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What to Set in a Newborn Baby’s Wardrobe

What to Set in a Newborn Baby’s Wardrobe

In planning a baby’s wardrobe before she actually comes out, you may have put a lot of thought and money. A little planning goes along the way when it comes to shopping and choosing the best clothes for your baby. But the truth is, new-borns don’t have the need for an extensive and a huge variety of outfits in his wardrobe for the first few weeks of life. You make yourself very busy about trying to figure out which one should your baby wear the next day, or how to perfectly match tops, bottoms, and socks. There will be a lot of time for that preparation later.

All you need to do for now is to keep the baby safe enough and comfortable with what he or she wears. This article aims to give you ideas on how to dress your newborn baby as soon as you were discharged from the hospital. Not quite sure of what your baby will wear? You might want to consider these tips so that you’d be able to know how to prepare and what are those that aren’t needed anymore.

Newborn necessities

Dressing a small newborn child is more like common sense than fashion sense. In other words, you don’t need to put on fancy and trendy clothes yet since she only needs extra care and attention because she just got out of your womb. There will just be some basics that you’ll need to have on hand when your baby comes out and these are:

  • Bodysuits or wrap shirt

Since your newborn nap so often, especially in the first few days after giving birth, bodysuits and wrap shirt are appropriate. The very use of these clothes is that they support the baby well. Also, wearing it will not show off your baby’s back and tummy.

  • Socks and booties

You will need lots of booties to keep your baby’s feet warm and socks if they’re not wearing footies especially if you are venturing in the open air. Socks can also be used indoor because babies have little tolerance for cold areas.

  • Sweater or Jacket

Babies don’t really like wearing clothes that were dragged over their heads. Sweaters can be useful for them since jackets have buttons or zippers in the front.

  • Leg Sleepers  

It can be considered as sweaters for the legs of the newborn baby. Just let the baby wear it to protect them from cold and to keep the socks up. Just avoid leg warmers that are complicated to wear and require a lot of effort to wear on and off.

  • Soft Caps

Hats protect our heads and we need it to get rid of the rain and so are babies. It keeps the baby’s head warm especially in those early weeks. You might want your baby to wear a brimmed hat for summer or a soft war hat that would cover his ears for winter.

  • Mittens

Mittens or gloves will prevent babies from scratching themselves and touch their eyes.

Tips on dressing your newborn

When it comes to dressing a newborn child, there are some things that need to be considered. You must be careful because babies are vulnerable and weak. When they are just a few days old, you don’t need to let them wear clothes that you like, but let them wear the clothes that they need.

Clothes that are wrapped around the baby’s neck too tightly must be avoided. Do not buy clothes that actually cover her neck even if she’s months older already. Yes, it might be cute and fashionable but always be careful. Always check the dresses’ design, such as ribbons, buttons and any attractive items because once the baby got it, they are choking hazard.

Also, when it comes to putting on the dress of your baby, it is easier to dress your newborn baby on a table or bed. Try to baby talk with them as you put on each piece so your baby will cooperate on getting dressed with precious time with you.

How to dress baby for sleeping

Less is going to be more when the baby is sleeping. Some babies move a lot when they sleep. They can get rid of their mittens and socks or even hats. This may be a serious issue as it could be a risk for babies. You must at least put on bodysuits. It is better that way. Or you can also try bodysuits with built-in mittens so that she will not be able to scratch herself.

Wrapping up

Babies grow up so fast. It’s like one day they look like a tiny puppy and then the next day they look bigger. We can’t deny that before the baby’s arrival, you might have been overwhelmed and excited with how cute your upcoming baby will look like in those outfits.  But you need to put into consideration first that comfort and practicality come first.

Newborn babies don’t need many clothes because they quickly grow out of things. From the hats, they wear and socks. It eventually doesn’t fit them anymore. Do not spend too much. If you are a thrifty mother, you may consider hand me down clothes from your family. It sounds good and practical. Just make it sure that your baby’s clothes are safe and before accepting hand me down clothes, make sure you wash it and sanitize it as possible.

In the end, all that matters is the safety of our babies. No matter how they look good on the clothes you bought for them, if they aren’t healthy or if they are suffering from any conditions, then those clothes would not do anything for them. Just be contented and just buy the important ones.

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