll feel that all of these are decisive in your life. But if you have a growth mindset, those setbacks, failures, you turn them into victories, and learning in your failures and getting back up and be better than ever, those are the qualities of what makes a person successful. At the end of the day, your mindset defines who you are. Always remember that if you put God first and put in the work, success is inevitable.

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