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What documents do kids need to fly: discover 5 types in this complete guide

Flying with kids can be both exciting and daunting. It is always better to be prepared before taking off, especially when it involves children.

What documents do kids need to fly ? This is one of the biggest concerns parents have while flying with their kids.

This blog post will guide you through everything you need to know about the documents your kids need to fly, so you are well-prepared before you travel with them.


Your child will need a valid passport to enter or exit a country. Depending on the regulations of each country, some may require the passport to have a minimum validity of six months beyond your travel dates.

Children’s passports are valid for five years and are renewable. You can apply for your child’s passport from the nearest passport agency or a designated acceptance facility.

what documents are required for a child to fly


A visa is a document that grants you permission to enter a country for a specific period, and there are different types of visas accordingly.

Some countries require children to have a visa, while others don’t. Please check the visa requirements for the country you are visiting before planning your travel itinerary.

what documents are required for a child to fly

Birth Certificate

Most countries do not require a birth certificate for children while travelling, but it is still recommended to carry it as a form of identification.

The birth certificate provides proof of the child’s age and relationship to the parent. In any unforeseen circumstance, having the birth certificate can come in handy.

what documents do kids need to fly

Other forms of identification

If you are travelling domestically, any valid government-issued identification card like a driver’s license for the parent and age-proof ID like a school ID card for the child would suffice.

However, if you are travelling internationally, it is essential to check the ID requirements at each airport before you fly.

what documents are required for a child to fly

Consent letter

If your child is travelling alone, with only one parent, or with someone other than their parents or legal guardians, you should carry a consent letter.

The letter should state that the child has permission from both parents or legal guardians to travel internationally or alone.

This letter will include the child’s and accompanying adult’s information and destination details.

what documents do kids need to fly

Flying with kids has its unique challenges, but being well prepared can make the journey much more comfortable for you and your child.

Make sure to review the official documents required by the country you plan to visit before travelling.

Ensure you have all the necessary paperwork, including passports, visas, and consent letters, ready beforehand, so you don’t face any last-minute stress or delays at the airport.

Once your paperwork is in order, you can have a fun and safe trip with your little ones. Happy travels!

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