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Transitioning from Formula to Milk: Tips for Parents

Making the transition from formula to milk can be a daunting task for any parent. After all, this is the first step in transitioning your baby from an infant to a toddler. But with a bit of patience and understanding, it’s possible to make the switch without too much fuss. Here are some tips on how to make the transition from formula to milk as smooth as possible.

Transitioning from formula to milk: start slowly

The transition process should be gradual, so start by replacing just one bottle of formula per day with whole cow’s milk. This allows your baby time to adjust and helps prevent tummy aches or other digestive issues due to sudden diet changes.

If you’re worried that your baby won’t get enough nutrients, try adding a tablespoon of dry cereal or oatmeal to their milk bottles—this will help them feel fuller while they adjust.

Choose your milk wisely

It’s important that you choose the right type of milk for your baby during this transition stage. Whole cow’s milk is best because it contains more fat than skim or reduced-fat milks, which is important for proper growth and development at this age.

Whole cow’s milk also provides essential vitamins and minerals like protein, iron, and calcium that are necessary for healthy bones and muscle growth.

Avoid giving your baby flavored milks (like chocolate or strawberry) since these contain added sugar that can cause stomach upset or other health issues down the road.

Introduce new foods

During this time, introduce your baby to solid foods as well as new flavors and textures—it’s never too early! While breastmilk or formula will still provide most of their nutritional needs at this age, introducing solids can help familiarize them with different tastes and textures before they begin eating solids exclusively.

Start small; offer one new food each week until they get used to it before moving onto something else.

Some great starter foods include soft fruits like bananas or avocados mixed with pureed vegetables like carrots or sweet potatoes—these are both nutritious and easy on their sensitive tummies!


Making the switch from formula to milk can be a difficult but rewarding process for parents and babies alike—it marks an important milestone in any child’s development!

With proper planning and preparation, you can ensure that the transition goes smoothly while providing your little one with all the nutrients they need during this exciting time.

Keep in mind these tips when making the switch from formula to milk so that you’ll have an easier time adjusting together!

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