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Understanding Normal Baby Temperature Ranges

It can be hard to know what is normal for your baby. One of the things you may worry about is their temperature. Knowing normal temp range for baby boosts confidence in caring for them. Learn how to understand and monitor baby’s temp.

Measuring Baby Temperature

Babies have different temperature ranges than adults do, so it is important to use an appropriate device when measuring their temperature. For accurate temp reading in babies under 3 months, use rectal thermometer, as it’s more precise than ear or forehead thermometers.

It is also important to take the time to properly sanitize the thermometer before and after each use. If you are using a digital thermometer, make sure that it has been calibrated correctly first.


Normal Baby Temperature Ranges

The average body temperature range for any person, including babies, is from 97°F (36°C) – 99°F (37°C). Baby has a fever if rectal temp reaches 100°F (38°C) or over 99.5°F (37.5°C), according to different sources.

Generally speaking, if your baby feels warm or hot when you touch them on their chest or stomach then they most likely have some sort of infection or illness causing their higher body temperature and should be seen by a doctor immediately.

Common Causes of High Temp in Babies

Babies may have high temps due to teething, infection, overheating or humid environment. Fevers can be normal response to fight germs, but if symptoms persist or worsen, contact doctor as it could be meningitis or sepsis, which need immediate medical attention.

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Knowing normal baby temp range helps parents feel informed and confident in caring for their baby.

Measuring your child’s temperature accurately using an appropriate device will give you the most accurate reading possible and allow you to identify any potential illnesses quickly so that you can seek treatment if necessary.

Understand common causes of baby fever and monitor temp regularly to keep baby healthy and safe.

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