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What can I use instead of a crib bumper?

As a parent, your baby’s safety is your utmost priority. You carefully select every item to ensure that your little one sleeps soundly and comfortably. One item that many parents have long used, but is now considered unsafe, is the traditional crib bumper. While bumpers were once thought to prevent babies from getting their hands or feet stuck between crib slats, these days they’re more of a hazard than a help.

So, what can you use instead of a crib bumper? In this post, we’ll explore some practical and safe alternatives to ensure your baby sleeps soundly without risking his or her safety.

Breathable mesh crib liners

Breathable mesh crib liners are made of a breathable mesh fabric that allows air to flow through, making them a safe and effective alternative to traditional crib bumpers.

These liners attach to the crib slats, covering them up and preventing your baby from getting their arms and legs stuck between them. Besides safety, they also come in different colors, which can add a stylish touch to your little one’s crib.

Sleep sacks

Sleep sacks are wearable blankets that are designed to cover your baby’s entire body, from shoulders to feet. Designed with safety in mind, sleep sacks eliminate the need for any extra items in your baby’s crib, including bumpers.

They are also available in various sizes, materials, and thicknesses depending on the weather, so you can choose accordingly.


If your baby is prone to rolling over and waking themselves up, wedge pillows might be the right choice for you. These pillows go under the mattress at one end of the crib. Thus, slightly changing the angle of the crib, so the baby stays in place.

They keep your baby in a comfortable position and provide a slight incline. Which makes it easier for your baby to breathe.


You may have been told blankets are unsafe for infants, but if you’re using a snooze sack, swaddle, or sleeping bag, blankets become a safe option.

Be sure to use lightweight cotton or muslin blankets, cover the baby’s chest and tuck the blanket underneath the mattress to prevent any slipping.

Nothing at all

If you’re looking to keep your baby’s crib simple and safe, the best option is nothing at all. A naked crib with a well-fitting mattress, a tight sheet, and some breathable clothing is all that your baby needs to sleep soundly.

This option may not be for everyone. But it’s a practical and simple way to ensure your baby’s safety while they sleep.

Crib bumpers were once a common part of a baby’s sleep environment. But it’s important to prioritize safety first. You don’t have to compromise on safety for style, comfort, or convenience.

Breathable mesh crib liners, sleep sacks, wedges, and blankets are all practical alternatives that can help your baby sleep soundly while keeping them safe. Choose a safer alternative that gives you peace of mind and enjoy your baby’s sound sleep.

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