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Baby Fever: When To Worry And When To Relax

Healthy children are the most valuable assets for parents. Parents deal with babies in a very tender manner to assure that they are not being disturbed. Baby Fever could be the worst nightmare for first-time dads and moms. First-time parents tend to get panicked when they find out that their little baby boy or girl is suffering from fever. It should be noted that every child experiences fever conditions at a very early age, no matter how careful and hygiene their parents are. It is vital for parents to know how to deal with these sorts of conditions.

How To Measure Your Baby Fever?

Measuring the child’s body temperature is the very basic step of identifying fever conditions. It should be noted that there are different models of thermometers available in the market. You may come across the traditional thermometers and the newest temporal scanners. A digital thermometer is ideal for a stay-home mom or dad. Specialists suggest that a rectal thermometer is suitable to measure the body temperature of infants and young children. Stick to the most convenient device as it doesn’t make a huge difference in the outcome. It is best to note the oral temperature of older children if they have the ability to tolerate it. The above-mentioned tips could come in handy in measuring your baby’s body temperature.

When To Relax:

Fever is to be identified if the body temperature exceeds 100.4 F (38C). It should be noted that the normal body temperature of a healthy man/woman is 98.6 F. The body temperature may vary upon a person’s age, activity levels, time of the day and many other factors. You don’t have to worry unnecessarily if your kid’s body temperature varies from time to time.  Always remember that the number of denoting fever is 100.4 F.

It is very important to know common disease patterns and conditions among kids. You don’t have to worry about your kid’s fever if it stays for less than 5 days. You will find them behaving in a normal way and following the usual food and drink pattern. They may seem a little tired, but that is nothing to worry about. It should also be noted that if your kid’s body temperature is below the limit of 102.5 F between the age of 3 months to 3 years, that is nothing serious. They may display external features of high temperatures, but the real temperature may be lower. Kids tend to experience low-grade fever soon after they are being immunized. This is a normal condition if it stays for less than 48 hours.

When To Consult a Doctor?

When to consult a doctor

It is very important for parents to know when to consult a doctor after their child develops a fever. You need to pay a visit to a doctor if a baby who is younger than 3 months has a fever. That could be the only way for them to respond to a serious illness condition developing in their bodies. You should also consult a doctor if your kid’s fever lasts for over 5 days. This is able to maybe lead you to tough problems.

You got to monitor your kid’s body temperature and take readings every day. In case if it exceeds 104 F, it is best to consult a doctor immediately. Parents give their kids fever reducers to bring down their body temperature, but there are certain instances where their body temperature remains constant even after consuming these fever reducers. It is best to expect medical help in an instance like this.

Parents know their kid’s behavior quite well. They have the ability to identify even the smallest change of behavior patterns within their kids. It is usual for a baby to wet at least four diapers a day. Some kids refuse to take liquids and this could result in a less number of wet diapers a day. It is best to consult a doctor in a situation like this as it may signal that your kid is dangerously dehydrated. If your kid’s fever doesn’t go down even after 48 hours of immunizing, it is best to consult a doctor immediately.

These little tips help parents take good care of their kids and contribute towards building a healthy society.

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