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10 Tips For Making Artistic Photos Of Your Baby At Home

The arrival of a new member in the family is a documented historical fact. We offer you 7 tips to take artistic photos of your baby, at home and worthy of a professional photographer.

Even if the attention a baby requires does not allow you to spend too much time taking pictures, you will have many moments during which you can make good use of your camera.

A Photograph Is a Memory That You Will Keep Forever.

  • Feel free to continually take pictures of your baby. Even if all the photos may seem identical to you, you will discover over time and by reviewing old clichés that have changed in your child.
  • Don’t forget to always have your camera at hand. If you still have it close to you, with the battery charged, you will be able to make many more pictures than if it is properly stored in a cabinet. Babies change expression all the time, move, smile…
  • Don’t be afraid to take too many pictures, even if they all look the same. By taking a lot of clichés afterward, it is more likely that you manage to immortalize a “special” expression. If you make a single picture, you can realize very late, when you see it on your screen, that it is not as you hoped it would be.

If you want to save time and leave with an advantage, spend a few minutes looking at other photographs.

There are some really impressive pictures so try to keep in mind the ones you like the most.

Take inspiration from these clichés and new ideas will emerge about the baby’s position, angles, viewpoints…

7 Tips For Making Artistic Photos Of Your Baby At Home

Babies Are Small And Fragile:

A special way to photograph them is to focus on a detail, such as a hand or afoot

Give yourself the luxury of taking lots of pictures and, once you’ve taken lots of classic shots, focus on the details of her body.

You will manage to make very interesting photographs and even obtain compositions or to make collages with several clichés

Try Taking Pictures Of The Baby Next To a Window:

If you are inside the house, photograph it in such a way that the light arrives laterally on its face.

With portraits, the lateral light is one of the most used resources because it allows revealing shapes and reliefs very well.

You only have to check that the light conditions are sufficient to be able to make the photos without the risk of seeing them blurry.

Take a Picture At Its Height:

Unless you want to let your creativity run wild, you should be up to your baby.

Photograph him by placing yourself on the same level as him and pulling the shots from there, it will create a feeling of closeness and intimacy between the spectator and the little subject.

Try The Black And White Photos:

Baby pictures in black and white are irresistible and full of tenderness.

If you don’t know how to process photos on your computer, you can configure your camera to make black and white photos

However, if you know how to use Photoshop or any other photo editing program, you can compare the two results and decide what you like the most.

Find The Best Angle To Capture Baby:

Plan to take a few moments before the actual start of your shoot with the baby to visualize the spaces. Find out which angle will be best for baby photography.

Know that during your shooting, it will be interesting to test several angles. This is how you will find the most suitable style for your baby birth picture

Take As Many Baby Pictures As You Can:

Artistic photos of your baby, We advise you to capture several moments during your photo session with baby. Don’t take any chances on that. The more photos you have, the more choices you have to locate the most beautiful birth photo of your child.

Sometimes, on our camera, we get the impression that our photo is of good quality and finally at the computer opening, this one proves to be a bit blurry. Or worse, with a little piece of our little pinkie!

The more photos there will be, the more choice you will have! For the birth picture book, you could think of the making shooting!

Vary The Distances:

This tip will allow you to compare your favorite baby pictures.

A close-up can be an exceptional plan to capture a nice smile when taking your daughter’s picture! Or get a mischievous nod from your little boy!

Varying distances will allow you to compare photos once on the computer. And choose with the multitude of captured moments which one will make your birth picture, a perfect one.

Make Sure He’s Not Cold:

If you are going to photograph him without clothing or almost, put yourself in his place. Don’t let it get cold, adjust the heating if necessary.

Make him feel comfortable, it will make him happy and you will get great pictures

Absolutely Avoid The Flash:

The flash will be your baby’s greatest enemy. He’s gonna scare him and make him cry all the time. Therefore, if you do not want your photo session to fail irremediably, turn the flash off.

Instead, try to use natural light from the window

Put Forward The Little Protagonist:

To give all the importance that your baby deserves in the photo, a very effective technique would be to make focus on it and not at all on the background, which will become blurry.

What To Do With The Pictures Did You Take?

Artistic photos of your baby, After making these beautiful pictures of your baby, you have countless ideas about what you’re going to do with it.

These memories deserve a lot better than to end up in a file on your computer, like a bunch of pixels.

Here Are Some Ideas:

  • Make a collage.
  • Transform them into a jigsaw.
  • Decorate your home with a few shots.
  • Customize a cup.
  • Make it into an album.
  • Send them as postcards.
  • Customize a calendar
  • Put them in wallpaper on your tablet/computer/ phone.
  • Turn them into stickers.

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