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Tips to Follow to Eliminate Your C-Section Scar From Your Body

Not all mothers deliver their babies naturally. Few mothers opt to deliver their babies through a caesarian section because it is more convenient for them or; maybe due to the complication in their pregnancy—which enables them to deliver their baby through a C-section. However, having your baby via a C-section can leave you with a long-term C-section scar; and it could become permanent in the long.

You can consult your doctor on how to get rid of your C-section scar or, you can follow the given tips to minimize its appearance:

Similar to your postnatal treatment, getting rid of your c-section scar could differ from mother to mother, and you have to wait for your scar to heal before you proceed to have it obliterated from your lower abdomen.  Recovery and healing time is different for mothers, and here is how you can get rid of your c-section scar.

C-Section Scar: Think Of It As Battle Wound

After having surgery and delivery your baby, your surgical scar may look unappealing to you but, think of it as a battle wound that you take immense pride in. Initially, the surgical scar may look bad but, you should be accepting of it, and know that all scars take time. A healing process takes time to process, and it will start to get better within a couple of months.

Address Any Signs Of Infection

A fresh surgical scar is highly susceptible to forming an infection, and it could create a probability for having another surgery, and it could further deepen your scar which could get difficult to eliminate from your lower abdominal area. You should ask your doctors to monitor your infection closely and to keep it clean from time to time. It would keep the formation of infectious bacteria on its edge, and it would also speed up the recovering process of your scar.

Refrain From Scratching And Stretching Your Scar

After having a surgery, you will get inevitable urges to stretch and scratch your scar, and it could further worsen your c-section scar. Stretching and scratching could result in tearing the built-up collagen, and it would slow down your recovery process. You should give at least 4-6 weeks to build up new collagen fibers in your surgical scar.

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C-Section Scar: Massage Tentatively

You are strongly recommended to massage your c-section scars tentatively and cautiously for a number of reasons. Massaging your lower abdomen or the surgical area can help you to free your organs from any adhesions or fascia that could build up under your surgical scar.

These adhesions could become painful and agonizing in the future, and they could potentially cause pelvic pain and pain in your lower back. If it builds these adhesions around your bladder area, they could immensely affect the function of your bladder.

You should take calculated measures to massage your scar. Although, refrain yourself from massaging your scar within the first two weeks of your surgery; you should not neglect it in the long run as it could leave a permanent c-section scar on your surgical area.

Use Specialized Products

Many skincare products are geared towards the elimination and removal of c-section from your body. It recommends you to gently massage your c-section scar using a lotion or a body cream that is formulated to cure the scar.

You can begin using your scar removal treatment when the sutures have been removed from your c-section area. Invest in the products that contain a proportionate quantity of licorice, aloe vera, silicone, and vitamin E, and you will notice a remarkable change in the appearance of your scars.

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